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Fake City race track

This racetrack was built in less than a month by me and my buddy Slava back at work for the Cyberline racing game. I remember there was some R&D involved at first because our game designer wanted buildings to spawn themselves when a car was in close proximity. After we tried doing that it became apparent that the overall effect wasn’t what we had been expecting. So it became more basic after that. By the way you can still see the spawning effect on the horizon. (No, it’s not camera clipping :) )

Fake City is an open race track with four sections located on a cross shaped road with interchange in the center. The interchange is located in a gigantic pillar that powers all the holograms with a fusion reactor in the center. During the blocking stage the pillar was about twice as large, but because of that it was almost invisible to the player and blocked the view of the track. The interchange itself is quite interesting because you can choose which way to go and at the same time see your opponents riding above, aside or below you.

The Start/Finish section is my personal favorite. Again just a simple touch made it look very dynamic. At first there were only metal hooks at the sides of the road and so I had this idea – why not make it look like a tunnel that targets us forward from the very beginning, so I’ve added holo ceiling with a scrollable texture and it really complimented the overall look and feel of the racing track.

Then there is the Coliseum with the dancing girl to the right from the pillar. Initially it was big, round and completely empty. So Slava (my colleague) suggested we put something dynamic inside, earlier he had made an asset of a pole dancer for the garage (sadly it’s almost invisible there). So we took our little ballerina, enlarged it couple of hundred times and voila – very dynamic and memorable.

Btw, there are two blimps flying around the track, nobody sees them.

As you can see there is a very particular orange-blue color scheme all over the place. This was done because one of the main problems were the holographic buildings that looked fused and undistinctive so very contrast colors had to be used to set them apart.

This track is very dear to us because two reasons. First it’s open. From almost everywhere on the map you can see some other portions of the track and that really brings the feeling of integrity to the level. Secondly we had been given complete artistic freedom to accomplish the task. It really was fun.

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