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'Hound' walker bot

man-operated battle walker concept

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art is great, hate how some user called eric gurt stole it from you!

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Never seen Plazma burst arts in quite a while!

its not plazma burst art, plazma burst is a stupid copyed this , eric gurt is noob!

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plazma burst ^ ^
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This looks like PB2 here, man.
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"Please, put down your weapon! You have 20 seconds to comply!"
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Mech technology is impossible
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looks like somebodies played plasmaz brust but cool picture here dude.
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Holy Hell...


I love you...
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I remember now, this comes from the game Plasma burst 2! Maybe they got the concept from you, either way, the mech fits perfectly in the game, GREAT JOB!
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It looks very nice :)
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Can I use this for something?
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Impressive mecha. I love it!
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How do you get that, blurred effect, Im just getting to grips with freehand paint in photoshop. And any advice is good advice!
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fckn awsome ! you should have designed the units to the "new Comman&Conquer games. the new EA designs usually sucks. i would lovely see something like that in those games :) hah
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reminds me of leviathan by scott westerfeld... :] it was a great book meaning THIS IS FREAK'N AWESOME!
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Nice Innovation with the Cockpit^^....
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Dude thats awesome!
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I love the textures and the grainy feel. Perfect atmosphere and just pure gritty mecha. I would like to see more of that kind in the taiga or perhaps in a desert environment. It would be awesome!

Keep up the good work!
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I like the cockpit design a lot. Cause me to sketch something similar (not posted) It's been a while since I've done any Mechs :)
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i wonna this robot
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big, armed and armored just as a walker should be

I like the guns and the colors are strikeinly military
thought it does look like it would be hard to get inside
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Great job!! I like the special 'grainish' effect/filter over the painting.

There was this cartoon I used to watch a a little kid, but I can't seem to remember the name. I believe it was manga and there was this team of people/pilots who conrtolling/driving big destructive robotmachines similar to the one in your picture.
Any idea what I'm talking aout...? If you do, klet me know ok? ;)

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