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Tau fire warrior fragment

fragment of big picture i working on
god-emperor give me strengh to finish this
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I may be executed by the Inquisition for saying this, but I gotta admit, the Tau Empire happens to have two things I am very fond of, Power Armor/Mechs, and big guns
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The picture kicks ass but for some reason whenever I look at it all I can imagine is the Tau commander shouting "Damn kids! Get off my lawn!" lol

Maybe it's the pose....
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Majestic... :flame::toocool::flame:
Dragon-the-Tribrid's avatar
Damn you did an excellent job on that face, have you finished the whole piece yet?
Crazygoblin21's avatar
Does he have fangs?
eqmddlh's avatar
Very nice piece of art.

May the Ethereals be with (or the Emperor, or the Force, but go ahead with such a great work).
Master-of-an-empire's avatar
Dont the Tau have only one eye?
ColonelMarksman's avatar
I was thinking about studying your picture for a Halloween costume I had in mind... maybe. We do have a GW store in the mall.
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isnt the god-emperor the imperium and space marines, not tau?
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Yeah, but he gives strenghth to all humankind in times of need. "Venerate the Immortal Emperor?"
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Ask the Ethereals for help XD
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Shall the Greater Good help you to finish this masterpiece, Gue'la. The Tau are with you ;)
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