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Moody Mark Crusaders 24: Bathmophobia

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By Slitherpon   |   Watch
Published: November 2, 2014
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CatchyArtzHobbyist General Artist
Some pony give Applebloom some love. She needs it. Like really bad.
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EldritchLJThurstonHobbyist Digital Artist
Hmph Idle threats ;)
RubyW32's avatar
RubyW32Hobbyist Digital Artist
GOSH!! There's so much Pinkie Pie in that Sweetie Belle.... PLEASE STOP!!!..... Actually, no... don't stop, that's cool.
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newflutterpieHobbyist General Artist
Weregaruru's avatar
WeregaruruHobbyist General Artist
Its like a alternate future in a Dystopia of survival and brutal, brutal inhabitants of sentient ponies living in a dark and cruel era.
KennyMcCormix's avatar
KennyMcCormixHobbyist General Artist
Apple-Cloak is scared of stairs! :dummy:
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CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
What, is Apple Bloom afraid of heights?
This is going to be interesting.

Edit: I just googled it, thought first you just invented that word.
This is going to be even more interesting.

And nice touch with the apple-that-is-carved-like-a-pumpkin brooch!

So, now that they will be in Canterlot soon, does that mean the series is nearing it's end?
Slitherpon's avatar
SlitherponStudent Digital Artist
Nope, don't worry, the series is faaaaaaaaaaaaaar from over.

Canterlot is just the beginning...mwahaha
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
CMC--ScootalooHobbyist General Artist
Sounds good! :D

You have no idea how happy you make me with that right now! :D
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I have to ask... What happened to Shining Armor? Is he still there or something?
Darentez's avatar
DarentezHobbyist Writer
This is... weird... what the buck happened?
SciGuy365's avatar
LMFAO "Shut the buck up!."!
TerraHv1's avatar
I guess Apple Bloom was swayed by all these cookies we have on the Dark Side. Welcome, Apple Bloom! :p
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HareTrinityHobbyist General Artist
Hee, Sweetie and Silver are really shining in the one! :D Your art style really compliments the comic's atmosphere, too!
Slitherpon's avatar
SlitherponStudent Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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XD I love how they just so easily overlook the whole 'knife' thing.
Wynterhawke07's avatar
Wynterhawke07Hobbyist Writer
They didn't notice. 
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Sweetie Belle did at least, but then again it would be just like her to never mention it, so it's possible.
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lol, I guess she has a fear of heights.
Sturmlion1's avatar
Pony's have never heard of handrails I think.
Howsie22's avatar
Hoofrails* I think it would be awkward for them trying to get up onto them though
Sturmlion1's avatar
Yes, but have you ever climbed stairs without them? Vertigo time.
fotland42's avatar
Right, right. That's why you had to overdo it on the cloak. And it still wasn't enough to defeat Sweetie Belle. You might as well just accept that as long as Sweetie is around, you'll never be menacing, and you'll certainly never be dangerous enough to get rid of her.
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