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In the Bayou

~Commission for :iconthedoctorham:~

After two weeks without art posted, a problem with an artist well placed in Fo:E art community who was meant to make a similar commission, reading a story and ONE GOD-DAMN-F*CKING MONTH ON THIS PIECE, I can finally submit this art and take a little time for myself.

Here we have Alloy Shaper, a blacksmith mare in Four Shoes village, in New Oreins area (It's New Orléans, if you didn't get the pun...) and as in it's counterpart (New Orléans again) there is bayou and swamps everywhere, so it's full of voodoo zebras, radigators and stuff like that...

And we have... A speaking alligator with a moon pendant and having a religion about Luna and Celestia with a matriachal community system calling himself a caiman-thing-I-don't-remember-the-name.

Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Economics

Art belongs to me.
Story and characters belong to TheDoctorHam.
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Oh, I love the plait. I want more plaits on ponies! The ponified leather armour is nice too (I like seeing FO armours adapted for ponies).

A blacksmith mare? Oh, good :). There needs to be more mares in masculine jobs in the show, and FoE and it's side stories show good examples of that.

Finally, the alligator would be an interesting character, is he a focus character in the story, or is he only in this particular scene?
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Message from Kkat:

I love this!  :love:

(This would have been perfect for my Froggy Bottom Bog blogs. :wow: )
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Well, looks like it's a bit late for the "Froggy Bottom Bog blogs" :b
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I love the expression on her face <3
Slouping's avatar
The croc? or the mare?
PageTurner8's avatar
is the croc a girl!? But I was mostly talkin' about the mare :D (Big Grin) 
Slouping's avatar
oh, this "her"...
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Heh! Nice drawing! And story too. )
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The alligator definitely looks awesome.
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Indeed :3 I've spend so much time on looking at the 'gator's anatomy...
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Très réussi! :)
Et bravo pour le feature de Equestria Daily! Ca va te rapporter pleins de view!
Slouping's avatar
Oui.. oui.. Plus de views délicieux!!
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Aww, the widdle Frenchigator wants to hug Alloy! With his mouth! How sweet.
donkeywithpotato's avatar
Not even the french gators can resist the cutesie allure of "la p'tite bleu"!
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Oh, yes, I forgot to specify he was speaking french.
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Is Alloy Shaper a mare or a stallion?
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She's a mare.  An extremely panicked mare in this picture, but a mare all the same.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Understandably panicked, I'd say. :-S

I didn't see her eyelashes very well. Thanks for telling me. :-)
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