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Shadow's Lover :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 7
Mandalorian Uprising pt 3
“This is insane.” Hanabi murmured, as if whispering would somehow help their situation.
Besides her her husband Sly—the former clone trooper—chuckled as he smiled at her.
“Come on, we've done worse.” he remarked.
“We had an army behind us those times.” Hanabi retorted, frowning worriedly. “And we didn't have kids waiting for us at home.”
“They're not so little anymore.” Sly replied with a smirk. “Riyo keeps talking about wanting to join the Alliance like Jaeriel did.”
Hanabi winced. “Now I know how Aira-ty felt.”
Sly grinned, reaching over and putting a hand on Hanabi's armored thigh gently.
“Don't worry, we'll sort it out.”
Hanabi nodded, looking out the viewport at the orbital station they were approaching. MandalMotors had once been a pride of Mandalore, an independent and galaxy renowned shipwright that built some of the toughest and most heavily armed ships in the galaxy. Th
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 12 20
The Elf and the Dragon: Dragon's Blood
“Wake up little mageling.”
Hymeria's eyes opened immediately at the sound of Ensfirum's voice in her mind. The dragon was standing in the doorway, gazing out into the darkness. Except it wasn't dark. It should have been, it was still night as far as Hymeria could tell but the doorway was suffused with an odd white light that cast the ruddy scales of the dragon in silhouette.
What was going on?
“Our necromancer has shown themselves.” Ensfirum rumbled. “Do you wish to see the triumph of your ancestors at work?”
Gathering herself, Hymeria shook Galaden awake. Her friend blinking blearily and then seeming to realize that something was amiss.
“What is it?” he asked urgently as he gathered his things.
Hymeria shook her head, putting a finger over her lips to indicate that he should stay quiet. Galaden swallowed, nodding and turning to look at the dragon standing in the doorway.
“It appears the font is in the center of the city.” Ens
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 8 5
Running with the Wolves
The cold wind blew across the barren landscape as Caius moved across the expanse. Within his armored suit he couldn't feel the chill but the HUD on the screen in front of his face told him the temperature and he was glad for the power suit's insulation. How his companions dealt with it he'd never know, though he imagined that the fur helped. The five wolves ranged around him in silence, occasionally stopping to sniff the air and change direction. Caius followed their movements, relying on their senses to find their way across the wastes. Even in the aftermath of the desolation visited upon the world by humans the senses of an animal were still as reliable as ever.
Casting his electronically augmented gaze across the horizon he scanned for the sign of whatever it was his canine companions were tracking. There still wasn't anything to be seen across the frozen ground but he trusted their noses. The furthest out of the wolves stopped suddenly, lowering itself to the ground as it gazed for
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 9 11
Dragon in the Woods
The wind rustled in the leaves as Yasmin walked through the woods, the branches of bushes brushing against her pants and the palms of her hands as she listened to the calling of birds amidst the trees. She knew she'd have to head back soon, the sun was starting to dip low over the treetops but she didn't want to go just yet, summer vacation was almost over and soon she'd have to go back to school. With that in mind, every second she could spend free was precious and she refused to give in just because the sun was setting. Her mom wouldn't worry too much, it wasn't like she didn't stay out late during the summer break.
She was doing her best to pretend that summer wasn't coming to a close and that she'd have to go back to school. She hated the bus ride into the city and having to deal with all the other kids and her teachers. They all thought she was weird because she liked to read or climb trees and she didn't think that this year would be any different. Why would it be? It'd be the sa
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 15 10
Schism AU: A Matter of Change
The cityscape of Coruscant seemed oddly normal considering the tumultuous events that had recently transpired within the Senate District. Aira-ty didn't like it, every nerve was on edge as she piloted the Sleek Blade towards the landing pad of the Jedi Temple.
“Do you sense anything?” she asked her passenger.
“A lot of ill ease.” Jedi Master and General Kahan replied calmly from his place besides her. “Nothing malicious. Just a lot of uncertainty.”
“I don't like this.” Aira-ty growled, looking over at him. “What if this is a trap?”
“Unless there is a supremely powerful Force user down there that can conceal their intentions that completely, this is not a trap.” Kahan said. “You don't have to come with me Aira-ty.”
Aira-ty's golden eyes flashed as she looked at him angrily.
“The Supreme Chancellor just got deposed and possibly killed by the Jedi and on the heels of that event you get recalled to th
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 15
The Secret Place
The sunlight glittered downwards through the rocky canyon and the trees lining its top in golden green shafts as Shaftii rode through the shafts of light. She always enjoyed coming this way, especially when she wanted to be alone. No one else knew about this canyon path that led to her secret spot, at least no one she knew about. It was her refuge, her escape from the nonsense of the city and the pressures of her noble life. She leaned down to duck under a tree jutting out across the path, pressing herself against the thick fur of her yak, feeling the soft woolly hairs against her face.
It hadn't been easy, since mother died. Her father had retreated from public life and her brother had taken on more and more responsibilities. It had made him demanding and distant, leaving Shaftii feeling alone and with little escape save for these rides. Oddly, it was her father that had instilled in her a sense of love for riding and husbandry rather than her mother who had feared the animals in the
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 11
The Bush Dragon
“I got it!” Dylan called as he tried to intercept the big yellow ball sailing through the air towards him.
He gave a valiant effort but he was unable to prevent it soaring over his upstretched hands and bounced off into the brush beyond the playground.
“Way to go dummy!” one of the other kids chided him. “Now we've lost the ball!”
“It can't go too far.” Dylan asserted as he walked towards the thicket. “I can get it.”
“Hey!” another kid called urgently as Dylan ducked down and began to crawl under the bushes. “Don't go in there stupid! It's not allowed!”
“It's fine!” Dylan called as he crawled forwards between the branches and leaves. “I'm little, I can get it.”
“We're not coming in after you!” they called after him as he continued forwards into the bushes. “If you get stuck we're telling the aides!”
Dylan didn't reply as he continued forwards, the branches
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 15 15
SWtCW: Gatherers pt. 2
Unknown Regions, Ilum
Space bent as the Crucible blurred with pseudo-motion and dropped from hyperspace. Aboard the bridge of the Jedi praxeum ship Guo-Jia looked out at the blue crystal of the ice ball before them as they approached Ilum. Around her the younglings pressed in close to get a view of the planet as they all took it in in their own ways. Their chatter was excited to say the least and she couldn't blame them. Guo-Jia remembered her own excitement at the prospect of building her first saber, hopefully all of the younglings would feel just as rewarded by their efforts.
“Welcome to Ilum.” Huyang said simply from his position at the Crucible's piloting station. “Sanctuary of the Jedi and the place where you will forge yourselves and your sacred weapons.”
“I am going to build the greatest lightsaber ever!” Petro declared confidently.
The other younglings expressed varying degrees of his sentiment though a few remained quiet as they gazed at th
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 11 5
Sunset Coffee
“All units, the city is secure, all resistance has ceased. Infantry and armored units move to secure your objectives. Mechanized units stand down and maintain your positions.”
Letting out a sigh of relief, Renee's hands played over her mech's controls, putting the bipedal warmachine into standby mode. As the HUD powered down, letting the interior lights activate, she leaned back into the control couch and closed her eyes for a moment. It had been a long day amidst an even longer war but this battle at least was over at any rate. She wasn't sure how long she slept but when she opened her eyes again the sun was beginning to set over the devastated cityscape. Checking her viewscreens she noticed several armored vehicles moving below her and there was no sound of anything going on over the communications net.
Sighing as she stretched out on her control couch, Renee reached over and tapped the controls on her coffee machine. It was an old clunker of a thing but it could produce
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 7 14
Dragon Glasswork
The pudgy little red dragon sitting on the work table opened it blue eyes and gazed at the red-haired elven girl as she entered the workshop.
“I just saw the cutest thing!” exclaimed the elf as she hung her coat on the peg by the door and began bustling around the workshop and its delicate glass sculptures and pots of unworked glass. “I stopped at this little cafe on the way home and they had this adorable little dragon perched on the server's shoulder heating up people's pastries! It really was great to see a dragon helping out like that.”
Letting out a mighty yawn that was punctuated in a squeak, Tika lowered his head back down as the elven girl continued her bustling motions around the workshop, disinterested in her story. What did he care if another dragon was being helpful or adorable? He was enjoying dozing in the sunlight spot he'd chosen for his afternoon nap.
“It really inspired me.” the elf continued excitedly as she gat
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 11 18
Sands of Twilight Chapter 3
Blinking in surprise, Kesarah frowned with a mixture of confusion and irritation. Was he asking her to dance for him? She’d danced in her father’s court many times of course and prided herself on being a flawless dancer but if this random peasant thought that she was going to dance for him he’d better reconsider himself!
“Sirena,” prompted Demia. “You love to dance don’t you?”
Bristling, her lekku twitching in irritation, she turned on her companion.
“I am not dancing for some random peasant!”
“He’s not asking you to dance for him,” Demia said in exasperation. “He’s asking you to dance with him.” she rolled her eyes. “Honestly you are hopeless!”
If it weren’t for the fact that she understood that Demia’s tone and manner of address were a part of their guise for the evening Kesarah would have been angrier at her companion. However as realization dawned on her she looke
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 5 3
SW: Hard Candies
Esli yelped, jumping on the couch as Talo popped up behind it with his paws raised and his fangs barred. The blue furred Squib's ferocious features didn't remain that way for long however as he immediately burst into a fit of giggles as he pointed at Esli.
“Hehe!” he giggled gleefully. “Gotcha!”
Trying not to laugh herself, Esli clambered onto the back of the couch to lean over and stick her tongue out at Talo.
“Hey, I wasn't ready!”
“Gotta keep on your toes if you want to survive in the Undercity!” Talo declared triumphantly as he crossed his arms over his blur furred chest and nodded, his big yellow eyes shimmering with mirth.
“Uh huh, and what would you know about that?” Esli chided. “You're a kid like me!”
“I'm a Squib!” declared Talo proudly. “We know all about how to survive!”
Giggling, Esli smirked at him as she pulled a loose strand of blonde hair out of her fac
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 12 0
Noir Gown by SlingBlade87 Noir Gown :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 14 7
The Witch's Band
I knelt on the bank of the river, the buckets from my yoke settling down upon the grasses as I undid their ropes from the hooks at the ends of the carrying pole. It was still early yet, the sun had not yet risen though I could see the first golden slivers of its slow creep over the forests to the east. Soon enough the day would begin in earnest and I'd need to make sure I was done before then if I wanted to avoid being scolded for my tardiness. As I filled the first bucket a golden glimmer caught my eye as the first traces of sunlight crept over the treetops and shown upon the riverbank.
Frowning, I put my filled bucket down and crept over towards the reeds in which the glimmer was coming from. Reaching into the brush I felt something warm and metal at the tips of my fingers. Clasping it, I pulled forth a simple golden ring which rested in my palm heavily. I frowned, it was obviously a wedding band, something I had often dreamt of having placed upon my own finger one day though with th
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 2
SWtOR: Knights Crucible pt. 3
The gilded domes and towers of Cinnagar glittered in the reflected light of the cityscape of Empress Teta's capital city as Kesarah plummeted downwards. The rush of air buffeted her dress and body as she fell, with Ka's mental scream echoing in her mind. She'd meant to get his attention and she had done exactly that if the panic she'd felt in his mind had been any indication. Maybe now he'd actually do something about this predicament she'd created.
A flicker of doubt lingered in her mind as she continued to fall downwards alongside the side of the palace. What if Ka didn't catch her? What if he didn't live up to the words he'd spoken to her? Looking down at the rapidly approaching city below her and the inevitable end of her descent Kesarah felt herself wondering, what if she didn't catch herself? What if she just let herself fall all the way down to the bottom?
It would end all the pain. All the memories would cease. She wouldn't be haunted by her past any longer. A bittersweet smile
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 10 5

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It's always a pleasure and quite awesome to see more obscure ships getting some love and in this case having a 3D representation of the...

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It's very cool to see a design from this era of Star Wars lore realized so skillfully and completely. As always the artist's ability is...

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Everyone Gets a Flag!

Flag Counter pissing on us and calling it rain.

First we got the announcement that the Clone Wars is coming back over the summer (which incidentally I'm running a contest if you're interested), which while awesome kinda smacked of desperation on Disney's part to compensate from the lackluster performance of Rebels, the massive backlash from TLJ coupled with the outright failure (by Star Wars standards) of Solo and the lukewarm reaction to their newest animated show Resistance.

Then this past week we got a new announcement from on high saying that they'll be bringing back a bunch of Expanded Universe characters and rewriting their stories for the new canon.

They've already done this with Grand Admiral Thrawn and apparently Captain Pellaeon (I missed this reintroduction I admit) and now their next official re-canonization is going to be Dash Rendar with rumors persisting that Mara Jade will be following.

Now I have mixed feelings about all this, most of them negative and a few of them neutral. I'll lay them out in a few points that you can respond to if you choose.

A) The Clone Wars, Disney is acting as if they've somehow saved the show and should be praised for doing so. No, I'm sorry you assholes but you're the reason the show got cancelled in the first place. I'm not going to thank you for giving it back because we twisted your arm. Go to hell, it never should have been cancelled in the first place you asshats!

B) Character re-canonization, this is a bit more complex because while I'm always glad to get more of the characters I grew up loving this is a rather bitter pill to swallow for a few reasons.

    1) if you're going to rewrite these characters for the new canon, then why not just create new characters?
    2) if you're not going to create new characters and just bring back old ones, why wipe the canon in the first place?

Seriously, I increasingly feel as though Disney is refusing to admit that they fucked up and is just desperately trying to recapture the magic of Star Wars without actually fixing the issues as they place small bandages over things as they go in the hopes that they'll be able to stop at some point and pretend nothing ever happened.

Disney destroyed the financial success of one of the most lucrative and beloved franchises in media history and now they're trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces after they've already shattered the prized china tea set.

The worst part about this whole thing is that their reason for wiping the canon in the first place was allegedly for 'creative freedom' but so far all they've really done is retread old ground and bring back characters into the canon that they wiped from the canon in the first place.

This whole situation just reeks to me of desperation and a lack of ideas from the people controlling the franchise currently and I wish there was some way to beat into their heads that if they're going to do this whole 'creative freedom' nonsense then they need to stop clinging to the vestiges of the EU and using it like a scrap heap and just do something new.

People are going to be pissed either way, but if you're going to keep clinging to the EU then just get it over with and bring it back. If you're not going to, then fuck it and move forwards.

As always I am not telling people you cannot enjoy Star Wars. If you're one of the people who still loves it and finds it an engaging fandom then I am very happy to hear that you do so.

I simply cannot join you in that particular field.

:: EDIT ::

Something that a few people have brought up is that Kathleen Kennedy is the one in charge of Star Wars and so therefore bears the responsibility for this current fiasco.

I have to say to this that you're not entirely wrong or right.

She is the head of Lucasfilm at the moment so a lot of these decisions are coming from her, but ultimately Disney is the one leaving her in charge of matters and they are also the ones who gave Lucasfilm its initial marching orders following the purchase.

If you think that either Marvel or Star Wars doesn't receive input from higher up then you misunderstand how Disney handles its properties.

Disney is not shy about getting rid of people in charge of large projects, they've done it repeatedly in the past few years even when such firings have gone against fan desires. So the fact that Kathleen Kennedy is still in charge at Lucasfilm means that she still has Disney's overall blessing despite the current issues.

This does not however mean that I or anyone else hates Disney. Most of us I think are mature enough to enjoy Disney films while still hating what they're doing with Star Wars.
It's been a little bit between remembered dreams this time around but hey, I've finally got a small selection of them again to share.

The Wedding of many Brides

This was a weird one I fully admit and genuinely confused me when I woke up. The basic premise was simple enough, I was at a wedding, my wedding. However that's about where the normality ended. I kept speaking to different members of my family and every single time I did my bride to be would change to a different one of my female friends.

It was incredibly strange and when I finally woke up I had no idea what to even make of it since several of the women involved in the dreams I've not even been romantically involved with or have that sort of feelings for.

In short, apparently my subconscious is lonely?

The Anime Dream

This was another narrative dream, and what made it even stranger was that it was not in my usual state of dream but it looked like an anime. The characters in it were illustrated as if they were straight from the episodes of some sort of shojo show. It was very odd indeed and I couldn't quite keep track of everything that was going on so what follows here isn't going to be an exact recollection of the entire dream, just specific scenes that I recall.

Scene: Monster Battle
An apparent werewolf like monster is holding a heavy wooden door against an angry mob who are seeking to gain access to the mansion for whatever reason. The mob eventually breaks down the door and the beast begins to fight with tooth and claw even as they fire muskets and stab it with pikes.

Scene: Friends Duel
Two young nobles in the catacombs beneath the mansion confront one another, each wielding a rapier as they begin to duel. The combatants are a blonde and a brunette and the brunette appears to be the aggressor in this case as the blonde entreats with his friend to stop 'this madness' and end whatever it is that is apparently going on.

Scene: Lovers Bath
In the apparent aftermath of the conflict that had been transpiring, a young woman and her new husband take a bath together. She is shy as apparently this is the first time either of them have seen the other. He fills the tub while she waits nervously and when it has been done he comes to retrieve her, picking her up in his arms and placing her (with nightgown still on) into the tub which overflows slightly before he enters into the steaming water with her. The pair cuddle and embrace, speaking about the adventure or nightmare that has just come to a close.

And that's all I really remember about that dream. It was a very odd and disjointed one which is unusual for my dreams. Typically I remember them more clearly when I do remember them at all so not sure what to make of that anime one. The fact that it was done in a shojo art style admittedly makes it even odder, perhaps that's a result of my searching around for an anime to watch of late?

In any case, that's it for this dream journal and the exploration of my unconscious silliness.
There's been quite a lot of hullabaloo this past week surrounding Nike and their recent ad campaign using Colin Kappernick as the face of this year's iteration of their recurring theme about sacrifice.

Now given how contentious Kappernick has been because heaven forbid someone use their platform to draw attention to an issue they perceive is being ignored it is no surprise that his use by a popular sporting apparel brand has stoked quite a lot of fervor amongst those who are passionate about their sports remaining apolitical it was no surprise that people were angry about Kappernick's featuring with Nike.

In the past week since this advert has become public knowledge people have lost their minds and have been pledging never to buy Nike again and have posted videos and pictures of them burning their Nike gear.

I am not going to weigh in on the politics of Kappernick's protest, but if you are one of those people who hate the guy and the fact that he has turned your sports television into a political show and now want to get rid of your Nike gear, please do not destroy it. You've already paid for it, that won't hurt Nike.

Instead, donate your gear to the Goodwill or other charity organization.

Hell, there are veterans charities out there that give back to veterans specifically if that is your beef (however silly) with Kappernick's protest.

My point is, you are not hurting Nike by destroying their product. You're just giving them publicity.

Donate, that'll take money from them because people will buy the cheaper donations versus the full price products as well as help someone who maybe can't afford Nike for themselves.

And that is all I will say on that.

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