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heavy armored marine machinegunner concept

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nice photograph
"Dear Xenos... you're screwed.
Signed, bullets-lots and lots of bullets"
Love the picture, been looking for that style of armor for possibly more than a year and finally I find it.
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You can just picture his epic pimp walking motion with the gun o_o...WBWBWB...GORGEOUS!
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Is the concept taken from the Helghast of killzone?
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Well the gun and helmet are quite alike in desine.
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Only natural, almost all modern weapons look alike. That is a good thing, since it is a confirmation of the fact that you are in the greater genre.
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I love the shadows, the textures... everything!
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Nothing more to say. Big ugly guy with big ugly gun, ready for a big ugly demolition. The dust effect fulls the entire work and makes picture more dynamic.
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thats one badass dude xD!!
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Oh daaamN! Amazing!
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Looks like a heavy Helghast XD
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Looks like a heavy Helghast XD
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Damn...I want him on my team
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lol wtf is that? some kind of machinegun/rocket launcher? pretty good either way dude
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just orsm
the dust looks gr8
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Now THAT'S a gun!
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Reminds me of an artwork I saw in the manual of the game "Uprising". :) Looks great!
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Great design, he looks like he could mow down an entire platoon.
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