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SW: A Familiar Face
The hangar was filled with the smell of ozone, engine grease, paint and weapons gas as technicians scurried back and forth over the recently arrived starfighter squadrons. Yannick watched from his place by a series of supply crates as the techs examined his starfighter, resupplying its fuel tanks and checking for any damage incurred during the transfer. He was still getting used to the size of this new warship in all honesty. He was accustomed to the smaller Nebulon-Bs, Dreadnaughts, and bulk cruisers that the Alliance usually used, this new heavy cruiser was certainly a step up in the world. It helped that it had once been a luxury liner too. The pilot quarters were pretty nice. Nicer than his last ship at any rate.
“Hey there flyboy.”
Yannick blinked as something heavy tapped his shoulder. Turning he found a green-skinned Twi'lek perched atop the container smirking at him. Looking at her he frowned, trying to place her face but not registering anything more than a lingeri
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Mandalorian Uprising pt 6
The sound of Fenn's fist connecting yet again with Dengar's stomach caused Aira-ty's ears to twitch as she grimaced. Dengar had never had a pretty face—in fact it had been mangled for most of the time she'd known him—but now it was questionable if he even looked human anymore. Fenn had been going at him for the better part of three hours now and while Aira-ty could appreciate wanting to hurt the bounty hunter she was starting to worry that this was going too far. Fenn seemed to agree as he turned from Dengar, flexing his raw knuckles gingerly which Aira-ty noted were cracked and bleeding as he glared at her.
“Satisfied?” she asked.
Fenn scowled. “He killed two of my men.”
“And the Empire has killed how many more?” she asked dubiously. “He's a bounty hunter Fenn, this wasn't personal.”
“Don't stand up for him.” the Mand'alor replied darkly. “I'm on edge as it is.”
Aira-ty didn't say anything more as she
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 13
The Elf and the Dragon: A Moment's Weakness
Hymeria gawked at the face of her master as he stood in the center of the temple amongst the white columns that formed the font from which the power for all of this had been drawn. Her now gifted eyes gazed at him in confusion as she watched the power from the font seemed to flow into him, causing him to glow with an inner brilliance in her eyes. What was going on? She didn't understand.
“Careful little mageling.” Ensfirum rumbled in her mind. “He is not as he was in your memories.”
Hymeria swallowed, wondering just how the dragon knew what her master had been like. She recalled the kind words and the warm voice as she had growing up as a child. It had broken her heart when he'd been killed in the rockslide and yet here he now stood below her with that same welcoming smile he'd always worn.
“Come here child.” he beckoned, motioning to her. “Don't be afraid.”
“Do not heed him mageling.” Ensfirum cautioned her. “It is a tr
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 14 3
JWAU: Eugenesis pt 1
The tropical sun shown down on the verdant green tree tops as the helicopter raced low across the canopy, buffeting the sea of green in rippling waves of air current. Inside the sealed cabin a woman dressed in fashionable business attire gazed idly out at the passing treetops, her expression one of utmost boredom.
“We'll be arriving at the research facility shortly.” the pilot called from the cockpit.
The woman didn't say anything to acknowledge his words and as he turned his attention back to flight Reed had to scowl in irritation. He had no idea who this bitch was but she'd been nothing but condescending since he'd picked her up. The sooner he dumped her off at the facility the better. He didn't need this bullshit.
Tinian Kallus stood on the helipad as he checked his watch. The pilot was behind schedule. Doctor Wu wasn't going to like this and the last thing he wanted to hear right now was the Doctor's complaints. He had other—better—things to do as chief of s
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 5
I am Become Wickedness
I gazed down at the town below me as it rested in its quietude nestled beneath the shattered crags of the mountain. It had been my home once, a place I could return to and call my own. That had been before they'd discovered my secrets, before they'd labeled me a monster and driven me out. Now here I stood, denied my home and its comforts all because some fools thought my ways evil. They wished to deem me evil, I would show them true wickedness.
Raising my hooked spear I swirled it over my head, gathering the energies to me. The air crackled around me in palpable waves of fluctuating pressure as I prepared to call down fire upon the place that had wronged me. I felt the wind change with the beat of wings as I leveled my spear at the town that I had once called home. The air whipped about me powerfully and the agent of my vengeance soared down on a hurricane of scaled fury as the first roar of its impending rage.
A smile crossed my features, a smile befitting such wickedness as this as t
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 12 6
A Nighttime Visitor
The dry plains winds rustled the brittle grasses as Harald rode atop his horse gazing over the rolling hills of the terrain. He had hoped to reach the Holy City this day but despite having the Heavenly Mount to the north throughout the day he seemed to find himself no closer to achieving that aspiration. Now looking downwards at the ruins sitting amongst the coarse brush he let out a sigh of defeat. There would be no making the Holy City, not with the sun dipping towards the horizon and he'd much rather have some protection from the elements than none.
He urged his steed down the shallow slope and into the depression within which the stone blocks rested. Dismounting he secured his reins to a stone to ensure his horse could not leave him stranded here and began examining the stones he found himself within. Age had weathered them and there was little left of whatever structure had once stood here. He could barely discern of what origin they might be though truth be told he was no scholar
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Kaira: LotR 18 (even heroes fall)
The sun had climbed upwards into the sky over Dale, shining off of the slopes of Erebor. All around the walls of the city battle raged as the chariots and horsemen of the Easterling army raced about in their continued attempts to outflank the Dwarven army or find a weakness in the city of Dale's defenses. However the dwarf host remained steadfast in their defense beneath the shadow of the city's walls wherefrom the men of Dale rained arrow shot and and crossbow bolt down upon their assailants. At the sun's zenith the dwarfs held the lands to the north and west of the city's walls while the Easterlins held the east and south as they attempted to encircle and outflank their foe.
It was at the clashing of the two armies that Kahan was to be found. His dwarf made armor and shield had served him well to a point, however now hours into the ongoing battle the damage was beginning to show as the once pristine metal bore the marring of continuous fighting throughout the day. Kahan himself too w
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 11 12
SWtOR: Knights Revenant pt. 1
The transport descended through Corellia's atmosphere as it followed the flight path towards Coronet. Aboard it in the first class cabin Kesarah Dilligas sat back and enjoyed the last leg of her journey home. The young coral-pink Twi'lek Jedi smiled at that thought, home, it was something she truly appreciated about her situation. She hadn't had a place she truly felt at home in in ages. Even her childhood back at Ryloth had always felt confined by the expectations of others. She'd had to behave a certain way, do certain things and none of it was an expression of herself.
Here, on Corellia of all places, she felt far more at home than she had almost anywhere else. Able to express herself as she desired more than anywhere else and as the transport landed at the spaceport and she climbed into an aircab for her apartment she couldn't help the excitement building inside of her. She'd arrived back just in time for the one year anniversary for herself and her boyfriend Ka. They'd met just ov
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 12 8
A Christmas Course
The dashboard screen buzzed with a bright red light and Mister Claus leaned forwards to turn it on. The round smiling rosy features of Missus Claus looked up at him from the screen.
“How are you doing dear?”
“Splendid!” Mister Claus declared jovially as his sleigh raced across the sky. “I've finished the British Isles and Western Eurupe, I'm heading to Scandinavia next!”
“Be careful,” Missus Claus said worriedly. “You know what they're like up there.”
“Hohoho,” Mister Claus chuckled cheerily. “Oh I know, have no fear dearest. I brought all the usual countermeasures.”
A loud roar reached his ears then, echoing across the snowy mountains as Mister Claus' smile lessened in a sigh.
“Forgive me my dear, but one of the beasts is on its way. I'll call you when the business is finished.”
“Take care, don't hurt the poor brute.” Missus Claus entreated.
“I shall not, I assure you.
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 10
OC Winter Mash 2018
Kesarah and Ka, Winter Warmth
Snow was falling on Coronet. It didn't happen often, but for a few weeks out of the year temperatures dipped and the clouds released a flurry of white flakes that covered the city in a film of snow. Kesarah hated it. It was too cold for her tastes and if she had her way she'd just remain inside bundled up and out of the snow. Those were her thoughts as the aircab she'd taken landed at her apartment complex and she stepped out into the cold. Gathering her things, she steeled herself against the chill and prepared to walk through the snow to her door.
That was when her mind filled with a familiar and welcome warmth and she felt an arm close around her waist as her baggage was taken from her hand.
“Welcome home.” Ka murmured against her ear cone.
“What are you doing here?” Kesarah asked her husband as she leaned into him. “You're supposed to be on a mission.”
“I finished ahead of schedule.” he replied as he pull
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 18 47
SW Reclaim Avalon: Nighttime Concerns
Orchid shot up in her bed her blue skin covered in sweat as she looked around the empty cabin desperately. Her eyes were wide and searching as she groped around for her mother in the bed but found herself alone. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tucked her knees up against her chin and ducked her head miserably.
“Mommy....” she whimpered as her tears began to fall down her cheeks.
A wet coarse sponge began to lick her hand then, followed by an inquisitive chirp as Orchid looked up to look in the gloom at the little creature licking at her hand.
“Jelico,” she murmured tearfully as she scooped the marmar up in her arms and held it close. “I want my mom.”
The furry little creature let out a low rumbling purr as it nudged its lozenge shaped head against Orchid affectionately. She cuddled the little marmar closely, grateful for its presence as she sniffled emotionally.
“Let's go find mom.”
Standing up, Orchid hurriedly got
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 12 5
SWtOR: Knights Crucible Epilogue
Ka woke with a groan as he blinked through the heavy fugue sitting around his head. He felt as if he'd been drugged as he tried to comprehend his surroundings. He was lying in bed, a rather lush and comfortable bed at that, with silk sheets no less. He took a breath and immediately started coughing violently as his body objected to the deep inhalation, his chest aching powerfully.
As if summoned by his fit of coughing, the doors to the ornate bedroom flew open and Kesarah came rushing into the room.
“KA!” was all she said before she was in the bed kissing him fiercely as she straddled him and held his face in his hands.
Kesa, his mind urged her. I can't breathe.
She immediately released him, looking at him possessively.
“After this last week I think I have a right to smother you!” she declared haughtily.
“A week?” Ka asked blearily as he leaned back in the bed. “What's happened?”
“I'm afraid,” the Empress' voice said serenely
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 9
Mature content
SWtOR: Knights Crucible pt. 5 :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 8 8
Drakes' Lights
Starting slightly, Angela waved her hand urgently over her shoulder at her colleague as they approached. She didn't turn to see if they stopped or not, keeping her eyes fixed on the two diminutive white and gold drakes sitting in front of her as they lapped at the icy water. Raising her camera slowly, she snapped a few quick photos in rapid succession. One of the drakes raised its head and hissed at her warningly then while the other continued drinking.
Angela remained completely still, looking through her camera lens at the annoyed creature as it bared its rows of little teeth at her in warning. After a moment more passed of its threat display it returned to its drink with its companion before both finished and spread their wings. With surprising unity, the pair crouched and sprang up into the air, their light frames carrying them upwards and away from Angela's view as she raised her lens and snapped a few quick shots of them in flight before they were too far aw
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 12 11
Cries of the Fallen City
A shrill cry split the noon-day air as Tamir paused, glancing out over the rubble strewn landscape. He listened for a moment before he heard it again, a long high pitched wail that sent a shiver through his body. The sun was still up and it wasn't overcast, why was he hearing their calls now? Swallowing as he tried to suppress his fear he turned to his dog.
“Urd, home.”
The resting dog—a large four-legged beast of a robot—rose to its feet as its motors whirred to life and it began making its way across the broken landscape. In the distance, Tamir again heard the long shrill call and hoped that he hadn't been seen. They never strayed outside of the skyscapers during the day, there wasn't enough cover for them in the ruined landscapes surrounding the city. That one of them was calling however at this time of day frightened him and he wanted to get back home to safety before he found out why they were calling.
The steady tramping of Urd's feet as the robot made its
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 16 15
SWtOR: Knights Crucible pt. 4
Kesarah frowned, shifting on the bed as the femine voice called her name. It was oddly familiar, but distantly so as her mind rested in the heavy fugue of slumber that had followed after she and Ka's passion.
“Kesa, wake up.”
Opening her eyes, Kesarah looked over at Ka sleeping besides her. It wasn't his voice calling to her though, it was a an entirely different voice calling to her foggy mind but one that she couldn't quite place. As her eyes focused in the shadows of the bedroom she realized that someone was sitting on the side of the bed next to Ka's sleeping form, a Twi'lek.
“Fern?” Kesarah asked sleepily, wondering what her friend was doing here.
The Twi'lek laughed and the sound of the laugh, that laugh, made Kesarah jump as she sat bolt upright and gawked at the woman sitting next to Ka.
“Sh-Shae?” she asked in tremulous disbelief.
The Twi'lek smiled at her with an ominous sweetness that belied the stillness of her lekku a
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 6

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There is something at once epic and ominous about this piece. The blackened and fiery landscape is lit by a pale moon while the looming...

The artist has chosen to do something rather fun with this, take what is generally a hero ship and one recognized as the 'good guys' an...

I really like the feel of this. It takes something that we might expect to see in a World War II film reel or photograph and applies it...

This is quite an epic piece. We don't often get to see captures of action sequences in freeze frame like this. Usually we see a capture...

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Growing up I watched a lot of different movies that my parents had enjoyed when they were younger and since my parents were a bit older than some my age (father and mother born in 49 and 55 respectfully with me being born in 87) it meant that I got some very odd movies that I might never have seen otherwise.

One of my favorites that my parents shared with me was titled The Great Race and involved a car race from New York City to Paris.

Great Race by SlingBlade87

The story centered on two aspects, the rivalry between Professor Fate and The Great Leslie as well as the ongoing conflict between Leslie and Maggie Dubois (amusingly played by the older sister of one of my favorite Bond girls) a suffragette hellbent on proving that women are every bit as good as men if not more so and the interactions between these  three characters provide the backdrop to a series of zany adventures that go from the weird to the outright ridiculous.

If you want to watch it there are full versions of it available on YouTube to watch and you can even rent it as well if you feel like it. I would recommend the movie because it represents a period in cinema when humor was allowed to be both clever and silly without resorting to outright stupidity alongside some of the most outrageous characters ever to prance across a screen.

With all that out of the way, I always assumed that The Great Race was just some silly story concocted for cinema as Hollywood is wont to do. Recently however I discovered that this is not the case, there was in fact a great race in real life and it followed the same route as the film though without the silly shenanigans.

At the turn of the 20th century the automobile was brand new and no one was quite sure what they were capable of and so long distance races were sometimes held to show off the ability of the cars and their advantages over horses.

In 1907 a race was held from Peking in China (modern day Beijing) to Paris and this race spurred on some adventurous (or perhaps crazed) fellows to propose an even more ambitious race: New York City to Paris.

Now if you're like me you'd think that there was a large body of water, namely the Atlantic, between New York City and Paris and you'd be right. However the race wasn't going East. Instead it was to go West across the United States via car, over the Bering Strait via boat and then onwards via car across Russia into Europe to eventually arrive in Paris.

The race was held at the start of 1908 and it was successfully concluded by the end of the year with the various teams either completing or dropping out of the race along the way.

It's really quite a fascinating story and something that I am oh so pleased to discover after having grown up watching The Great Race though sadly neither The Great Leslie or Professor Fate competed in the actual race.

1908 New York to Paris Race

I've been waiting for a few weeks now to do this one and finally the time has come!

Now :iconj-witless: gets a little feature here after catching my attention some time ago!

They've got quite a fun style, it's very emotive and makes good use of oftentimes vibrant colors to help carry and convey the emotional impact of their work through. All in all it's quite a charming style and something that I hope at some point I'll have the chance to commission their skillset.

Take a look before we get to the whole reason I was waiting to do this feature.

Midnight Waltz by j-witless
Protector by j-witless  You're the sea in which I'm floating by j-witless  Forest princes by j-witless  Devil from the Paradise by j-witless  Music box by j-witless  Witch by j-witless  Light by j-witless  Closer by j-witless  It's getting hot by j-witless  Place that I call home by j-witless  Farewell by j-witless  The King of Ice and Fire by j-witless

Now that you've gotten a feel for their material, let me show you one of the most fascinating comics I've been exposed to here on DA recently.

The Monster - Part 1 by j-witless The Monster - Part 2 by j-witlessThe Monster - Part 3 by j-witless The Monster - Part 4 by j-witless The Monster - Part 5 by j-witless

Seriously that's just beautiful and while I had planned on doing this artist feature some time ago when this comic started up I figured I would wait for its completion so that I could share it with everyone as well.
You go to sleep after posting a dream journal and what happens?

You have another dream!

What fun!

We all Live on a Giant Submarine

I really don't know what caused this one but as that little title of sorts might imply it involved a submarine.

Not just any submarine, this was some sort of transocean liner/transport that was going on a trip with a bunch of passengers etc. I was amongst those passengers and it was quite an interesting lot to be with. Quite a few nationalities and ethnicities were represented and it was all quite smooth sailing.

Honestly it was kinda fun being aboard the submarine as it reminded me of being aboard a submarine (imagine that) again which I quite liked.

However it wasn't all smooth sailing.

Somewhere along the journey, a war was declared between a few different nations and our submarine heard about it.

What followed was essentially a war in microcosm as one group of people from one of the countries decided to kill everyone from the nations that they were at war with (which included me) and they did a mighty fine job of it though they left those from countries they were not at war with alone.

Somehow I survived the mass murder and essentially adopted the persona of a deaf mute, since I couldn't speak the languages of the other people aboard the submarine I passed myself off as someone who could neither hear nor speak so that my national origins would not be discovered.

This ended up working oddly and the new crew of the submarine from the one nation more or less left me alone, assuming that my lack of speech and seeming lack of reaction to everything around me was just normal. This in turn made me something of a treat for them and they began using me as an aide of sorts, specifically as a waiter or porter I suppose.

This in turn allowed me to listen to their conversations because while I couldn't speak their language I understood it and began keeping notes on what they were saying and doing.

There came a point in the dream when we seemed to be nearing the end of our voyage as their conversations over the radio with their homeland became very excited. It sounded like they were winning whatever war they were fighting.

That was when something seemed to go wrong as the radio warned them that there was a famous actor aboard the submarine who was known for ability to adopt the mannerisms of diverse groups of people almost perfectly.

Apparently this person was me, and I don't know what ultimately happened because it was at that point that I woke up while I was standing outside the radio room waiting silently for the man who was receiving this radio transmission.

Whether I was waiting upon him or waiting to kill him I do not know I admit, but it was certainly interesting.

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