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Moody Mark Crusaders 27: Raspberry Scones

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Sweetie gives zero dangs.
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EldritchLJThurstonHobbyist Digital Artist
Wàit...if she's dead and Sweetie's still talking to her nthen that means.......(DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN) Sweetie Belle's a Deragedly Joyful Ghost Whisperer!!!!!!!
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Scientific studies show that around 12,000 ponies die from stairs each year. How deadly for a set of ascending blocks.
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FarothFuinProfessional General Artist
or maybe she's just dreaming? or in a incorporeal state?
veco8's avatar
talk about a stairway to heaven badump tsss
FlameNation's avatar
*facepalm* Oh my Celestia...................*sigh*
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fantasystaplesHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah c'mon XD
SoFlyLikeA-G6's avatar
so she died when she fell down the stairs. well she kinda deserves it
psobb4life's avatar
Omg i can't wait to find out about what's with Applebloom! =D I'm so excited for page 28 woohoo!!!
dragonclaw20's avatar
You and me both. 

Nice profile  picture of rainbow dash and pinkie pie. By the way.
psobb4life's avatar
Hey thanks! I didn't draw it unfortunately but I really love it too hehehe <3 and btw i like your profile pic too =P
dragonclaw20's avatar
It just shows you have good taste and I didn't draw mine ether but it did have some investment. Thank you for the comment. 
psobb4life's avatar
No no thank you for the comment! It's awesome to meet nice new people like you on the internet lol =)
dragonclaw20's avatar
wright back at you.:D (Big Grin) 
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madkrayzyponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
So... is she gonna be the next grim reaper?
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Apple Bloom, I suspect the airship starts out moving perpendicular to the infinite stairs, so you are in fact wrong. You are not currently passing over your dead body.

Cue somepony else asking Sweetie who she's talking to. And why she's dropping perfectly good scones on the floor.
Pretend for a moment that Sweetie arguing with thin air about whether to eat a scone is even surprising to anypony.
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So this version of sweetie is a medium....good to know
TerraHv1's avatar
This version of Sweetie is an even-more-out-of-touch-with-reality Pinkie Pie :p
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Starflash10Student Traditional Artist
misteroverlord's avatar
Over you literally dead body.
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Apple Bloom: "Well... This doesn't bode well."
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Interesting... Is Sweetie Bell the only pony who can se a ghost (because she is so strange)?
AJR001's avatar
Um Apple Bloom forgot that she's kinda dead at the moment... :XD:
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Well. Now ghosts are canon to this story, cue disapproving Applejack ghost scolding her out-of-body-experience'd sister. :P 
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