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1 year old unfinished work, hopefully will get it done soon
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I love the hell out of that armor.
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"Judith rarely had any difficulties on date night ... guys seem to understand that she was the kind of woman who could take care of herself ... and her platoon."
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Please finish this if you have any self respect.
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Impressive work there, actual full coverage armour clearly this merc plans to collect her pay!
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Love this picture.. It doesn't rely on boobs to sell the image. Well done.
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Looks like an android from AvP
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Pretty awesome. This should definitely be featured in one of the "true warrioresses" or "battle ready women"-groups: one of the rare instances of a credible (and so-awwww-well-executed) female warrior character designs!
this was done back in 2007? I guess a lot of game designers have seen this picture since then. At least the one who was making Asari/Salarian weaponry for ME3
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her armor looks like the STAG uniform from saints row the third
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Great work. I like detailed weapon and armour - and I especially like that she looks like a tough fighter and not some chick in bikini, who accidently got into a site of battle. Hooray for artist who can paint a woman in realistic armour. I’m going to share a link to your works with my friends at Eclipse Phase forum. Keep up the good work:)
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Go ahead, tell her to get in the kitchen,(cocks rifle)I dare ya!
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A woman's place is definitely in battle, especially in a proper, practical, functional battle suit.
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I'm not a fan of females serving in the military. And as a veteran, I can honestly say that war is no place for a girl. No place at all.
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Very cool! Nice pose and armour detail, shows attitude and character as well...great job! :)
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Wow, the detail you have given this merc's armor is quite eye-popping. All the details in the battle rattle are like eye candy. I love it. I also like the fact that it's no bikini armor, since in the real world, you don't see a gender difference in combat dress.
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A tough non-sexualized women, awesome.
VxComEv's avatar
love it...nice texture n great lighthing 10/10
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her armour set detail is very nice
StudiousHydra's avatar
Now THATS a stormtrooper! 4/5 (top half of page is unbalanced w/ no content) Cheers!
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