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Golden Hour Monk

By slipled
Okay, i can say i really learned a lot doing this artwork!... first, was really hard to decide what to do, and i spent at least one week only thinking about, and never came to my mind a clear visual of the piece... so, reading some books, an idea of a scene and colors came into my mind and finally chose the monk to fit this idea! just the opposite way of creative process i usually have!... and here's the piece with a very close look of what i was thinking!.. not that close because of my (so far) knowledge limitations! =)

well, as usual, i used my loose way of painting, without trying to lose the depiction of the character!
all comments and critics are more than welcome!!!... hope you guys like it!!! =D
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This art is unbelievable!! One of my favourite pieces on DA.
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Thank you so much!!! :happybounce:  
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I really want a massive print of this for my wall! This is awesome! Nice work!
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Thanks a lot!!! =D YOU are awesome! ;)
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Badass is awesome!!! =D Hahhaha But why?
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kinda looks like future aang to me.
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Yeah, kinda!!! =D
hi, can i use it for create a token for magic the gathering card? 
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Unfortunately you can't!! but i can create one for you!! =) please send me a note if you want! ;)
yes, please write me in PM. thanks :)
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wow I love this pic. It has a great atmosphere and it appeals so calm. Nice work!
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thanks a lot!!! =D
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I play a Monk on Diablo as well!! :icondeviltrollplz:
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haha yeah they are truly awesome!! =D
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Okay, so the winners for the Fan Art Contest are in and I see this work hasn’t really made the cut. Just at a general glance, it would’ve been bloody difficult to pick the winner out of this lot, as the quality of all the artwork is incredible, yours included.


Your monk character is a labour of love, from the glowing staff to his intricately-woven dress and spiritual pose. He really sets off the scenery of snow and ice, which needless to say, has that beautiful softness and crystalline look to it respectively. (Can’t help but like soft snow, even if I get attacked by it.)


The shining sun over the mountains and small town in the distance completes what in my view would’ve been a worthy contender for the title, amongst a premium selection of artwork already on display in this contest. Awesome job and well done for creating such a strong piece of work! :)


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star-half:

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hey thank you for every world you wrote!! this really really means a lot to me as a new artist!!! thank you very much!!! =D 
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New artist my flaming backside... You draw as if you already had years of experience behind you. :nod:

It was my pleasure and I sure hope to discover more of your work soon in my travels. :)
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hey thank you again for the kind words!!! this is the kind of motivation that makes people go forward!! =D
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And that's what I aim to provide. :nod:
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