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Even so
Everyone gathered to hear the mute speaker
to understand his verse
to not look dumb
Even though, even though
they were all deaf
they just pretended
They didn't want to seem
seem like fools
to everyone else
Even though, even though
they were all blind
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So you want to be...
So, You Want to be a Mad Scientist
Well you've come to the right place; mentally that is, I don't honestly care where you are physically lest you be dangling over some volcano in a remote tropical paradise inhabited ironically by the worst humans imaginable. In that case I'm more concerned for the book, it's quite rare you know and you should know. So how did you get this book, I suppose it doesn't matter to me, but it greatly affects you I assure you. Now, I figure you either are the shadow of the black market or you got this by mistake, a complete accident, the guy who whacked the guy to take this book got whacked and the guy who whacked him got clipped in a drive-by I figure. Long story short you either got it through nefarious means or by pure luck, both of those show great potential for your joining in the Maddened Intelligent Society of Technological Assessors and Karaoke Enthusiasts.
Yes, but don't expect to join M.I.S.T.A.K.E. just by skimming this miniscule text, for you see t
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This is a so-called History
This is history I tell you, co called because it will be written again and again throughout the ages, people will remember our triumphs, how we faced the evils and created a better world for them.
This is history I tell you, so called because it has been written and studied again and again throughout the ages, people remember what they read of past triumphs, and see how we faced the evils and created world for them.
This history I tell you, so called because it has continually been preached by intellectuals again and again throughout the ages, people remember what they're supposed to remember and see only the triumphs, not the evils of the world's past.
This history, so called as a mere reflection of it's own backwards nature sends us back again and again throughout the ages, people don't remember anymore, they see only the evils our ancestors put upon us and wish to return to that triumphant world.
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The Stealer
It's has a scaly hide made of homework and a hunger for library books already overdue. It stalks me relentlessly seeking to trip up my daily routine. If I have a project due it steals my planner. Need money for a quick bite, wallet is gone. All things important in my life are grasped and greedily snatched by this abomination. What it uses them for I'll never know; perhaps the scissors lost just before I set off to do my art project clean his jagged smile. Maybe the car keys are a fine backscratcher to soften the infernal itch upon his festering back.
I do know one thing though. It has a weakness. So long as I keep my eyes upon an object it cannot be stolen. Also it must be able to read minds because if I remember exactly where something is it will always be there, otherwise its fair game. In any case I hope to confront this beast and get back all the things it has stolen from me, but I think it must be getting weaker in its old age. I'm losing less and less things and without school I
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Hand it Over
"Alright Mac, hand it over." came the awaited phrase, greased with sinister ire.
The blade pressed yet again into Mr. Thompson's ribs as he heard this demand. Instantly a sweat began to form from thoughts of dying, here, now. It was a strange reaction, sweat. When stricken with fear you're very seldom hot, feeling instead an overwhelming coldness which drags you down like an icy leopard seal into the cool cool depths of despair. Yet Mr. Thompson reacted vigorously, to the point where he believed his body was hoping to slick to the point where Mr. Thompson could slip away to safety.
Not on his life. Especially when that was what was at stake.
"Come on, I don't have all day!" he heard the shout again; it held exasperation and an ironic little bit of fear. It seems we're all afraid in situations like this; so many things can go wrong, though it's no better if they go right.
That fear gave Mr. Thompson a strange feeling of elation, a rising to that seldom tread and forever dreaded peak tha
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Telltale schizophrenia
When you contradict yourself
Or when you don't
When you can't stop talking
Or won't
When you debate which one of you
Will take out the trash
When you can get a second opinion
From yourself
When you wonder
Is it suicide?
Or homicide?
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It Never Ends
Do you know the muffin man
Man I've heard that story a thousand times
Times I'd like not to talk about
About a hundred times I've told you why
Why do you think?
Think…think come on
On and on this goes
Goes nowhere and back
Back to back we see
See reality unwind
Unwind into pathways split
Split by fractions of seconds
Seconds all waiting on you
You fiend how
How could you I
I trusted you and then
And then…
Well anyway you have to realize
Realize the lies between our eyes
Eyes that have seen differences
Differences unexplored and left
Left you with something new
New? I suppose so
So what
What, come now
Now honestly you'd expect me to
To believe that this girl
This girl who left me
Me, the one who loved her
Her end might be
Be my beginning?
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The Review
From what I could tell the end was near. Languishing in the dark squish of well-worn chairs, red with a few stains unmentionable due to the possible imagery of prediction associated with them. I looked up as did so many other singles in the audience, the couples meanwhile were busy making their own love story and I was quite sure whatever they were doing was a hell of a lot more interesting than the current filth I was viewing. It's acting was stiff, it's budget was thankfully restricted, and its storyline justified this fact. Regular show really, guy meets girl no wait, girl meets guy, I'm guessing that was the huge twist that the guy who sold this script emphasized in boardrooms all over Hollywood before he found one filled with people with cash in hand willing to fund this complete and utter sh-ah the climax.
        Like I said before, the end seemed near enough, the girl had walked out on the guy after learning something upsetting about him,
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A message
You're not going to believe this
everything you read
is a lie
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A Scheme of Sorts
Assorted feelings
a sorted feeling
this is the contradiction
that has me reeling
in the pain of
assumed strain
of preferable
if not
course of rhyme
and it may be reaction to scoff
but if the emperors clothes I may doff
it is a simple assumption
to know your reality
How do you think that makes the unreal
I believe my discoure is off-
or perhaps I'm the one who's off
or perhaps on to something
or rather on something
or media sensation
I'll never know
Still it hurts
to see the blurts
of speech
upon the worlds bathroom wall
that being, anonymous scribes
who band like tribes
and dissent against
fairly predicatable
if not
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Mature content
Tock Prologue and Chapter 1 :iconslipshodtodd:SlipShodTodd 4 5
Thick gravel sorted between his tender toes as Pinkin looked upon his foe. A sailor, awkwardly portly who heaved his bulk-head forward in a fit of rage as he wondered with every neuron in his brain, "How did this brat end up here?"
While these seven cells continued to question Pinkin's very presence here, the slender youth thought back on the day's experiences and began to wonder himself. At every turn his combatants seemed to falter in strange improbable ways. Sprained ankles, broken wrists, and dehydration followed his foes to their almost fated dooms upon the battlefield. Undeniably Pinkin was lucky, but that stream of good fortune seemed to find its sudden end with this fellow, aptly called from the stands,
"Wail Man, Wail Man!"
Their contest was anything but a test of swordsmanship for the moment as the indefatigable Pinkin proved his excellence in another important aspect of battle, dodging and cowering.
"Turn and fight me whelp!" Wail Man eloquently gargled at the fleeing Pinkin
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Warmth is something near-universally sought for. Its forms and uses are boundless. Man's greatest discovery is fire for a reason and that is that at last we could control it, harness it. Hindu Maliman, snug within the laced curtains and enveloping blankets of the bed whose softness reminded him of cream cheese without the stickiness, understood the importance of warmth far more greatly than most others.  When it was time for Hindu to awake though, he began to realize its drawbacks. For there is one thing that warmth provides in the absolute and that is eventual disappointment.
This disappointment was suffered as Hindu's blankets were kicked to the far corner of the bed and he arose to face the insufferable chill that is room temperature. As he arose to a sitting position, a boxer preparing for another endless bout, he wobbled with cruel swaying which only heightened his nautical sense of early morning vertigo. At last finding courage to attempt a landing upon the floor below, Hind
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Room 109
I watched the clock upon the eggshell colored wall of room 109. That clock, whose incessant tick never quite left my mind, finally inched past 8:25. Sitting back I sighed and exhaled in simple acceptance, "They're late."
I wasn't surprised, nor was I angry. The past one hundred and seventy days of attempting to hammer education into rebellious teen skulls had all but drained me of emotions like that. I had no passions in my work, no daily happiness. At the grizzled age of 34, I had but one goal: survive until four.
I began to think that perhaps my students, whose number had shrunk from forty 'geniuses' to ten 'gems', had all simply stayed home, or their bus exploded, or perhaps even that I didn't exist at all in this cruel dimension and that If I believed enough and tapped my ruby slippers just three times…
"There's no place like Tahiti, There's no place like Tahiti, There's no plac-"this pleading wish was interrupted as I heard the unmistakable noise of a turning knob, my knob. C
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