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Sylvanas Windrunner All-Over Costume Tee

Sylvanas is an epic character from the mass multiplayer online game World of Warcraft and the popular card game Hearthstone who is making an epic reappearance in the new expansion Legion!!

Buy it here at:……… <- All-Over Tee here…

And follow to see more! This is just the fourth of a long series. :D
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awesome design! have you thought about doing the new version of her costume?
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Yes actually I was. I really like her new design and how it looks more like a hunter's set and less like she's going to the beach but I wanted to make my first design more like what everyone else remembers her as and the costume everyone portrays her in. But in the future I'll probably make a version 2 of this. ^^
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woot! yeah I'm really excited to see the new design implemented in the new expansion, it's so good!
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I'd so wear that shirt!
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:happybounce: I'm glad you like it.