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My entry for Dominance War 4 mini-contest
Made in Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop using provided basemesh.
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I've seen this in Gear of War.
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Fantastic work, I really love it!
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Wow man. Are you working professionally in the biz yet? You are one of my favorite artists on Deviant Art.
dagoth-jeff's avatar
Love that armor. Looks impenetrable.
WallaceWest's avatar
Woah, awesome! It's like a mix of Iron Man, Gears of War and Transformers to combine into one badass beast!
OrganicPic's avatar
amazing texture
freakdearts's avatar
why does it have teeth? seems pretty inefficient to me...
3dsquid's avatar
this is surely on the top 3! my personal fav on the competition :D
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That's wicked man :)
Is there any story/info about him? I find him very interesting.

Max-CCCP's avatar
Wow, very cool =)
citrush2o's avatar
Hell... yes! Those teeth are freakin awesome!
Amazing job on this one man, it a new fav ;)
Abishai's avatar
forgive mi ignorance but... what did you render this piece with? (awesome art btw) :)
slipgatecentral's avatar
mental ray. rendered few passes, gun separately, rim lights, then composed in photoshop
Abishai's avatar
Great! thanks for the response :)
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Really great entry
damkay's avatar
woah looks amazing, great desing and colors.
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Nice model dude, probebly my favorite model in the mini contest
Scarledian's avatar
HOHOHOHO... Nice ;)
CatalanoMedia's avatar
OMG, this is awesome.
I entered this competition too.
Which board are you with? polycount?
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