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Space Crimes-Madeline (Part 3 of 9)

Now! We complete the coupling to your infinity fabric, that binds all neural activity to your extremities and internal organ sub-processes.

Madeline.. I'd like to explain that killing your creator, doctor Soho, was an unfortunate consequence. His non-cooperation forced us to take drastic measures. I hope you understand that it was not personal, but merely business.

Your design is truly inspired by God himself. The way you mimic every human idiosyncrasy from hair growth down to the bacteria that exists within your gut. This is the sought after holy grail of life and who is to say what is living and what is artificial at this point?

My client, who you shall soon meet, and I have discussed this subject extensively for some time now. Thanks to you he will receive eternal life through the transference of his psyche into your shell. And I will receive the leverage that I need to further my research.

Hmmm? What is this?

Why didn't the connection...

A redundancy control? How clever.

I should be able to bypass...

Space Crimes-Madeline (Part 4 of 9) by Slofkosky

Space Crimes-Madeline (Part 2 of 9) by Slofkosky

Created in Daz3D and post work done in Affinity Photo and the free Google Snapseed app for Android, ios and ChromeOS

Daz Studio Pro 4.x
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Merceneiress1's avatar

No! Don't bypass it! :D such a great scene and story!

Slofkosky's avatar

She'll be okay! :)

Ymrabelle's avatar

Things are getting more and more interesting! I like the little twist at the end;)

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Thank you my friend! Twist's and turns indeed!

BriMerry's avatar

Interesting, I want to see the client

Slofkosky's avatar

:) You will be formerly introduced soon.

Edheldil3D's avatar

Nice expression on the screen.

ShuY83's avatar

Очень реалистично сделано оборудование. Все просто классно!

Jhouchin2's avatar

Nice, keep u- the great work.

Polyrender's avatar

Looks really cool. I'm afraid her fate is:

pchef's avatar

Nice labo scene.

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Thank you so much pchef! I really appreciate you saying.

IronClawRoo's avatar

Very nice, love Madeline's expression on the computer screen. And yes, a redundancy control, anything to delay this damn transfer. She gotta escape. :la:

Slofkosky's avatar

Wow! I didn't recognize you at first IronClawRoo since the icon changed. Thank you so much for following along sir! Dang redundancy controls! Oh wait... in this case it's a great thing!

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