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Sniper mare

~ Gift for :iconmychelle: ~

Karma, one of the characters of Fallout Equestria: To Question Fate, by Mychelle.

I did the fringe this time. Looking better, doesn't she?

I don't remember the gun she uses in the story, so in doubt, I equipped her with a *Clear throat* [Calibrated][Compensated] Assault rifle

I know, it's not a assault rifle, more a light machinegun. But the 5.56mm is quite nice and it can be pretty accurate. It may look heavy to use only with the mouth (FoE guns), but the stock is there to be put against the shoulder for better accuracy and to support the weight.
As for the scope since Karma NEVER-EVER use the Eyes Forward Sparkle, it was USELESS to draw the recon scope, which looks super nice in my opinion when used with assault rifle.

Karma and Fo:E TQF belong to Mychelle.
Art belongs to me.
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*squeals* So I just woke up and saw this. Thank you so much!

Im glad you noticed her little extra pudge. lol. This looks great and the gun is super awesome!

(Its probably a good thing that Karma forgets to use EFS half the time. lol)
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Happy to see you like it :3
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she is a very nice looking mare, 

i like the pudge :3
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Is she melting? Her side looks somewhat weird.
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Excess lipid reserves in abdominal and thighs regions.
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So that is intentional? Alright.
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