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Tau pathfinder team

i fooked this one up, was too lazy to finish off composition and details

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That Pathfinder on left: Look, i shot that Imperial Gue'la in a crotch and now he's crying, LOL!

Is that a Fire Warrior with an OPTICOR?! RUN!!!

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Wow, tau can look badass. . .
NicksterDagames's avatar
Middle Tau: Shit, a marine!
Left Tau: LOOK! An escape route!

Not one cared about the greater good that day.
AlexCN88's avatar
Poor bastards...
Athrubis's avatar
How have I not seen your art before, it's wonderful. Gotta love tau as much as I have to envy your skill
Boarguts's avatar
Tau weak race. pretty inferior.
In close combat, yeah. Shame you'll never get there.
mazmon7734's avatar
If the Tau Pathfinders were an Airfix kit, this would be the box art. Naturally that would be impossible, cuz they are made by Citadel, not Airfix, but you get the idea.
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i just got this set no more than ten minutes ago ^^
ShadowRaptor89's avatar
i got the original 3 made of lead. i havent had the time to get the new ones tho. they look so cool
hirowolf's avatar
One of my favorite tau pieces hands down.
PokeyFluffytail's avatar
Aren't their guns normally super long? o3o
Onsanders's avatar
the set i got is called pathfinder team, most of them have pulse carbines, some have rail rifles, and some have ion cannons.
Onsanders's avatar
yeah, i got the set a few hours ago. havent started building it yet, still need the paint.
bastionSystems's avatar
You probably mean the Fire Warriors. These are Pathfinders with pulse carbines.
PokeyFluffytail's avatar
Ah ok :3

Either way, the Tau are the best. ^^
This is still one of my favorite pieces for the Tau :D
Portosilva's avatar
Awesome work!

I still think this is insane!
That carbine has to be the best looking one I've seen yet. I'm seriously tempted to try and build one like it in full scale, although I'd probably not be able to do it justice.
Sakura-Hirai-Chan's avatar
despite the laziness in the description, this looks bloody amazing!
Daedor's avatar
>finds path
>path is on fire
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