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Early Christmas

Haha,this is the most simple work I ever submit,however I want to submit something before I start my huge group picture and this picture I didn't complete it all 100%.I'll tell you all I draw that raindeer slok and my big sister draw that tiny cat and my little sister draw that stripeless tiger,all background colored by me.Anyway I have to do this very quick and,it's a Christmas card for my relative so I quickly do it. - - Hope you guys love this simple cartoon style.:D
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Letalla's avatar
This is really cute ^^ I like the expressions.
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Cute huh?Yeah I thought the same thing,but their eyes look empty like a brainless guy!!:3.Btw I glad you like it thank you very much.:hug: :D
LobaFeroz's avatar
merry christmas to you too!!:glomp::heart:
oh, i wanna do a group pic too ^^
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Merry early Christmas to you too.:hug: :heart: :D and yay!!You should do some group picture if you have a time,it'll be great!!:)
IkodoMoonstrife's avatar
I do like the simple style!! :).....also, for being a simple piece, the shading and coloring really is quite good :D.....can't wait to see the massive group holiday pic ;)
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Sometimes other artist said that cartoons's stupid,btw I glad you love it,I'm so happy and thank you.:)
sour-kiwi's avatar
this is AMAZING! the color and details are stunning!AWSOME JOBBBBB! :3
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Awww....thank you!!:hug:
Chibifubukit's avatar
this one looks better
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Ahaaa!!You're back,how ya?and thank you for comming.:D
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
0.0 Ouuuu,glad you like it.:nod:
HyperWolf's avatar
Hey, it's plain awesome. Even cartoony, your style is just brilliant.
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Not that brilliant I think,it's just an easy colored style,btw thank you very much for the :+fav: :D
HyperWolf's avatar
You're more than welcome. And brilliance can come in many forms, complex or simple. :D
BecSparrow's avatar
awwwwwwwwww full family effort! Wonderful job Slok ^_^ Beautiful effects and everything :D
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
Thanks to you too and yeah I love to draw more than one char.;)
Teddypotts's avatar
Very good, the poses are good, and the art is really good too, very neat and a fun piece ot look at.
SlokGreatwolf's avatar
You think it's neat?No it's not!! X3 anyway thank you.:D
ShikkaTL's avatar
I like the poses^^
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