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Simply a humble writer.

I am available for hire to help you develop your own stories if you like. I specialize in world building but am more than capable in character construction and plot development.

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So I admit I am a bit embarrassed that I've never seen this fellow around before because apparently they've been on DeviantArt since way back in the day and I've only just now bumbled into their artwork. I've got to thank @JoeBlue for pointing me in their direction because oh my what a fun find this has been! Meet @Jonboy2312 and if you think this looks like it might be cute and mischievous then you're not too far off! They do a lot of DnD inspired artwork, and whether that art is inspired directly from at the table antics or simply their own imagination doesn't really matter because the results are precious, hilarious, and well worth a look! Not everything they do is DnD related of course, but my goodness am I here for the DnD! So if you're looking for an endearing art style with some truly emotive and silly characters then I say give them a look and follow along on whatever adventures they have in store for us!
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It's been age since I've done one of these. I guess I've just not had anything pop into my feed that really sings to me as some of my past features have done. However I did stumble across something that really caught my attention and I wanted to share the artwork of a truly stellar artist whose work really does pop off the screen with its vibrancy. Meet @heikala they've got an almost Ghibli style to their work and their use of motion and color to lend a sense of life to their art is truly a stellar example of living art. I've only recently bumbled across them but I am truly amazed at the quality of their work and the level of whimsy and wonder in it. This is just a minor sampling of the work they've got on display and it is truly wondrous to behold. I highly recommend going to check them out and following their work. For me it really picked me up with how vibrant and alive their work is alongside a splendid sense of motion and use of color that makes their
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This is going to be a strange one, and quite possibly will offend various groups of people, however it is not meant as a bad faith argument or even to offend anyone. Merely a thought that has come to me and that I wish to share. Now to be clear, I am not advocating for anything in the right here and now. Everything I am going to discuss involves future humanity at large and is not indicative of what I feel or believe currently. With that not at all suspicious disclaimer out of the way, onwards now to the subject at hand. Should we fix disability in humans? Before I go on with that loaded gun, let me define what I mean so we understand the terms being used here. In this case I am using disability to describe any situation wherein a individual human is not functioning as they would or should desire to be. So things like blindness, deafness, neurological issues, and any number of other things. This is a very broad and not universally accepted definition but for the sake of this
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