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A Twist of Tales


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"Clara... Clara, it's me Cedric!" as he removes his helmet.

"I knew it was you, I found your sword in a dungeon I was exploring.  Then I saw the initials I had carved into the blade back when we..." she pauses.  "Do you remember?" Clara responds.

"How could I ever forget those days" He says as he gently touches her cheek.

A Twist in the Tale 1a52-AP-05 by Slofkosky 

Yes, still taking a break of sorts but it's more on the social side of things.  Imagine this as a soap opera like "Days of our Kingdom" or "As the Kingdom Turns"... etc. :) 

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He better remove his hand from Clara's cheek or he'll get a big smack from the blonde :D

I can't stop staring at the expression on the blonde's face it. Absolutely perfect :clap:

Slofkosky's avatar

He totally is in trouble at this point. :) Thank you so much Branka! If I ever submit works that don't fit into the "Dark" theme please just deny them or delete them. Sometimes I can creatively see how something fits in a theme but others would say "no way". :)

Branka-Artz's avatar

Clara (Maleficent) is fantasy and we accept fantasy art too. If it doesn't fit I will decline and tell you that it's not suitable :nod:

You're more than welcome, Tom :glomp:

beachlegs's avatar

The expression is priceless love it :)

RavenAvellino's avatar

Love, love, love the expression on the blonde's face. Priceless.

Magnus-Strindboem's avatar

Such a cute hat, too! Go for her!

I guess I must be seeing things.... I thought the blond in the background was blond with brown eyes. However it appears I am wrong. They HAVE TO BE Green..... Just a thought....

thormemeson's avatar

Everyone wants a witch!

Edheldil3D's avatar

Hehe, very nice!

AOGRAI's avatar

LOL! Nice one

PSK-Photo's avatar

I think he made the right choice. I really like the facial expressions here again.

Slofkosky's avatar

I'm totally thinking the same thing! But what now would be a good question to answer.

Foxy-3D's avatar

WOW! The story is told with expressions alone. Excellent work. :-)

Thank you for submitting to our @RenderHub3D group. I put this in the featured folder.

Slofkosky's avatar

Wow! Thank you so very much Foxy-3D!

Victor2K's avatar
Slofkosky's avatar

Well thank you very much Victor! I appreciate it.

IronClawRoo's avatar

Excellent. I agree with Datz, the expressions are really awesome. That girl in the middle is definitely unimpressed, did not turn out how she was expecting I think. :love:

Slofkosky's avatar

IronClawRoo! Thank you so very much for saying my friend. I was really happy with this image but I find it's one of my lower performing ones. It always seems to turn out that way I'm learning.

DatzALab's avatar

Great work! Their expressions are so spot on! :D The lighting fits really well and highlights their faces and outfits splendidly^^

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Thank you so very much DatzALab! I really appreciate you saying.

Polyrender's avatar

Good expressions. I think someone is jealous.

Slofkosky's avatar

:) Thank you so much Polyrender! Yes sir... wait until you see the "dog house".

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