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Pirates and Aliens (Part 2 of 10)


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Upon reaching the destination it was clear that it was a most bizarre craft, large in size and ablaze. Explosions and smoke rose high from different portions of its hull. I then saw a single woman.. blue.. markings on her face like that of a warrior wearing strange clothes and injured.

A clan of thieves had arrived just before me and she was embroiled in the fight of her life.

* Pzzzssshhhh *

A strange sound was heard and a bright light jumped from her weapon landing on one of the thiefs. Instantly the pirate, who had charged her, was engulfed in flames. Muffled by the explosions and the intense crackling of the burning fires the screaming ended and peculiarly no smoke or remains were left behind.

Another pirate came from behind her and was about to strike when my sword came swiftly to her defense. Weapon raised she turned and made eye contact with me. Instinctively she knew I was a friend and lowered her aim.

Pirates and Aliens (Part 3 of 10) by Slofkosky

Pirates and Aliens (Part 1 of 10) by Slofkosky

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milo13200's avatar

As always really like the cinematic vibe in your work. Great characters, lighting and expressions.

Polyrender's avatar

Great poses and background.

Tirick's avatar

I don't know if it was intended but the flame of his torch is balanced against the burning ship in the background; really well structured image!

Merceneiress1's avatar

Love the alien hi tech meets medieval warrior story --- glad she decided to trust him!

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Yeah I am really digging it too my friend. Thank you for saying too!

beachlegs's avatar

Wonderful as always my friend :)

Slofkosky's avatar

Deb! Thank you so much!

IronClawRoo's avatar

Great work! An unlikely saviour. Beautiful lighting and poses as well. I am excited to see the alien girl put that ray gun to use. :love:

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Ray gun to the head! I guess it wouldn't matter too much where it hits but to the head is much more exciting. Thanks my friend!

Kvadning's avatar

Excellent image as ever. Loving the juxtaposition of genres :)

thormemeson's avatar

Impressive action duo pose.

maruberlin's avatar

Forget about SevenOfNine - here comes TwoOfTen Flying Saucer Spinning , obviously not the best pilot, but I guess she was blue even before she landed. Hope his trust pays off (no probing an' stuff ;D ) .

Keriwan's avatar

Very cool story so far beautifully illustrated as always. Great work my friend :clap: !

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