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Straight Stamp

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The stamp for all you straight people out there...

This is, and i cant stress this enough people, just a joke.

I dont have anything against people of the LGBT-community, neither do i take any pride whatsoever in my own sexual orientation.

But i do confess that rainbows would be way cooler if they only had different shades of grey in them :D

It's inspired by this tshirt: [link]

Taken from my main account. [link]
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White by kiddinsdeluxe  
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AspiePieStampsStudent Digital Artist
So in other words you made a pride stamp for people who have never been oppressed and likely never will be???
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1JoshlerrHobbyist Digital Artist

uhh... it's.. not a pride stamp? It's a regular stamp saying which orientation are you. What's wrong with it? I don't understand

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Aww boo boo, let me play you a song on the world's tiniest violin.
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I don't entirely think that the straight flag is there for "Pride", I think it's there so that you can point out what you identify as. I don't use the cisgendered flag on my page for "Pride", I just want to share who I am.

It could symbolize pride, but I don't think it's like that most of the time. I don't need pride for being cis because it's already widely accepted around the world. I do, however, have serious pride flags for being demiromantic and bisexual.
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Same. I only use the straight/cis flags for my profile.
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dqckiesHobbyist Digital Artist
i've... never heard anyone say that unless it was CLEARLY a joke?
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using :3
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Why do people take offense to this? I’m lesbian and I have no problem with people showing their pride of being straight :)
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SharkyJazzStudent Digital Artist
My comment?
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Yup. It's blessed.
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SharkyJazzStudent Digital Artist
I’m sorry I’m kind of an idOit I didn’t understand at first
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Good grief, the amount of butthurt in these comments. :laughing:
OP said this is a joke. But people, like me, like to use it simply to indicate what we are. You'd swear using this stamp is equivalent to demanding internment camps be set up to eradicate all sexual minorities. It's literally just a label. Kindly calm thine tits.
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couldn't be me
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Using for ID
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ChaoticPurrinahHobbyist Digital Artist
as a bisexual it crushes me to see LGBT people actually hating on straight people .. it's just very hypocritical and dumb .. I support it if you are LGBT OR straight.
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