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Lucilla final model, flat

Uncolored zbrush render of Lucilla
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Plz post coloured ver. plz.
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Amazing work ! How did you do it ?
This beauty is so LETHAL!!!!! Just touching her would give us a fatal cut....And those Wings ..... FANTASTIC....Love how they form a protective cage around her.....The Horns and the Tail just add to the Terror....I am in love with this...
Love to see this once it's painted. 
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Pro level awesome
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Really like the Design, all the pointed edges wrapping around her makes it seem like shes got a protective force field. very cool my dude.
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She is gorgeous! Luscious and lethal. Sensuous and sinful. From the tips of her elegant horns to the toes of her delectable shoes, she is an enticing visual feast. Beautifully crafted - I am in awe.
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That is pretty.. awesome :o
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Loving it- The spikeyness of it all! She looks like you'd get a paper-cut as soon as you get near her (which begs the question what her hair is made of, since it's so long). Also love the upside-down wings idea, almost making it look like there's a crown or ribcage hovering behind her... but it does make me wonder if she's only able to fly backwards? xD Though, seeing the wingspan, she wouldn't be able to fly anyway- so is it meant as some sort of mutation?
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Wow! Seriously beautiful work :-) I can't stop staring!
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Awesome model! His muscle dfiniction is great!
This is....awesome. Your really talented. 
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That is amazing <3 grat work! 
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Where this character from?
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