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Cleopatra-Monastery of the Sun (Part 4 of 7)

By Slofkosky
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Other than the screaming and thrashing about from Nebra, the dragon, the room is otherwise completely silent.  While Cleopatra stays quiet and frantically searches for a way to free Nebra the monks begin a strange chant.  The crystals held by the monks start to emit strange colors and lights of the kind she has never seen.  

Worriedly Cleopatra must act fast for she knows not the fate of her friend.  Feeling the need to take one of the crystals away and interrupt whatever this is that's happening she begins sprinting towards the closest monk.  With a fast pace, followed by a summersault bounce from the floor, she sprang up into the air.  Gliding over the monk she reaches down and grabs the crystal with the precision and grace of an angel.

Created in Daz3D and post work done in Photoshop and the free Google Snapseed app for Android, ios and ChromeOS. 


Cleopatra-Monastery of the Sun (Part 3 of 7) by Slofkosky

Cleopatra-Monastery of the Sun (Part 5 of 7) by Slofkosky

I was split when making this scene (haha, unintentional).  The released acrobatic move depicted here is my favorite.  The one that lost out is here:

monastery-of-the-sun-P4a by Slofkosky

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K-A-T-art's avatar

Amazing pose and composition!

Slofkosky's avatar

Oh K-A-T-art I am so thankful for the visit! I appreciate it.

Ymrabelle's avatar

Now that's a great pose!! Well done:clap:

The monk is like "What the f..."!!:D

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Yeah... WTF! Thank you Ymrabelle!

Adruzo's avatar

Wow! very cool action scene.

Slofkosky's avatar

I really liked this scene too. I just wished I spent more time on making the monk guy a little more realistic and interesting.

Adruzo's avatar

His expression is perfect, like he didn't even see that coming.

Kibaszottie's avatar

Now that is an amazing pose! This came out wonderful!

Slofkosky's avatar

Oh thank you so much Kibaszottie!

Merceneiress1's avatar

Wow! Better than Tomb Raider!!

Slofkosky's avatar

Oh thank you so kindly Merceneiress1! I love the Tomb Raider series!

IronRoo's avatar

Excellent pose! She is very acrobatic. I love the monk's shocked expression. :D

Slofkosky's avatar

Thank you IronRoo! Yes sir, she's grown up jumping, swinging, riding Nebra (her dragon). Thanks IronRoo!

IronRoo's avatar

No problems. She is an awesome girl. :love:

loganjack's avatar

Superb posing!

Slofkosky's avatar

Thank you so much loganjack! I really appreciate it.

loganjack's avatar

Your work is wonderful, you deserve it! :)

Tirick's avatar

That is a fantastic action shot!

Slofkosky's avatar

Tirick! So cool of you to say sir!

xmasrose's avatar

Wonderful POV! Very dynamic image and great story!

Slofkosky's avatar

Aah shucks xmasrose... Thank you!!

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