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Mo Dao Zu Shi - Dear

-Characters: Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji
-Anime/Novel/Comic: Mo Dao Zu Shi

Yet another piece of these two (a terribly overdone sketch), this time with a more spicy twist. 
Can't wait till translators get to those yummy chapters. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mo Dao Zu Shi - Lan and Wei by Sloartist-Raven Mo Dao Zu Shi - Bunnies by Sloartist-Raven Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wei Wuxian by Sloartist-Raven Mo Dao Zu Shi - Don't Tell by Sloartist-Raven
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Love. Really love. Amazing
PsYcHo-pupG's avatar
This is so beautiful :3
InoriYukki's avatar
Yes I agree too! You're amazing and talented artiest when it comes to your mind ^^ XDDDDD
Michaelaoftamaren's avatar
You are amazing and a beautiful artist. 
Eriaricheria's avatar
DownAtMcDonaldz's avatar
I'm pretty sure it's drawings like these that made me attracted to other men in the first place. Now all I need to do is get a hot anime boyfriend and my life will be complete.

All kidding aside, this is gorgeous. I like how it's sexy but still tasteful, and how I can really feel their passion just from looking at it.
Sloartist-Raven's avatar

Hehe, ty. ^^
Translations aren't actually that far yet tho and most of these scenes apparently happen at the end, in the extra chapters, but I really wanted to draw something like this, the love between these two is just amazing (on a spiritual level). I have yet to read a better love story than this one (even tho love isn't the main focus of this series). I'm seriously beyond addicted to this novel (help) and to that cheeky Wuxian guy - wish guys like him actually existed on this planet. QwQ
DownAtMcDonaldz's avatar
It certainly looks perf in your art style. I get geeked up on novels too occasionally, and I'll get so sad when the series I'm reading ends.
Other than his cuteness, what traits does Wuxian have that make you like his character?
DownAtMcDonaldz's avatar
Wow, he seems like a very complex but likeable character. It's a pretty cool song too. I'm listening to it right now, and the lyrics are beautiful, plus the blend of electronic, rock, singing, and traditional instruments sounds beautiful.
Thank you for the detailed write-up! ^^
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
Yeah, I've never liked a fictional character this much before (and here I thought no one could beat Cloud from FF, my oldest fictional crush), and thanks to him I'm now obsessed with this story like crazy. I'm a huge caffeine addict (super low blood pressure), I could literally kill for a cup of coffee/guarana or an energy drink in the morning, and let me tell you, giving up caffeine would be much easier than to get me to stop reading this novel, that's how bad it is. Nichijou - Yuuko Happy Cry  This story is a huge roller coaster of emotions - one chapter you're grinning like an idiot cuz Wuxian is up to his usual shenanigans again (sadly for him Wangji has now mastered the art of reverse trololo, so he's having a hard time with him now), and in the other your heart if falling to pieces again.
DownAtMcDonaldz's avatar
Haha, that's awesome. I'm so glad the story speaks to you like that. The best books do tend to feel like a lot of ups and downs, at least in my experience, and they'll have their share of both happy and sad.

I think my first fictional crush was Nekozawa from Ouran. Russsian boi wearing a cloak with necromancer powers in my shojo manga? That's like all my turn-ons in one. Although I'm sure you knew that, given that I commissioned you to draw him once for me. :XD:

I'm also a caffeine-head (I'm drinking coffee right now, in fact), and it's like the fountain of youth for me, so it's definitely true dedication if you say that you love Wuxian even more. Maybe if we wish hard enough our anime boyfriends will turn real? :XD:
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
And btw I forgot to mention that the moment I truly fell in love with that Wuxian character was when he protected a bunny from zombies. A bunny.
Just when I thought that that character can't get any more precious, he just went pure cinnamon roll on me. QwQ
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Guess we both like blue eyed blondes. xD
Wuxian is my very first none blue eyed crush. Though I still don't know exactly what colour his eyes are supposed to be. In the anime it looks like they're grey, but in the comic they're brown ... Confused John Travolta Meme (comment/chat emoticon  Light coloured eyes suit him better tho (mostly due to my personal preference).   

Haha, I wish. QwQ And yeh, caffeine is indeed a fountain of youth. Nothing beats a cold energy drink in the morning and a mid day coffee when you start feeling like you're about to afk from life (I'm also drinking coffee rn, while working on the comic ^^). It's far from healthy, but fml, I'd be a living corpse without it and nothing would get done.
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
[Massive Spoiler Alert]

Well he's been through hell and beyond in his first life and continues to go through even more hell in his 2nd life, yet despite that he remains incredibly kind and positive, keeps his good old mischievous nature, and when he gets revived he takes good care of all the "kiddos" (as I call them) from the Lan clan, whenever they get attacked by zombies, and of his not blood related nephew (nephew's parents died while trying to protect Wuxian in his first life, so that poor kid lost both of his parents when he was just a baby, and Wuxian was so looking forward to seeing that baby grow up, only to die soon after that himself, and when he gets revived he keeps the fact that he is that necromancer from 13 years ago from that kid and protects him whenever something bad happens, and Wuxian was that kid's first friend in a way as well - sadly in the recent chapter the truth came out that he is indeed that necromancer guy and the kid ended up stabbing him with his sword, which belonged to his dead father I think, because he blames Wuxian for his parents' death). 

Basically I love Wuxian because he remains a good and kind hearted person despite all the shit that he goes through in his life and would always put his life on the line for his loved ones, and sometimes even for complete strangers, no matter what, and despite being straight he still falls in love with that Wangji guy, since he's always there for him and believes in him no matter what and is the only one that Wuxian can still rely on after he gets revived, aside from his zombie friend (love that guy a lot as well, he's such a sweet cinnamon roll <3). Wuxian's parents died when he was a kid, his foster family and the entire clan got slaughtered by another clan when he was a teen (anime ep 11 - broke my heart completely to see that as well on top of reading it in the novel), he nearly died when that clan caught him and his only way to survive was to learn necromancy, if he wanted to get out of that situation alive. However those powers messed with his emotions a bit, since he absorbed so much resentful energy from the dead, so he did some insanely cruel shit to his enemies before he finally killed them (insane torture), but imo those fckers all deserved it anyway (loved reading that chapter >:}), since they were the one that slaughtered his entire clan n stuff. I have yet to see just how he ended up dying tho, since neither the anime nor the novel have shown that just yet, but I did watch a music video on YT where the main characters are singing the story, so I semi know what happened, I think. Atm I'm just hoping that (in the novel) he'll reconcile with his (not blood related) brother in the end (and with his nephew as well). They used to be such good friends before all that shit with the enemy clan went down, it hurts to see them on the opposite sides now. :'(
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