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Go to, play the word-game and feed the hungry.

"WARNING: This game may make you smarter. It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking, grades, job performance... "
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By :iconbloodmilk:

There be Rules:
The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things/hates about yourself" and people who get tagged MUST write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things/hates as well as state this rule clearly.

In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours...

Here goes:

1. I sometimes use my comics as a kind of self-therapy. But not all of them. And I'm not telling which ones. :p  

2. I have four different e-mail addresses and about three different blogs, all used for different purpouses.

3. I refused to see the movie Titanic until it only cost about 2$ to rent it. In part because it was more expensive than any other movie at that time when it ran at the theaters, but mostly because I assumed that a star (DiCaprio) all teenage-girls made such a fuzz about had to be horrible.
I was pleasantly surprised, though; the movie was quite all right. ;)

4. I'm very prejudiced towards prejudiced people.

5. I usually cheer on the bad guys in movies. They're usually more interesting than the heroes.

6. Reality-shows like Big Brother makes my skin crawl.

I hereby tag:

:iconblayzy:, :icondeadtreeeleven:, :icondragonlet:, :iconelsmisko:, :iconkisaoda:, and :icontb323:  

Go write, meme-monkeys!
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Oh yes, another year passes me by, and I'm pretty much too busy to notice.
My my my. :o

But, as this is a good day for some contemplation, let's see if we can sum it up:

Downs: =(
Not getting things done
Stress-related Angst
Silly-related Angst
More sillyness

Ups: =)
Drawingboard of Awesome!!1!!one!
Nice things
Fine Wine
Even Nicer things
Kick-ass xhtml skills
General life-satisfaction

Aaaand it would seem like  the Up-list is the Champion this year.
Which is nice.
I like nice.

A Happy New 2007 to all of you, and a great thanks and hugs for all the :+fav:s and nice comments I got this year!


Where did that year go?

Tue Jan 31, 2006, 9:59 AM

:O_o: I realized just now that I've been a member of DA for a little more that a year. :excited:   
I should've celebrated about two weeks ago, but I was, um, busy at the time.
Yeah. Busy. :greetings:  

Which gives me reason to celebrate now, instead! :boogie:

Thanks to everyone who gave :+fav:s, commented and helped in making that year an awesome one!, if only I could get my hands on a scanner, this year will be even more awesome!
Yay awesomeness! =D

So. I've moved again, I study hard (hm) and the snow is slowly melting.
Sometimes you'll even see the sun around here.
That creativity of mine should wake up any time now... ;p

Curiousity killed the cat.
Good thing I'm not a cat.
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Moving around

Mon Nov 28, 2005, 8:24 AM
So much to do, so much to see...
Am getting ready to move again, but just a wee bit closer to the Uni.

Ah, yes, Uni... muck to do, less time to get creative on my own, though I've managed to squeeze out a few comics this term.

I have, at long last, purchased a spiffy computer. All I need now is a scanner, preferably A3-format. Someone give me one? :unimpressed:  

Am currently looking for stock-pics, we've got to do an ad for justice-labeled clothing that'd fit into a computer-magazine... I was thinking something gaming-related?
Anyone got links to good stock? :plotting:  

Uuuh, much to do... Finally got some money, though. Money equals subscription. 'S good.


Curiousity killed the cat.
Good thing I'm not a cat.
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Rain keeps falling

Sun Jul 24, 2005, 9:11 AM
(Down down down)

Not that I mind, 's a good excuse for not being outdoors. If the weather was good, I'd just feel bad about not being out and in it.
As to say.

News: I got in at the school I applied for! :D
Am now bouncy.

Am also rather poor, so anyone who wishes to send me birthday-gifts in advance are welcome to do so. ;)

On a totally different note: I found a computer online earlier, and Man. Do. I. Want. It! :drool:  
It's excellent for video editing, and stuff, and... well, stuff, and I waaant it!

So shut up and buy it, oh whiny person you.


...I also need to buy a digicam. A good one.
Sure, playing around with the camera on my mobil is fun (well, my idea of fun anyway), but the quality... No, no such thing as quality. Sorry. =p

I'm currently up north (again), lots of internet but not much company, which is kinda' a bore.
Then again, I expect there will be all sorts of company once I get to Örebro... :plotting:  
Which is a good thing, since I've been having all sorts of corny dreams lately, and really need to get rid of those.

Or perhaps I just need to learn how to "listen to the voice of dead dragons", as I was told to do in the dream I had this morning? :O_o:

Curiousity killed the cat.
Good thing I'm not a cat.
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Summer Conga Line!

Wed Jun 8, 2005, 5:35 AM

Oh, wonders of joy, to break the chains and run toward freedom -- Um, yeah.

Anyway, we managed to get hold of a mover to take my stuff.
(All cred to Los Padres for that one... :heart: )
I was afraid I'd be stuck for another two weeks, but not so! :w00t:
Ain't I a lucky gal.

At the moment, I'm trying to ignore the fact that my internet-access will be rather sporadic during the summer... No, mustn't think of that. Sun and bath and nice stuff to come, think of that instead!

Put up some banners for the comic motvind, but no translation yet. Nyeh.

So bored with that thing now.

Um, yeah, like you haven't been all along...

Oh, and we've been invaded by Ninja Wrestle-Monkeys.
They escaped from anywayz... and now I can't get rid of them.
Looks like it's gonna be an... interesting summer.

Oh, well. They are kinda' cute. a way.

I do say "Um, yeah" a lot, don't I? 'S weird.

Curiousity killed the cat.
Good thing I'm not a cat.
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Broken links of Doom

Wed Jun 1, 2005, 9:42 AM
Curiosity killed the cat.

Oh, yes, today's a perfect day for links not to work as they should.

It's all because of that stupid comic. Apparently, it's boring even to death.

The Big Bad monster of Boredom paid me a visit today (ever heard of him? Big guy, kinda' potato-shaped and very very mean), demanding I'd bow down to him and none other.
Luckily, today was also the day upon which I decided to test my fire-alarm after having changed the batteries... have you got any idea of how loud them thingies are?!

In conclusion, I am now deaf, but no longer bored. That's gotta count for something... =p

Mustn't get distracted now...

Oh, look! A dandelion! Weee! :w00t:

What? Oh. Yes. Work.


Good thing I'm not a cat.
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Wed May 25, 2005, 7:19 AM
Curiosity killed the cat.

Moi + comic + ink = disaster.

I knew there was a reason I shouldn't ink it... Crap.
Not happy with the result, it sucks and should be placed safely in a box under my bed for six months.
Or in the attic...
Anyway, stored away for some time. Then perhaps I could do something good with it. My creative process works like that...  
But I don't really think said creative process would be much appreciated by teachers.
Perhaps if I came up with some longish, complicated term for it... Hm.

I don't wanna work on my project. 'S boring. Wanna work on anywayz... instead. Much more fun.
Wanna wanna wanna!


Or perhaps The OMGI'msoextremelyboredrightnowtakemeawayfromhere-syndrom?


Good thing I'm not a cat.
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22 Pistepirkko.

Sat May 14, 2005, 10:17 AM
Curiosity killed the cat.

Teehee... 22 Pistepirkko is Teh Sexh.

Which has got nothing much to do with anything, just thought you should know.  

Got a subscribtion, thought I'd check it out. So far, so good.

Am (surprise) not working on the things I should be working on.

But I've got a subscription... oughta' fix me some fancy header, no?

EDIT: We had an eartquake yesterday. Smallish, but still... feels kinda' weird.

Good thing I'm not a cat.
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:music: Pat Benatar, "Take it anyway you want it". :evillaugh:

So... tired... Can hardly get out of bed. Meh.
Let's blame it on the weather, no? Strange weather. Very annoying.

I'd /like/ to say that work's coming along nicely, but, alas, that's a lie. I've put up a few sketches for the comic (in scraps), but there's like, three of them... should be like... um, more.

And why is this, you ask? Actually, you don't, 'cause you'd have me whining for ages about pretty much everything. Especially the weather.
So you just nod wisely and put Pat Benatar on repeat for me. That way, I /might/ get some work done.
It will at least cheer me up...  Mwahaha!
Finally got around to post some scetches of the new comic I'm doing.
They'll be in the scraps-section, though...

Lack of inspiration?
Why, yes.

Much thinking, no doing. Have a projekt to do, must get started.

Am just submitting various icons at the moment, I want them somewhere where I can see them.
As to say.

How come I never have time for the things I /want/ to do?
Oh, that would be because I don't want to do the things I /have/ to do.
Wait, that can't be right, either...

How very confusing.
Alas! Work, nothing but work... [/lie]

Been working on the cover for the fanzine, it turned out OK.
Even fine.
Methinks I'll post it later. Yes.
In the meantime, you can look at the picture-design for the cover; "No Name".
Come on. You know you want to...

Easter-holiday, oh, joy!  
And, next week, Stockholm and Brussels. *excited*

Shoulder says: Stop writing, you jerk! I'm in pain!
Brain says: But... But...
Butt says: That's my name, don't wear it out!
Shoulder says: Well, duh!
Brain says: WTFBBQ?!

Sliven says: OK, that's it. I'm going to bed.
Body says: Now, *there's* a great idea!
Sliven says: I know.

Bought to you by "Yes, I'm random"-productions.
I'm sending some stuff of mine to a competition...
No grand hopes, but I'm a bit excited about it.

Added a new version of my Dogbert-as-Saruman pic.

Oh, and I passed in my animation-class!
(With "Play Nice")

Eventually, I'll do a sequel, as first intended.
But no preassure this time, so it'll be much much better.

Must buy stamps now.