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Mo Dao Zu Shi - Bunnies

-Characters: Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji
-Anime/Novel/Comic: Mo Dao Zu Shi

More fan art! With bunnies!

 Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] 

Gumroad (full drawing videos and full resolution pics):

Mo Dao Zu Shi - Don't Tell by Sloartist-Raven Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wuxian and Wangji by Sloartist-Raven Mo Dao Zu Shi - Wei Wuxian by Sloartist-Raven

Mature Content

Mo Dao Zu Shi - Dear by Sloartist-Raven
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Elizabetha-LaCroix's avatar
Together in Cloud Recesses immersed in learning. Cute
KarolaKH's avatar
That bunnies thing with them literally gives me life
Even the black bunny can't stop teasing Lanzhan :3
ayamabuki's avatar
So cute! I love your art!
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
Tnx, glad you like it! :D
zees3's avatar
Almost dying because of an overdose of sweetness.
Tenkamchi-Sama's avatar
awww, the black bunbun is trying to steal lan zhan's ribbon!
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
He really can't keep that thing on his head, poor guy.
Tenkamchi-Sama's avatar

I bet he'd have better chances keeping the thing in place if he kept it tied around wifi's hands (or wifey, as my friend read it XD)
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
Ye, his nickname does kinda sound like a weird pronunciation of "wifey". xD 
And ye, he should just keep it tied around Wifi's hands and the bed - that way he wouldn't lose either of them. Twitch Emoticon - Kappa 
Tenkamchi-Sama's avatar

this needs to pe your next pic, btw. wifey tied to the bed with a white bunbun to keep him company.
Sloartist-Raven's avatar
I already have another one in the making, but his hands aren't tied I'm afraid. And I'd actually prefer it the other way around, to be completely honest. x3
DownAtMcDonaldz's avatar
Nice! It looks kinda like a couple selfie.
Eriaricheria's avatar
OMG they look so cute <3 
Gloomyboy's avatar
this is so adorable!
Michaelaoftamaren's avatar
This is so beautiful. How does this picture have not any comments yet?
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