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Icarus syndrome

Icarus Syndrome, or burning ypur wings.

I saw a lot of haters about the Zebra-terminator-infiltrator with a crystal pony's brain and with a pegasus upgrade on Derpibooru, and it displease me.

Crystal éclair belongs to :iconappletart-longshot:
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*hums Terminator 2 theme*
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waht the fuck it taht?
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Crystal Eclair, Mark 1 Infiltrator, 
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So a terminator in pony-form! correct?
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looks cool the revelation of the robot!
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*hums 'Terminator' theme song*
oooooh, nice visual here!
Especially the mouth, and jaw plate.
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Seems like you gain another watcher mate.
Awesome work. This makes me curious: From what fanfic did this is originated?
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Don't fly close to the sun and you'll get burned! - "Some guy from some book, I dunno."
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or the wax holding your seagull feather wings will melt and you'll drown in the sea…
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That's why I hate flying.
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This is scary awesome.

I-01: Self Defence Protocol initiated.
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What kind of self defense program involves self destruction?

Anyways, once again a great picture, Slouping.
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The Self Defence Protocol only activates when the conscious mind is incapable of protecting itself. Crystal has her brain inside her endoskeleton's skull and a hard enough hit to the head would knock her unconscious, if she is unconscious and in danger the SDP will activate, taking control of her machine body until any threats have been dealt with. A tell tail sign of this is her eyes glowing red. While the SDP is active the machine won't care about any damage her flesh cover takes as its only priority is to ensure her survival.
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