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Tivination - Major DH Spoilers

Maaaan, that sucks, Ron...

(T IS FOR PWNED. I mean--Troll. :confused:)
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Molly at the end though.
nerdforever-19's avatar
Ron... are you sure you just made it up, are you sure.
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 Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
gaby3gaby's avatar
all was true and he got a stupid T for Divination :> oh my :> funny
666pyrocharmedgirl's avatar
lol I love how ron both condemned his brother to death and called his sister a loser
PineappleWarrior's avatar
"so i threw in a one-eared clown... so one of the clown brothers will die..." you sad bum Ron!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!??!
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Og fucking god XD
GrrHatLet's avatar
I love your art style. I love it almost as much as I love your comics :)
kchanson's avatar
I laughed SO hard! Brilliant!
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I'm waiting for Ron to realize he accidentally called his sister a total loser.
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This is amazing!!!!
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Did you know that there are actual times where in the books Ron says random things and they happen? xD
angelfabeth's avatar
Oh my gosh, yes! Like how he said that they would have to fight a troll O.O
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And then when they start dream interpretation he says he dreamed about playing Quidditch--right before he makes it onto the team!
I read it the second time and noticed, the crystal ball is LOLing!
werekitty13's avatar
My friend sent me this on Twitter and I laughed for three minutes straight
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Yah know after re-reading this it made me think again...
I knew Ron was good at Divination.... XD
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That makes it three of us...
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