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Shotgun specialist

An Aged-up Cartouche, living away from his mother's clan and wandering in the wastelands. With the New Canterlot Republic, life changed a lot, and as Cartouche was heading south, this NCR's power was growing more and more. But he heard of a place were he could find others like him.

He's armed with a .12 gauge custom shotgun using revolver-carbine magazine (rotating, six shots) and modifying its spread with fire rate (the faster you shot, the bigger is the spread). The gun is also able to use Gun Trotters ammo like (pulse)slug, magnum, dragon breath, 4/0 buck, coin and hand loaded shells.

Cartouche belongs to me.
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He is very pretty.
PrivateCocky's avatar
Wow that is so badass!!! Love it!
Bitgamer's avatar
Now that is a really badass looking pony right there!
Stargatepony's avatar
Whew. He looks ready to kick some plot! ^^
Slouping's avatar
Maybe beginning with yours Mr Bean Pervy Meme Medium  if you know what I mean.
Stargatepony's avatar
Demoman's Epic Laugh (TF2 Chat Icon)  wait, what? XD
Rotorix's avatar
Really cool-looking pony. 
Cold--Burn's avatar
This looks really nice!
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
i love using the Lever-Action Shotgun in New Vegas
Slouping's avatar
Yeah, good gun... but it doesn't match the holy Hunting shotgun or Diner Bell. 
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
But coupled with the Cowboy and Shotgun Surgeon perks it becomes the most powerful
Slouping's avatar
Even with perks, Hunting Shotgun is still the best.
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
i still prefer the Lever-Action
Jusey1's avatar
I actually have a headcanon that male batponies don't have fangs, just the females.

But anyways, amazing picture. Both my own batpony and him should meet, since we both like shotguns. It would be glorious!
Takkolord's avatar
But different from special or luminescent feathers on a bird's head, fangs are important for eating and grabbing the prey. They're not just for show. 
Jusey1's avatar
Depends on the creature. I don't see bat ponies needing fangs for eat or grabbing prey at all... Makes no sense Now vampire ponies, yes.
Slouping's avatar
That's sexist...

"Both my own batpony and him should meet"
I hope you're familiar with Fallout Equestria.
Jusey1's avatar
That's natural, not sexist. There's a lot of species out there that has specific body parts which males don't have specifically to attract and arouse a possible mate.

I am very familiar with Fallout Equestria. I have it printed as a book, read what I can of PH, read Pink Eyes, and many more FOE stories as well as writing my own.
Takkolord's avatar
I wonder how he loads the shotgun shells into his shotgun...
Whatever, I really really like the fur collar. Fur collars are awesome.
Slouping's avatar
He can open the gun like a sawed-off shotgun, instead it's a revolver barrel, with six shots. So he could load the shells:
1 - One per one
2 - with a quickloader
3 - with the manl- I mean "Stallioniest" way, loading all the shells with ONE hoof...

And yes, fur collar are 20%cooler, like dusters.
And what about dusters with fur collar?Mr Bean Pervy Meme Medium
Takkolord's avatar
"And what about dusters with fur collar?"

I'm afraid that won't be possible. The universe can't possibly hold those infinite levels of awesomeness.

Slouping's avatar
"The universe can't possibly hold those infinite levels of awesomeness"

What about Littlepip?
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