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October 17, 2012
T2 Dragonstalker by ~slipgatecentral
Featured by WillowXD
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T2 Dragonstalker

a small "classic wow" fanart
cliche alliance hunter in T2 Raid armor
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OlofBlodstrupe's avatar
This set so needs to make a comeback ingame again, like they did with T6 in ToS.

Lovely work :D
Boarguts's avatar
WoW World of Warcraft Drawgon Stalker armors.
soplet's avatar
I really wish one day WOW graphic become like this. Badasses become real badasses, supposed-to-be pretty characters become really beautiful....
Lizzie-Bean's avatar
still my favorite hunter tier set :) brilliantly done!
ilichu's avatar
Crying so hard because i want this to happen ohekjhfwkaehf T-T soo amazing!!!!!!!
Umega's avatar
If WoW ever had ultra detail, this is EXACTLY how I would imagine a female Night Elf.
sora0hearts's avatar
omg it's so perfect i have no words!
AcidSparkle's avatar
Beautiful! I hope the new models look like this!
femelushka's avatar
clokverkorange's avatar
If only WOW was actually colored this way, I'd probably sitll be playing.
CornelioDragon's avatar
А эффект резкости так сразу отрендерен или поверх наложен в каком-нибудь фотошопе? =)
Sam-Nicholson's avatar
benster58's avatar
Nnnnnniiiiccccceee she sort of looks like Jennifer Connelly
Scent-of-Shadows's avatar
Ha, blizzard could learn a thing or two about modelling from you xP

most excellent
BringMeASunkist's avatar
I've never been a big fan of fantasy or the hand-painted aesthetic, but man you've nailed this.
AnimeCitizen's avatar
I love my women in purple with scars....
XxsasorixX101's avatar
Plz make more :D
Maybe some for Warlock ;D
Estonius's avatar
Wicked beautiful!
troyamayan's avatar
I hate nelfs, but I love this. I love how you draw lips! I am also reminded of how much I love T2, off to get the shoulders and do some transmogging.
mewnique's avatar
beautiful as frick
Adella's avatar
Totally the good ole days. Oh how I miss this! :) Fantastic job!!!!
yig's avatar
Great job! I can't wait to see what the updated night elves look like when Blizzard finishes them. This is a fine example of a more cinematic and realistic interpretation hybridized with the ingame impressionism.
KrystalTrinity's avatar
At the very least, I wish Blizzard would fix the older races' hair... They just look so boxy and awful, especially compared to blood elves/Draenei/etc.
Stolen-Dreamer's avatar
I wish they'd unlock ALL hair styles and colours for ALL races/genders. I want a damn pink Mohawk on my human girl.
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