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Heaven is Hell



Behind the Clouds...


I am very excited about this project. I tried to do my best, to show you a whole new style, characters, colors and worlds you have never scene in my gallery. After "The Sloorp Universe", i had to make something more complicated and move on to the next level.

I finally added more depth in my work, i also tried to give some elements 3D look, i don't know if you liked that! :P

There are brand new characters everywhere but you might see a few classic characters like the Bear-Balloon or the Ghosts behind the clouds.

Have you noticed the new Bubble Sloorp Logo?
How many times did i used the word "new" ? :giggle: Anyway, i hope you like it, enjoy it in your desktop!

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Adobe illustrator: Brush Tool, Shape Tool, Gradient Mesh
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Hmmm... Your art style reminds me of Whale Trail by ustwo. (Yes, that's a compliment :D it's one of my favorite games for a mobile device! The world design and the feel of it is so... peaceful, I guess, and unique compared to other games. I love the fantasy in the sloorp world and the bright colors :D