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Mysterious Planet (part 5 of 7)


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Day three and with the help of the multi-use tool Sarah has been attempting to reanimate the astronaut. Bio and brainwave scans indicate that the process is working but there is still so much that could go wrong.

Other than occasional movement and pounding on the crystals walls the alien, whose name translates loosely to Protector, has been unable to access his thoughts. All Sarah can do is watch intently for any eye movement or possibly even words to be formed. While she knows quite about human physiology she's never helped revive someone that has been frozen for 300+ years.

It wasn't until the fourth day that she was awoken by someone calling to her. "Hey! Hey! Sleeping beauty let me out of here! I'm starving."

Mysterious Planet (part 6 of 7) by Slofkosky
Mysterious Planet (part 4 of 7) by Slofkosky
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beachlegs's avatar

Awesome image my friend :)

AOGRAI's avatar

Interesting tone

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

What an awesome image editing! :love:

Keriwan's avatar

Very intriguing and amazing story to follow ! I'm loving it :heart: !

The composition of this image is an absolute beauty and have so much sense ! You have a real talent for visual storytelling :clap: !

Jhouchin2's avatar

Wonderful story.

deviney's avatar

Wow love this…just amazing…wow!

deathbycanon's avatar

This piece really pulled me in, I had to read the story, as the art left me with so many questions. Beautifully engaging.

Henry1850's avatar

I hope she succeeds. An amazing and powerful scene.

pchef's avatar

beautiful render type

AmandaJeansDrawings's avatar

I like Sarah. She's a good character

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Thank you for saying Amanda! I am liking her too. She's smart, strong, caring, an adventurer.... so much to like. Thank you Amanda!

AmandaJeansDrawings's avatar

Agreed. You've created a pretty cool character!

IronClawRoo's avatar

Great work, exciting development to see that the astronaut will be revived! I like the 'split' in the middle of the screen as the barrier to his holding pod, it works very well from a composition perspective. :love:

Slofkosky's avatar

Thank you so much IronClawRoo! The split was a nice find that I just made sure fit front and center'ish. Add in a few wild colors the main characters and an image emerged. :) Thank you always my friend.

Kvadning's avatar

That composition is just excellent. Just loving these muted colours :)

Slofkosky's avatar

Oh thank you so very much Kvadning! You are so very cool and kind.

BriMerry's avatar
Slofkosky's avatar

Thank you my friend!

damnmad660's avatar

Great composition Tom. Really like the low key coloouring in this series too.

Slofkosky's avatar

David! I am so very thankful for that. I am all over the place with the style for this particular series. But, I'm enjoying it and trying to keep it kind of cohesive.

damnmad660's avatar

God I hate seeing my typo when I'm reading your reply.

maruberlin's avatar

Good job his first desire was food after seeing her sleeping from his crystal.... othewise we would have to move that story to another site, wouldn't we...

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Love that response! That is so true but perhaps he did sneak some peaks before the hunger overtook him?

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