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SWtCW: Gatherers pt. 1
Star Wars
The Clone Wars: Gatherers
With her forces decimated in battle, Jedi Master Guo-Jia has been assigned to take part in the Gathering, supervising a group of Jedi Initiates as they obtain their kyber crystals for their eventual lightsabers. In the midst of this ritual she is faced with the reality of having a new apprentice in the young Rattataki boy Dio Vane in the wake of losing her first Padawan in the opening months of the war. Faced with the duties of the Gathering and her own tasks as the master of a new Padawan, Guo-Jia must confront her own misgivings and uncertainties while providing an example to the Jedi Initiates entrusted to her care. All the while, the specter of the ongoing war threatening to consume the galaxy looms large in her mind....
Hyperspace, aboard the Jedi Praxeum cruiser Crucible
“Master Guo-Jia, questions you have?”
“I wanted to ask after Master Kahan.” Guo-Jia said to the holographic image of the Jedi Order's Grand Master.
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 7 5
SW: Welcome Home
The night was a cool one within the capital city of Da'hren as Yana finished ensuring her little charges were all asleep. She had four children in her foster home at the moment, a Bith, two Humans, and a Cathar, all of them younger than ten years. There had been a Bothan until a week ago but the little girl had been adopted among many tears from her friends here at the foster home. Yana was just happy that the little girl now had a home and a family all her own. It had been surprising to see Bothan merchants this far away from their homespace but everything had checked out with their papers and she'd been all too happy to see the little girl go with her her new parents.
Smiling fondly as her lekku rippled at the thought of the little girl traveling with her new family, she jumped in surprise at a knock on the front door. Frowning, she made her way from the kitchen and dining room to the front door, wiping her hands on her apron as she checked the camera screen. She was greeted by an un
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 8 25
Lonagh-Wha by SlingBlade87 Lonagh-Wha :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 7 0 Slaanne System by SlingBlade87 Slaanne System :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 3
The Guardian
The winds blew across the grassland valley, rippling the grasses and perturbing the reflective surface of the lake as ripples passed across the water, rocking the swans sitting upon it. Cranes and herons strode through the shallows as a lone man rested by its shores, a small hut and an encampment of goats and horses the only signs that anyone knew of this seemingly tranquil local. The man sat on a broad stool with a long three stringed instrument grasped in his hand and the bow in the other. Drawing the bow across the strings he let a low humming tune escape his lips that vibrated the air and echoed hauntingly across the crystal waters before him.
It was into this scene of tranquility that the clash of horns and drums came, startling the herd of goats first as they bleated in agitation at the sudden cacophony. The man paused in his music, turning his head to see the multicolored banners of an army marching over the rise and into the valley. A halt was called at the head of the column a
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 11 9
SWtOR: Knights Fracture Epilogue
The chalk white Twi'lek walked down the hall away from the Regent's audience chamber, seemingly at leisure as she strode through the station. Ka followed in her wake, watching the older woman suspiciously as he tried to gauge her motives. His mind continued to touch hers gently, nothing that she would notice, but enough for him to have a warning if she intended to do something harmful. So far though her mind remained serene with no indication that she meant him anything other than well.
Given everything that was going on with Kesarah he was on edge but at this point, barring charging into the audience chamber and putting his saber against the Regent's throat he was ready to try anything to resolve the situation. That he understood that was part of what had him on edge. He had the increasingly uneasy feeling that this woman understood his desperation to get Kesarah out of her predicament and might want to exploit that.
“Here we are.” she said suddenly, pausing at a doorway t
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 6 5
SWtOR: Knights Fracture pt. 9
The market centered around the station's space elevator was suddenly very much alive, the tension palpable as Aaylla left the communications console. She didn't even need to be a Jedi really to sense the ill ease in the air as people crowded around the viewports that looked out onto the space beyond the planet. Beings of all sorts, even the vendors, were gazing out at a series of twinkling lights. Aaylla felt her chest clench as she focused on those lights. She recognized them, she'd only been the front lines for a few months before the peace had come, but she'd learned to recognize the sight of ships transitioning to realspace.
“What's going on?” Tre asked as she joined her from wherever he had gone to try and find them food.
“Ships are jumping in.” Aaylla said dubiously. “A lot of ships.”
Tre looked out at the viewports, his eyes scanning the space beyond the planet.
“Any idea who they are?”
Aaylla shook her head, her lekku tossing back
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 7 0
SW Reclaim Avalon: Falling into Place
Tish walked into the hangar of the Alderaan's Tear, her flightsuit at the ready as she held her helmet beneath her arm. The sights and sounds of the hangar were all too familiar to her after her years of Imperial and now Rebel service. Her eyes scanning the hangar, she spied the object of her intent. The two new assault fighters sat by themselves, Hakiim and the Mandalorian were both going over the two starfighters along with other maintenance team members. Tish did a quick check of her flightsuit, ensuring that she had the telemetry tracker ready. She'd implant it into the new fighter once she had the cockpit sealed and record the flight information.
During her next message to Inquisitor Galgriev she'd send the information on the new fighter's in flight characteristics. With any luck that would provide Imperial forces with an edge against the Rebellion's new toy. Hopefully it was an edge they wouldn't use against Goldsaber. Crossing the hangar, she joined the Mandalorian who smiled at
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 3
Mature content
SWtOR: Knights Fracture pt. 8 :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 6 12
SWtCW: Standfast pt. 4
Mid Rim, Republic Relay Outpost
The sound of shouting and muffled blasterfire drew Choyel to wakefulness as she groaned and looked around her. She was lying on the floor in a small room with several clones arrayed around her, all of them looked injured. Her eyes fell upon the doorway where another trooper stood guard silently and beyond she could make out the sounds of combat. The whine and hiss of blasters accompanied by the occasional concussive crump of explosives were evident and almost constant. Propping herself up, Choyel let out a yelp of pain and looked down at her leg.
It was in a splint. She swallowed, wincing against the pain as she lifted herself to a sitting position once more and called out to the door guard.
The clone turned to her, his expression hidden behind his helmet.
“General, you're awake.”
“I am.” Choyel confirmed. “Where's Commander Iago?”
“I'll com him ma'am.” the trooper said.
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 10
Ranger-class star destroyer
Ranger-class Star Destroyer
Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Model: Ranger-class
Class: star destroyer
Length: 1000m
Max Acceleration: 3700G
Engines: 3xprimary, 2xsecondary, 4xtertiary
Hyperdrive/Backup: 1/15
Shields: equipped
Navigation: equipped
Armament: twin-medium turbolaser cannons(60), quad-heavy turbolaser cannons(12), twin-heavy turbolaser cannons(8), twin-heavy laser cannons(48), tractor beam projectors(8)
Complement: starfighters/interceptors/bombers(300), gunships(30), various shuttles/transports, military walkers/vehicles(18), prefabricated garrison base(1)
Crew: 6,800
Passengers: 2,000
Cargo: 18,000 tons
Consumables: 3 years
Roles: destroyer, command/communications ship, carrier, assault ship
Eras: Clone Wars, Rise of the Empire
Affiliation: Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, various
The Ranger-class star destroyer was the result of an initiative by Kuat Drive Yards to try and redesign the successful Venator-class late in the Clone Wars, gearing the design more towards shi
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 17 4
Mature content
Kaira: Armor Amor :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 15 11
Longship Leviathan
The ice sheet extended well below the surface, stretching down in a slope that plummeted downwards towards the ocean floor. We didn't yet fully understand how the ice remained intact within the water, that is we weren't sure if it was the relative temperature or the chemical composition of the ice itself which kept it from melting as we'd expect on more earthly environments. But that was part of the excitement of exploring new worlds, finding strange and unusual natural phenomena that had yet to be fully explained or understood. At least, for me that was the case. I couldn't speak for everyone that went on these interstellar exploratory missions.
As we floated within our submersible and watched the schools of fish move about the icy slope I couldn't help but admire the apparent serenity of the it all. There was something altogether enchanting and truly magnificent about the watery world we found ourselves in as the light from the planet's sun filtered down through the water's surface.
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 7
Kaira: LotR 16
“I bid you welcome to the Woodland Realm cousin.” King Thranduil said graciously as he gazed at her with a distinctly elvish air of indifference that Aira-ty knew all too well. “Though I admit to some perplexity over your stated purpose.”
“The Easterlings intend to attack the men of Dale,” Aira-ty stated. “The dwarves of Erebor march to their aid and the Kingdom of Dale calls for the aid of the Woodland Realm.”
The Woodland King blinked in apparent surprise at this statement.
“I had no idea that things had grown so dire. Have men truly not settled their squabbles?”
“There is a new warlord to the east.” Aira-ty explained urgently. “He has rallied the Easterlings to his cause and they march on Dale as we speak. The might of the Woodland Realm is needed.”
The King considered Aira-ty in maddening silence for a time as the rustles of the court went on about them in hushed glances exchanged between elven cour
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 12
Gaia's Gown by SlingBlade87 Gaia's Gown :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 11 4
Mature content
Imperial AU/UA: Unbridled Passion :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 21

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by Nieris

Full disclaimer: I am incredibly torn on this piece and how I feel about it. On the one hand I absolutely love the central figure, the ...

by Hovel

The piece is both visually striking and haunting. It conveys a very strong message as to what has transpired and what may yet transpire...

This is a quite a lovely piece and the artist has done a wonderful job of portraying the coyness and charm of the character. The modeli...

There is a vibrancy to the piece that really makes it stand out and truly seems to bring to life the creatures that are now long gone r...

What's your favorite Star Wars era? 

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13 deviants said Beans, bacon, whiskey and lard!
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5 deviants said Rise of the Empire
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Three dreams this time and oh boy some very odd ones.

The Old Flame

This one was weird, it involved a swimming pool and all my old friends from high school and college and also my old flame and my first love (seriously I'd have married the girl if she'd let me). For some reason we were talking and saying how we didn't belong in one another's lives etc etc.

Then the dream ended with the pair of us making out in the shallows as one of our friends (who is one of my oldest and dearest and actually on DA) remarked on how exasperating we were.

You Write Tonight

This one was really creepy and unnerving and I might actually write a first person piece describing the experience which was more like a nightmare than a dream.

Demia  The Agent by SlingBlade87 was in this one and starred in the show as she sang and danced and the song she was going on with as she moved around the room while I was tied in a rolling chair was interesting.

We have sent you a letter
To come back home to play
But to your dismay
This isn't your day
For the happy fun time has begun to fade
Watch as we reanimate our corpses you abandoned
We're dismantled, we're mishandled
But we won't be skipped and swayed

Trapped within these walls
You left our souls to decay
The link decays
The walls at bay
But the reckoning has come today
You say
Kesa plays no part 'cause you replaced her in your shattered broken heart
You've been tortured
But we move forward
This disorder kills your day

We are alive
You're the creator
You traitor

There's no vaccine
To cure your dirty needs
For now you must
Build up our plotline
You write tonight

The song is this one: 

And yes I am well aware that the lyrics aren't right.

That's what made the dream kinda terrifying was that the lyrics actually changed to suit my own issues. And to make matters worse all the characters I work with were hanging around the room on puppet strings, only moving when Demia seemed to need them to fulfill a part of the chorus and at one point she spun me around and shoved me into the midst of the characters who tore me to pieces.

Suffice to say, I'm fairly certain that was more nightmare than dream.

False Cop

This one was just random, I was back in Los Angeles and somehow my father had become a city official and had access to a patrol car which I was using. As I was driving around in this cop car I got caught up in a mess with some real cops and a car chase and eventual shootout ensued that ended with me gaining a 'partner' for the night who after laughing about my predicament of not being a real cop and yet still being dragged along said that I was welcome to ride with him anytime.

It was a very silly dream all things considered but after the other two I enjoyed the nonsense I admit.
So this apparently happened and is happening:

And honestly it looks rather cool, seems they've updated some of the character models a little to make them more in line with Episode III. Rather curious to see which storylines they explore and/or tie up with this.

As for my personal opinion?

There are a few things I'd love to see (like Imperator and Victory class star destroyers) but I don't expect to get any satisfaction in that regard out of this. I expect this will just be a fun return to something so many people loved and once again raise the question of why Disney bothered cancelling something that was ongoing and loved.

Now if we get down to the politics behind this?

Honestly this is one of two things, either it is an act of desperation after the disaster that was TLJ and the poor performance of Solo in an attempt to draw a lot of angry fans back to the franchise and show that Disney can listen to them. Or this might be Dave Filoni's reward for being a good boy and seeing Rebels through to completion.

Either is possible but ultimately I think what matters most is that this is coming back which I know will delight many people.

Almost makes me want to cancel The Clone Wars Project, I've been kinda waffling on that since seeing this trailer but I think the project is different enough that I really shouldn't fret too much about it.

Kinda ironic though that I resume The Clone Wars Project and Disney announces the resumption of The Clone Wars.
So just passed my eight year anniversary on DeviantArt on the 1st of July (thank heavens I didn't sign up 1 April) and I thought I'd share what is perhaps my favorite part of being on DeviantArt.

Now firstly, I think it is important for me to be honest, DA started as a side thing. It wasn't meant to be my main creative site because at the time I was still heavily involved with and the stories I was writing there. However after finishing the big stories I was working on there I found more and more that I enjoyed the audience I was cultivating on DA and gravitated more and more to this community that all of you have helped me construct.

DA allowed me to do something that ff didn't, I could create original works. Sure, much of my work is derivative and some of it is obviously fanfiction but DA allowed me to tinker with more original ideas and characters than I could have likely gotten away with on ff and provided me the potential of an audience I could actively engage with. Something that ff doesn't really afford the luxury of and its that ability to cultivate an audience and a relationship with said audience that has really cemented my presence on DA versus the other creative sites I have made use of.

However none of that is what I love most about DeviantArt.

What I enjoy most, what makes me really happy to be on DeviantArt as a writer despite the fact that this site is awful for writers and you really have to strive to maintain a presence and cultivate an audience as a writer here is that it allows me to collaborate with artists on creative projects in a way that no other site does.

Because of DA I've had the privilege of working with artists like rayn44, MidoriNoHonoo, Wazaga, AlucardsSpirit, Crimsonight, 0biwanken0bie, and many more through my Inspired Deviances especially.

The stories, characters, and worlds that I've had the privilege to create and explore with all these amazing and talented artists have all been a treat and with a little luck and some dedication I plan on sticking it out another eight years and more.

I hope that everyone continues to enjoy my material and whatever fresh mischief I can get myself up to.

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Fun fact of the day: humanity is slowly losing its pinky, studies have shown that the gene for the pinky is slowly receding and may eventually become entirely dormant meaning that humanity is slowly evolving to a four-fingered (or three fingers and one thumb) hand.
So I had a few fun, odd, and/or terrifying dreams to share this weekend in a dream journal.

Suffice to say, Demia, stay the fuck out of my head or I will write you a grisly death scene!
Updated my Daedra profile with some awesome artwork from Charleian and I get asked the question I should have seen coming:

Can they have sex with other species?

Thank you internet, I'm sorry I forgot your rulez.

And the answer, for those curious types, is yes. However because of their unique reproductive cycle the Daedra cannot breed with other species.
I don't know what this is
Market Chase by Nightrizer
but it looks adorable.

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