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Hey, I'm still doing the ask savion thing, so please send me questions so I have something to do. You can comment, send me a note, or send me a message on Instagram @asksavionstuff

I'm dying here
I feel like, when I wake up in the middle of the night on a school night, it's mainly because I've had a nightmare, but I always wake up with an urge to draw even though I struggle when I draw. I wanna retry the fan art thing I gave up on a long time ago, but Idk what or who I should do it for. Any suggestions? Send me a note, hopefully I'll grow into an inspiring artist that I've always wanted to be-
i need a drawing idea, i've messaged most of my friends but nothing has came up.. h e l p?
I'm somewhat new to DA, i now how things work but i haven't been on for a while so yea. im Transgender, being born a girl but that sucks.