Sigma-5 Cyclone-class R-wing

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Sigma-5 Cyclone-class 'R-wing'

Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering (KSE)
Model: Sigma-5 Cyclone-class
Class: starfighter
Length: 12m
Max Acceleration: 5000G
MGLT: 115
Max Atmosphere Speed: 1275km/h
Hyperdrive: 1.0
Engines: plasma drive engines x5
Shields: equipped
Navigation: astromech droid
Avionics: equipped
Targeting: equipped
Communications: equipped
Sensors: equipped
Armament: heavy swivel mount laser cannons x4, ordnance launcher x1 w/9 missiles, 6 torpedoes or 3 rockets
Countermeasures: flare/chaff launcher
Life Support: equipped
Other Systems: inertial compensator, swing-wing s-foils x2
Crew: pilot x1, astromech droid x1
Passengers: none
Cargo: 80kg
Consumables: 1 week
Roles: aerospace superiority fighter, escort, interceptor
Eras: New Republic
Affiliation: Resistance, New Republic, various

Description: wings swing back behind the engines during cruise and swing forward for combat, laser cannons are able to swivel on their mounts with a 135 degree forward engagement zone with 5 degrees of elevation and depression

History: the Sigma-5 Cyclone-class starfighter, also called the R-wing, was a high performance starfighter built by Kuat Systems Engineering for the New Republic and open market. The design featured advanced maneuvering systems that enabled it to exceed the performance of contemporary X-wing models and similar fighters. Perhaps its two most distinctive features were its swing-wing s-foils and swivel-mounted laser cannons. These cannons were able to engage a wide arc in front of the fighter, meaning that the craft could maintain its forward momentum while engaging multiple angles of attack without having to change its heading.
This unique characteristic caught the attention of buyers who appreciated the ability of the fighter to quickly engage and destroy multiple oncoming opponents. The merits of a squadron of such craft able to provide mutually supportive fire in a head-to-head engagement were not lost upon military analysts who saw great potential in the design. The Republic adopted the craft in limited numbers, equipping several fighter formations with the design and KSE was more than happy to supply the fighters to the burgeoning Resistance under the leadership of Leia Organa. It was the Resistance which would first put the craft to use against First Order aggressors, validating the fighter's powerful forward firing capabilities.
First Order pilots quickly learned that even with their advanced TIE designs they did not want to get in front of a flight of R-wings. The ability of R-wing units to single out and concentrate their fire on individual targets in enemy formations meant that they could devastate multiple targets in a single pass, ensuring a higher kill ratio than either the T-70 or T-85 X-wings which were its chief competitors. The Resistance put this to great use in the opening days of its conflict with the First Order, using R-wings to clear a path for its strike forces to attack priority targets. With the addition of surviving forces from the shattered Republic military the Resistance received an influx of R-wing starfighters which it gladly put to use against the First Order as the conflict between the two built in intensity.
There, something for the Disney Canon for a change.

Something I saw in :iconcalamitysi:'s artwork and decided to give it a spin.

Star Wars Space Battle by calamitySi calamitySi turned around and made this a collaboration after I finished tinkering  Star Wars Cyclone Class R-Wing by calamitySi

Honestly this thing looks rather badass and the idea of it going toe-to-toe against First Order fighters is quite fun.
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Thanks, be sure to check out calamitySi and their artwork as well.
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I like the R-Wing. I can picture this being in Episode 8.
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That's why I liked the design honestly.

It looks like it fits into the universe.
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I bet it will be out competed by my sparrow droid
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No idea, is it as broken as your Z-95 bomber?
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I'll post it tomorrow
It makes sense that an astromech could handle point-defense/managing weaponry. We puny Terrans have much less intelligent computers that can handle Phalanx guns and SAMs, after all.
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Awesome work on this fighter!!!!!:)
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Glad you think so.
JoeBlue's avatar why is it called an R-Wing? 
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Because Star Fox references.

I can show you examples of other wing craft that do not make sense in the actual canon so I leave it alone.
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lol I bet you're on to something though.

...I don't know though. I don't like it...and I think it's because i don't like the U wing either. the "folding' wings seems to...real world, if you ask me
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I can see that, honestly I think the U-wing's folding wing thing was rather useless.
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that...and it's role...confuses me. I mean, it seems to be used as a Troop carrier...but also acts as a star fighter? least it seems to be the size and armored like one...and it seems to almost fail at both. Especially when compaired to the x-wings and seeing the success of the LAAT. (about the U wing)

and the R seems familiar in design...but I can't place it...besides Star Fox
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It's not comparable to the LAAT really.

For one it is far less heavily armed and has much longer legs making its role quite different.

It is also much smaller than the LAAT, it essentially is a squad transport versus a platoon transport which is what the LAAT is.

Unlike the U-wing though, the LAAT is not an effective anti-fighter platform. It is very vulnerable to other aerospace assets whereas the U-wing can actually engage starfighters.

Essentially they fill very different roles, the LAAT is a ship-to-surface assault transport whereas the U-wing is a long range assault craft.
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well, someone did. I think I'll go get the vid to prove it.

but you're very right in all regards. I guess it's because we mostly see the U-Wing in action at the very a role that seemed much more fitting for a LAAT, minus the fighters...and it just seemed to get taken out too easily.

kinda in a way why Kylo Ren doesn't really have the same weight as Vader did, for first introductions
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I know the video you're talking about and they didn't say the two craft were the same, just compared their characteristics.

Neither of them can really fill the role of the other. They're two very different designs.
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Well, the B-wing prototype now is apparently the Blade Wing...
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That was already a nickname for the B-wing. They just made it more of a thing.

Granted that ship is fucking stupid but hey.
Yeah, it seems like the B-wing is more expensive than a Y-wing and seems to have stringent maintenance requirements. I.e. Like a B-1 Lancer, it can pack quite a punch but it's not exactly easy on enlisted crews (apparently a B-1 needs 36 hours of maintenance or something like that just for one hour of flight time).
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Amazing work mate, thanks so so much for doing this. I've included some of the text in this new spec sheet that I've just created:
Star Wars Cyclone Class R-Wing by calamitySi
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Thanks a bunch.

You certainly did not waste any time producing this stat sheet either.

I'll include it in the description of the piece.

It was a pleasure working on this with you.
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