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Ok I know I ought to update this gallery more often, I promise to keep up and post more stuff next year.

For last two weeks I've been streaming on twitch, sculpting in realtime and talking to people. Come on over in January, it's bilingual, I'm always happy to share my tricks and answer related (and sometimes unrelated) questions.
My buddy and ex-coworker Pavel Barnev, badass animator from Moscow, made this cool little animation of my DW4 character.
Check out his channel if you haven't seen it before, guy got some skills
there's couple of turntable videos I did for shadow/ninja girl
as you can see there's no visible texture seams, shit around her thigh is a shading issue, which is caused by low-density mesh lighting without proper normal map
was hot
proofpic above
sorry I can't reply to each one of you guys personally, but many thanks anyway, love you all!
Fixed links, now it's up in 2 parts.

Enjoy, hope you like it/
Check out this guy, :iconyeewu: , has lots of Warhammer Online ingame low-poly artwork
Damn nice. WAR team has one of the best texture artists, for sure.
part 1
part 2

is there any way to post an embed video to DA journal entry?
Many thanks to my lovely :iconfirstkeeper: for subscription! /miss /kiss /bang
Hi there, people.

Due to lack of free time I just can't answer to every message  posted on my page, hope you all understand. Thanks for watching and commenting my stuff anyway, I do really appreciate it, means alot.

More important thing, about people asking to use some of artwork shown here for any specific non-commercial purposes - feel free to, you don't even have to ask me, but don't forget to mention where it came from, ok? Thanks.

More subtle stuff should be discussed thru skype or ICQ.

Peace and boredom. m/