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   27 April 2030,the scientists made a preparation through hours for the summoning as the prime ministers will be witnessing the phenomenon in the lab.Those technologic items were arranged carefully,the wires are starting to produce the electronic aura and the main entrance were starting to create a wormhole.The time passes as the shadow figure appears slowly in the wormhole.When the wormhole fades there was a person fell unconsciously,so the scientists picked him up to the tube to analyze him to make sure it was Aethon.
   One of the prime minister asked,"so did you succeed or did you get the wrong person?".

The scientist smiled as he replies,"yes,we have succeeded.Besides,we had such particular explanation after all about the summoning.Would you mind to hear a it for a while?".

The prime minister nods.
So the scientist started to explain as he says,
   "In order to revive him,his age would be altered and fortunately he was 17 years old.In that age,he's just a plain soldier but still had a good knowledge and experience to create a technologic weapon.He mastered martial arts and weapon wielding skills.He started to learn blacksmithing since he was young with his father as a job.So currently,he was able to fight and after the summoning it used up some of his energy so he must rest for a while".
Then the prime minister says,
   "thank you for inviting us and good luck for the Project Aethonius.About the current report was that the soldiers are currently training and some of them was defending the uninfected robot countries as they were prepared to hold off the infected ones.So take your time and we'll be expecting great things from you".
   4 days had passed and Aethon started to regain his consciousness.He opens his eyes as he looks around then stares at a person standing beside him with a puzzled look on Aethon's face
Damon the head of the project says "you're currently in our lab and we have been waiting for you for your help.You'll know why later through the situation".
He handed him an unusual gauntlet as he says "Here,you can use this as a weapon since you mastered pankration."The gauntlet activates as Aethon wears it.He moved around with a confused looking expression then he looked up to the big screen as it shows the footage of the attack of the robots and the city seemed to be ruined by them.
   "The robot slaves....they turned into a destructing machine.Have you found out the mastermind yet?"
   "No unfortunately",the scientist replied.

   "I see, so that's why you summoned me.I'll have to travel around for clues and I'll be needing your information about the location since I'm not really familiar with the places here".

   "In that case,first you have to go to our laboratory which have been heavily guarded as if there was something important in there.So I need you to check it out".

   "You can count on me",Aethon replied confidently.

   Few hours later they had arrived to the place where it all started,Damon says "this is as far as we can go Aethon,are you okay with skydiving?"


   Aethon jumps from the aircraft and later on he arrives safely on the ground with a parachute.Damon instructs him through the walkie talkie earpiece which Aethon had also wear.

  "The laboratory is 3 kilometers away from here,you can look around on the way and have a tour like you requested.Though this place isn't really the place to have a tour anymore since its just a ruins."
   "Its fine."

   "Well, I'll leave it up to you for now and I'll be turning off the walkie talkie since if you walked in deeper into the territory the robots will detect us since we're using wireless connection.There are also flying type of robots so it can fly straight to us and you'll get lost and stuck here.Do you remember what I told you about how to get there on the way to the lab?"

   "Yes,be safe."

   "You too.Call us when you're done."


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