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What are EMM files? They store material information for characters and stage objects in SSF4 and SFxT. Diffuse, ambient, specular values are all stored in them as well as other attributes such as transparency, glow, etc. SFxT also stores colors for color customization here. With this tool you can fully edit EMM files without having to go through tedious hex editing and hex conversions.

-when you start the tool, choose an .EMM file to edit. Remember to back it up first, because the "Save" button will overwrite it.
-On the left side is a list of all the materials in the EMM click on the one you want to edit.
-On the right of the list is all the material's parameters, including its name, the shader used, etc.
-To edit a color you can either type in its values (RGBs values can be anything between 0 to 1) or you can click on the little color box to open a color choose dialog.
-You can easily copy a color from one material to another, by using the copy/paste buttons.
-The left preset buttons let you add things like MatCol colors (used in SFxT). Remember to change the Shader to match how many MatCol's you use
-The right preset lets you add some common attributes such as various transparencies
-To rename the material, type in its name in the lower left input box and click rename.
-You can't add new materials to the EMM from scratch, but you can duplicate a material with the duplicate button. you will see a new material added to the list on the left
-If you change the number of materials the EMM has, you need to update the material count in the EMO file as well. Use the "Export Mat Count to EMO" to do this. Remember to backup your EMO file as well before doing it.
-The delete material feature is non-functional at the moment.

Updated 6/8/2012
version 1.0
- (x86) version now available for people with 32 bit systems
- Delete material button now works. The deleted material will only be grayed out in the material list, but it will be gone if you save and reopen the EMM file
- Fixed a bug in exporting count to EMO file that occurred when you added more materials without saving.
- Added a "loading..." message when opening an EMM file.
- Made it so if a material has RGB values greater than 1, it will be lowered down to 1 and its color will be properly displayed

Updated 7/7/2012
version 1.2
- Fixed reading "MatOffset" and "MatScale" parameters found in most eye materials
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how to remove a Matspec or a MatDif form a Material ?? 

Please it's improtant