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Contest Entry: Quickbrew by slipshodsliver
Mature content
Contest Entry: Quickbrew :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 2 8
Contest Entry: Make-Work Projects by slipshodsliver
Mature content
Contest Entry: Make-Work Projects :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 4 14
Chapter 4 Cover - If You Give a Tourist Training by slipshodsliver Chapter 4 Cover - If You Give a Tourist Training :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 4 2 Chapter 3 Cover - If You Make a Peach a Patsy by slipshodsliver Chapter 3 Cover - If You Make a Peach a Patsy :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 4 0
Mature content
April Turnovers 02 :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 5 2
Mature content
April Turnovers 01-03 :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 4 10
April Turnovers 01-02
Jess followed the man.
“Are you ready to dictate?” Asked the man.
“Just one moment, sir,” Jake replied. She went through her purse. Maybe I can do it with this phone? Jake wondered.
The man continued talking, never looking back. “Sir? Not Senor? That's an improvement.”
“T-Thank you.” Jess unlocked what was currently her phone. On the home screen was an app labeled, “Dictation.” She tapped it. The screen took on the appearance of a notepad with several icons on the bottom. Jess pushed the one she hoped was the record icon. “I'm ready, sir,” Jess said with an emphasis on the last word.”  
The man sped up his speech, “Good. Now, let's start with the projections for-”
Jess watched as the man's words were recorded by the app and transcribed onto the notepad. It wasn't perfect – there were a few typos here and there – but it was very good, and Jess wouldn't have to do much work t
:iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 5 2
April Turnovers 01-01
Jess was on the bus. It was Saturday and he was planning to go to the movie theater. As the bus went on its way, a woman sat on the seat across from him.  
Jess couldn't help but stare. The Latin woman had dark brown eyes and was wearing small pink earrings that matched her lipstick. The thick brown hair, compressed as it was by her sitting down, went down to just past her rear. Jess turned his eyes downward, catching the woman's short black heels and stockings. He gathered his breath and started turning his gaze back upwards. His eyes went up the stockings, up to where they hooked up to... was it a garter skirt?
Jess kept going. Up past the skirt, up the light blue shirt. Up to where... He couldn't help but see them. Jess wondered if everyone was seeing them. The large breasts in the white bra that were spilling out of the shirt. Jess squinted, and he thought he could see a necklace wedged in-between those two-
The woman's gaze, framed by her hair, met his own. Freezing up, Jess
:iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 10 2
Modular Design - Second Build: Chapter 4
“This should be fine,” Said one of the Guardromon.
One by one, the Guardromon put down four mannequins down next to the main factory entrance. These mannequins, identical to appearance to Mimi, Sora, Yolei, and Kari, stood there mindlessly with smiles frozen onto their plastic faces. Satisfied with their placement, the Guardromon clomped back into the factory.
“Is that them?” Tai asked. “Kari! Come on! Answer me, sis!”
“Hey Sora, are you okay?” Matt asked. “Snap out of it!”
T.K. put a hand on Matt's shoulder and said, “It's okay Matt. The Magna Antidote should be able to cure all of them.” He turned to Izzy, “Right?”
Izzy sat down on the ground and immediately got to work on his laptop, “One second.” Data scanned across the screen. “Hmm.”
“Hmm? What's that mean?” Asked Cody.
Izzy kept trawling through the data. “Their physical data matches, but there's no men
:iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 2 15
Mature content
Modular Design - Second Build: Chapter 3 :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 2 33
Modular Design - Second Build: Chapter 2
Yolei and Mimi looked at each other in confusion. Kari stared and looked down at herself. The head on her body whirred softly and tilted down, the light-up eyes staring at the remote in its hands. Sora felt around, found the crank, and cranked furiously. “Pop Goes the Weasel” played, the lid burst open. Sora's head sprung out and bobbed wildly.
“W-Whoa! Hey! What's going on?!” asked Sora.
Yolei pointed at the legs Kari was using, “Aren't those mine?”
Sora pointed to the box that was now her torso and asked, “Should I have this here?”
“Um. I think I was wearing something else.” Mimi looked at her wooden arms, “And these don't seem to be work- whoa!” One of her arms jerked awkward, and then her feet took a ballerina pose. As Kari's former body pushed buttons on the remote, Mimi's limbs took several mismatched dance poses, “What's going on?!”
Monzaemon answered with glee, “You're a remote-controlled
:iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 4 8
Modular Design - Second Build: Chapter 1
“Achoo! Achoo!”
Cockatrimon sniffled. Being sick was lousy. The sickness had apparently done something to his petrification beams. He didn't know what, just that the things he had hit were reflecting the sunlight oddly now. He didn't care to investigate. He was just tromping through the forest, sneezing at random and hoping some of Digitamamon's soup would make him feel better.
Mimi looked over the bubbling pot and said, “Alright, one breakfast stew coming up!”
Kari, Sora, and Yolei were sitting on the forest floor, bowls at the ready. “I can't wait,” said Yolei. “Your cooking's the best!”
Mimi smiled as she replied, “Thank you. I bet I could be on a tv show one day.”
Kari laughed, “I bet you probably could.”
“You were right, Yolei,” said Sora. “This girls' day out was a great idea.”
“Of course it was!” replied Yolei.
“It's done~” chirped Mimi. She ladled out the s
:iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 5 5
Chapter 2 Page 8 - On Saving by slipshodsliver Chapter 2 Page 8 - On Saving :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 4 8 Ch. 2 Pg. 7 - Horns of a Dilemma by slipshodsliver Ch. 2 Pg. 7 - Horns of a Dilemma :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 10 10 AAUTBE - Prologue 0-1: OnTheJobTraining by slipshodsliver
Mature content
AAUTBE - Prologue 0-1: OnTheJobTraining :iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 2 0
Human Pokemon: A Light Mixture - Chapter 7
There was a flash of light. As everyone shielded their eyes, Flynn called out from the other end of the videophone, “You had it hooked up wirelessly?!”  
“N-No! I had an onboard computer installed,” Clemont answered.
“That's amazing! You really must send me schematics of that!” Flynn replied.   
Clemont beamed, “Oh, well thank you. I'll be sure to-”
Kathi Lee screamed, “Clemont!”
“Right! Right! Sorry,” Clemont replied.
“Professor Sycamore!” Kathi Lee called out.
Professor Sycamore scratched the back of his neck with embarrassment, “I'm sorry. The girl rushed in and the teacher came in afterwards and I couldn't leave the kids alone out there...”
Everyone stood there waiting for the light to fade. The kindergartners held their breath as the group of ten staggered to their feet. “Miss Penelope? Are you okay?” One of them asked weakly.
Kathi Lee went to close the door.
:iconslipshodsliver:slipshodsliver 2 0

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Split Infinitive - (Discontinued)

Reverberation - The full beginning from which the scene was taken will not be published. This story was as fanwank and boring as hell. Dead.

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