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Blood Elf Death Knight

A low-poly model made for monthly minicontest. 2000 triangles, 512 diffuse and spec texture. Lots of post effects on this one, I'll post unlit model shots , wire and flats later.
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Is this WoW of Warcraft or Deablo three?
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I'm so happy you did this. A little lore-butchering with the night-elf ears, but that's all I could say. It's great work.
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The ears are Night-elf ones not Blood elf ones. :/
Is that any particular WoW sword, or did you just make it up?
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Is that any particular in-game sword or is it your own creation?
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ohhh. looks so preety. much better than the original armor. really nice job!
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Why is this armor not available ingame!? D:
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awesome work ........ like soooo much .....- artboy narender :)
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OMG she's actually wearing a functional suit of armor! Great Job!
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Luff the pose. And the sword. :)
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cell shaded.. lightning .. shaders... almost foold me its not the same ugly game ;D
Awesome work. But honestly, it looks more like a Night Elf.
Hey, guys, can anyone tell me the name of this armor, please?
Или же русские, скажите, кто знает, что за доспехи?)
P.S That work is great!)
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I don't know what it is, but I just love the look of low-poly, high-texture characters.
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Awesome! 2k triangles should be more or less 1k polys, right? It looks so detailed, really good!
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Could I use it for a signature/banner work of mine in the future?
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The post-production effects really sky-rocket what may have been a standard render into something truly great. The armor is very enticing and well-lit, and the sword is awesomely cruel looking. I like the staging of the night who appears to be mid-stride, a very nice touch.
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Trigon: Did Arella told you what happen to your father?

Raven: She told me enough. She told me you kill him.

Trigon: No, I am your father.

Raven: NO!!!
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i love this! its awsome show the girl power! but still ist awsome!
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very nice rendering, love it
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looks awsome mate i like it alot XD
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