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Moody Mark Crusaders 11: Brick Wall

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Scootaloo's voice fits well into a depressed version.
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I gotta Scootasign too, one would poke ear holes before having an intervention with a statue.
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Scootasigh is now a registered trademark.
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Scootaloo just passed up her chance to put Apple Bloom /in her place/.

*ba-dum* *tish*


Don't think I bothered commenting on this one yet. If I did, have another!
Liked the double meaning in this one. Even if somehow unintentional. :P
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tttooohappy's avatar
sweetie bell needs to be left alive she's so cute
PonyMinus's avatar
Douchebagel. This is only the second time I have ever heard that used. Truly one of the best words in the world though.
Rockethead117's avatar
Lovely little speech by chicken wings. Love the story so far, keep it up!
Ismalith's avatar
Till now I thought this was just a bad grimdark  comic.
But the last two stripes make it strangely interesting.
DalekPrimeMinister's avatar
That moment you realize you're talking to a statue.
NuvaPrime's avatar
I like this comic :)

It has my interests
Loving the plot twists so far!  Someday it will all make perfect sense, but I'll enjoy the exhilarating ride until then.
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Hey, you guys will tell me if Slitherpon ever does anything with Button Mash, right?
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I love it when silly little things turn into something real; it's a very engaging experience, and I applaud you for how well-done this is.
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I dunno about you guys but I can't help but read Scoot's dialog with FlimFlamPhilosphy's Rainbowdash voice. 
Snap, same here X3 I think it's the similarity in the expressions both characters wear.
NellzDaBlackKing's avatar
You tell her Scoot!!! Now did you remember that whole speech so you can say it again when she isn't stoned?
pawndidater2's avatar
Apple Bloom is so stoned.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Great speech, now wait until she wakes up, then give it again.
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Lol, well stoning has accured
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