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Bad Taste

Did this when I was going through a bit of a vector art phase. After completing it, I'm not sure if it's a method I would go back to in a hurry. After hand drawing the image, I imported the drawing into Illustrator and converted it into vector lines. I found this process pretty laborious, making sure every inch of every line looked crisp and smooth, and removed any pleasure of spontaneity.

That said, I am happy with the final image, even though it took a stupidly long time for me to finish! Most ‘Bad Taste’ posters make Lord Crumb the main focus, when I think the real star of the film is Peter Jackson’s wonderfully goofy turn as Derek!
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Badass :D
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Cool. Half the pics I found looking up "Bad Taste" were yaoi....... :facepalm:
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Awesome job on this one! I f***ing love Jackson's movies.

Frank - "Derek?!"
Derek - "Bastards?"
Ozzy - "Frank, he's gone ape-shit!"
Derek - "Bastards!"
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Wow, yeah, you have to seek out another copy! It's annoying how there still isn't a super-special-3-disc-edition of either this or Dead Alive.

btw, everyone should check out a really sweet documentary made at the time of filming Bad Taste (it's up on youtube!) - shows Jackson talking through the home made special effects and interviews his proud (and slightly bemused) parents. Great stuff...
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NICE! I had a DVD copy of that flick years ago... and it wouldn't play all the way through. Sucks being a Jackson fan, and still never seen that movie. :tears:

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"I'm a Derek and Dereks don't run!"

Brilliant ;-)
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Love this movie.. Back when Peter Jackson did awesome gory comedy horror films.
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wow, i really love this :D
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