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Crystal Cavern
Don't know if this will make it in, but I'm trying

Edit: Character - Corrine Nikyl
Dratini Capture
"Fine, you can come with me, but you're going to be Corrine's problem. I don't have time for playing."
Feral Riolu Capture
"Yeah... You're going to be Ian's problem... Easy now... Shit."
Corrine Character sheet
Corrine Nikyl
Race: Seraphian
Age: 29
Gender: female
Height: 5' 4"/162.56 cm
Weight: 114 lbs / 51.7 kg
Orientation: bisexual

Class: Ranger
Occupation: Cartographer, Mercenary, Scout
Magic Types: Flying/Dragon
Skills: knife fighting (the bare basic training her tribe demands for children), eavesdropping discreetly, bluffing her way out of tough situations, rationing and handling money

Likes: sweet things with a bit of spice or zest. can't handle just straight sweet. Being able to get a good nights rest. checking out ancient ruins, and stuff like that
Dislikes: the cold. hates it. a lot. inflexible schedules. having her height poked at.
Personality: (cynical - despite how friendly she comes off, she tends to be to aware of the idea that someone approaching her could have some nasty alterior motives. As a small child, she'd give people the benefit of the doubt, but lately, it's been hard to interact with someone without trying to figure out want self interest they might want to satisfy by doing so.| insecure - Being short was something she was never given the luxury of forgetting as a kid, and it's stuck with her more then she'd like to admit. Bringing it up regardless of how carefully it's done, is going to make her shut herself off, and everyone else out. In public, she holds up without letting on to it too much, but it private, she'll physically retreat to somewhere she can just be alone. Sometimes, it makes her doubt whether or not she's really strong enough to deal with anything else that might decide to surprise her, and worries her a good bit. | shameless- when she's stuck between a rock and a hard place, there are few things she not above doing to get out of it. One prime example being just straight up stripping when she's cornered, both to cause a scene, and create enough confusion for a window of escape. if she a little too quick to jump the gun with that approach? maybe? | alert - getting her to look straight ahead towards destination or object can be a bit of a challenge, as she's always looking around, and monitoring her surroundings. a habit she'd developed into a second nature as a child to avoid any bold yargos flicking a knife or throwing really anything in her direction. She just doesn't focus on one object visually, without good reason, and a few interpret this as her not paying attention.| sympathetic - despite the fact that she can't bring herself to risk her own financial or food situation for others, out of pure memory of being in such poor spots she almost starved as a kid, she'll easily slip a bit of food in someone's direction if she can tell they need it, and she can spare it. | levelheaded - keeping her head was a needed thing for her to make it through even the most basic training children were required to go through among her tribe. Fight was taught to be fast paced enough, where blanking for one second could mean life or death, and she took that to heart as the bigger kids aimed for her head as they're parent's told them to.| amiable - being polite and approachable, never outright rude, is the only way she's ever truly been able to make allies, at least within the tribe. If she was rude, it gave people even more reason to not like her, and risked her being unreasonably targeted. | persuasive - if someone is willing to listen to what she has to say about a topic, she's good at wording things just well enough that people see her way. It helped her a few times when people tried to frame her for things in the village, and she was able to appeal to someone in power's common sense.
Backstory: In the general sense, if you give Corrine the option between being the star of a play, or just an extra, she would take extra in a heartbeat, just so she could keep her head down. Growing up in a seraphian community back home wouldn’t normally cause this. Normally, it’d be the opposite, however, she was unfortunate enough to be an eros, in a primarily yargos tribe. If that hadn’t directed some nasty attitudes towards herself to start with, her diminutive height and rather delicate appearance didn’t help her at all. She would get heckled frequently, and if it wasn’t for the fact she was a quick little thing, she has a feeling she’d have been in much worse physical condition with all the people who seemed to have a bone to pick with the fact that one of the tribes leaders brought her in as a favor to her apparently deceased father or mother. (She doesn’t exactly know. All she ever knew is that they were close. What little she knows about any of it comes from gossip people stupidly talk about in public places, and they don’t seem to know the exact details of her being brought in were, either.)

Eventually, she just got too tired of all the harassment, and made the decision to leave. Despite the fact she pretty firmly thought none of the tribe's guards would stop her from leaving, as no one saw much point to her being there in the first place, she decided it was better to play it safe. To accomplish that, she packed what little she, and left at night, on the side of the village facing a coastal cliff, where the council felt no need to guard. Why, she figured out soon enough, as she struggled down the craggy ledges, refusing to fly in case she was seen. Once she finally reached the bottom, on the very thin beach that the tide had thankfully revealed, she concluded that any sane person would only be able to safely scale it by flying, and judging by the several mammal and humanoid skeletons at her feet, she was insane. After making slow progress along the coast, she found an area she could climb up, just as the tide started nipping at her heels. 

Once she crested the hill, she found herself in an area she'd never traveled around. It's not that she wasn't allowed to, but she'd only every gone east, to a town over, to sell off some items she'd scavenged at one point or another. East, was a well-traveled road leading to a thriving town, and you had a good shot at finding someone who'd buy something, but west, there really wasn't much to speak of. It wasn't unexplored, but the dry, cracked ground and rocky terrain she was staring at, just didn't offer much use. Metal was the only thing people ever need from here, and it was still so scarce that no one could make a living off of it, so it was just left uninhabited. Well, for the most part, at least. There were still some scavenger/predators in the area. Kinda like the flygon she had stared down once she reached the top of the cliff, and spent 4 hours talking down out of a paranoid suspicion so she wouldn't die after having only just left the village. Wasn't the exactly most calming thing she'd ever done, but it won her a companion that was curious enough about her to follow her around, and become her travel partner.
Trivia: she's a nerd. loves history and ancient items like no one's business.

Relationships: wip
Roleplay Information: Discord, google docs, and the like, all work. I tend to prefer paragraphs. Feel free to hit me up at any time!
I'm going to occasionally be popping out of hiatus for a bit, and it's mainly to join this group called :iconpkmn-frontier: (Pkmn-Frontier) It'll be open soon, but for now they're looking for beta testers! Applications will be open until the 20th, so I recommend checking it out to anyone interested in pokemon, high fantasy, and/or exploring!


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