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relatively old work (2003), but I still love it
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Yes, definitely I like it too. :)
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OMG, It is here.

This drawing is simply amazing, and I remember it from another digital oriented portal (GCI artist), I remember it because I consider it perfect, at many levels, and, I'm glad to finally finding it.
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oh whoa, I found it!
Yes yes, it is yours I see. Great.
I have this saved from the old cgsociety times :) it is still a huge inspiration.
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2003? You're older than me.
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me too. Color it , please! ^^
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haha. the butter name. good drawing thoguh"!
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I found a tiny winy minny shot of this painting a long time ago. No matter what I've kept it and saved it to all my hard drives. Somehow it really inspires me and makes me happy every time i see it. Now that i've quite accidentally found the artist I can only say thank you and laugh really. :D

I'd never thought I'll get to see all the detail in it. Its simply precious.
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После просмотра этой работы на renerd'е, году в 2003, я дико задумался "Как можно делать такое на компьютере\" И именно твоя работы заставила взять в руки планшет.
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Beautiful Work, looks amazing
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looking at your gallery, you've got real talent. very nice work
Well done.

But what the name "Melange"?
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that is love right there!!!
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this is one of my best of the hit of the favs.. i adore this char.. gr8...
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very nice character design
i think my favorite parts are her face, the sword and her eyes
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I love her face!
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дак вот кто нарисовал ее!!!
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Aaahh man :( I haven't seen this work in ages. The first time I saw this one was when I was surfing Gfx Artists. Its good I have found you on Deviant. :)
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So glad to find your gallery here! Your art is fabulous, both fantasy and tech.

You must post/create more art! Your gallery is simply too small.
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I loved it the first time I saw it on gfx years ago! and I still do! :love:
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where'd the title come from
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Petite and deadly, almost wasp-like. Very nice.
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