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SW: Jaeriel's Ret'urcye Mhi Part 1
Jaeriel wasn't sure if it was the searing pain that shot through her entire body or Ay-lana's screams that woke her up, just that she was awake and both in pain and frightened. The first thing she registered was that she and Ay-lana were still in their room together within the clan compound. Then she realized just how loudly Ay-lana was screaming. Jumping out of her bed she rushed to her little sister's side and wrapped the sobbing younger girl in her arms.
“It's alright!” she said as she tried to exude some of the calm that her father seemed to summon so easily. “We're safe! Vod'ika everything is fine!”
Ay-lana though would not stop screaming and now she was clinging to Jaeriel, her fingers grasping and clawing at Jaeriel desperately as tears poured down her face. Jaeriel could see in the dim lighting of their room the shimmering golden eyes that Ay-lana shared with their mother, they were wide and horrified. Then a loving presence washed over them both, Jaerie
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SW: Shoretrooper Assignment
Sergeant Tora Ge'per entered into the office of Captain Tiero to find her commanding officer seated at his desk with a cup of cocoa—he never drank caf—besides him as he examined his terminal. He looked up at her entrance and held his hand out as she offered him the datapad in her hand.
“The weekly reports sir.” she said, straightening to attention. “The Senior Sergeant said you wished to see me.”
Taking the datapad, Captain Tiero nodded.
“I did. As you're aware since I was made company commander and we were transferred here to Lothal we've been tasked with dealing with the local dissident movement.”
“Yes sir.” Tora affirmed.
“In that time you were promoted from corporal to sergeant and given command of Third Platoon's First Squad correct?”
Tora nodded, unsure why the Captain was asking this of her. He'd promoted her.
“Yes sir.”
“So you would say that you are fairly well experienced in security ope
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HP AU: Can I Be Your Dad?
Sehan was a bundle of nerves as he walked into the practice. He'd spoken with Kahan and his parents already and knew that they supported him but he still couldn't keep the sense of butterflies fluttering about in his stomach under control. As he entered the practice he couldn't help but smile at the sight that greeted him. Ruto was still hard at work at her desk. He'd offered repeatedly to get her an automatic filer, it wouldn't be that difficult. A simple charm on a filing cabinet or on the desk itself would suffice.
She insisted however that she work to thank him for letting her and her son stay with him these past five years. Not that she didn't work hard enough as it was as a nurse here at the practice. He couldn't ask for a better herbologist to keep track of the ingredients that his patients required for their medicines. More than that, he could hardly ask for a better friend to share his life with and it was this latter assertion that had his heart jumping in his chest.
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Mature content
Thief :iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 6 2
Tyrants' Bedtime Story
Fireflies danced and flitted across the grasses as Miranda walked under the starry night sky overhead with a book and a large teddy bear stuck under her arm as she carried a lantern in the other hand. Ahead of her two large bipedal shapes came towards her beneath the starlight, their footsteps shaking the ground as they strode across the grasses. Miranda stopped and waited for them to come to her, smiling up at the two Tyrannosaurs as they looked down at her with their yellow eyes glowing with reflected firelight.
“Hey you two.” she greeted them as one of them lowered its head to sniff at the teddy bear. “Okay hang on.” she chastised as she pushed the massive snout away from her, feeling the warmth of its breath on her palm. “Let me settle in first.”
The second Tyrannosaur snapped at the first warningly, letting out a growl that caused the first to back away and duck its head submissively.
“Now now,” Miranda said gently as she reached up
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Kaira: LotR 21
The army of the Woodland Realm mustered before the day was through, gathering their dead and wounded from the battlefield before beginning their march back into Mirkwood. Aira-ty sat astride Edoin, stroking the stallion's neck gently as she gazed down at Dale and the remnants of the Easterling army. Her journey it seemed truly had come to an end and she felt that she should be happier about that, but somehow leaving behind her traveling companion did not sit well with her and she lingered there atop the rise as the elven army trooped gazing at the future she had left he man from Gondor to.
“Your heart does not yet long for the forest or the far shores.”
Turning, Aira-ty found King Thranduil atop his great elk standing near her as he watched her evenly with his piercing grey-blue gaze.
“I thought,” Aira-ty said quietly. “If I came to where my kin yet dwelt that I would find satisfaction.” she turned back to look down at the city and the battlefield ar
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Kaira: LotR 20 (farewells)
Silence reigned in the stone house as Kahan waited pensively with his parents. It had been seven hours since his wife had gone into labor. Seven hours since she had started crying and sobbing in pain. It had been half an hour since silence had fallen and since then, nothing. His father put a hand on his shoulder reassuringly as if to say it would be alright and all Kahan could do was nod. Then the door to the bedroom he'd shared with his wife these past few years since the war opened and the midwife came out.
She looked at Kahan for a bare moment before casting her gaze aside and hurrying past him. Kahan frowned, unsure what to think of the behavior as he walked into the bedroom. What he found lying in his bed was his wife and newborn child. Neither moved nor made a sound. He crossed the room and spoke to her, touching his wife's arm for a gentle moment before he looked to the baby. Their child, a daughter, didn't move.
She did not utter any cries, nor twitch a finger. She lay as still
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MT-06b Heavy Blaster Pistol
MT-06b Heavy Blaster Pistol
Manufacturer: Czerka Arms
Model: MT-06b
Type: heavy blaster pistol
Cost: 1000 credits (original market price) >1400 credits (post-production)
Action: semi-automatic, low and high power settings
Length: 2.75cm
Weight: 1.35kg
Capacity: 80 shots low-power, 40 shots high-power
Range: 30-50m (optimum), 70-90m (maximum)
Eras: Rise of the Empire, Galactic Civil War, New Republic, New Jedi Order, Legacy
Affiliation: various (limited production makes it a collectible)
Description: powerful heavy blaster pistol with an under-slung barrel design and flip-out energy pack for quick reload and a variable power level selector
History: the MT-06b was a blaster pistol design built by Czerka Arms as a direct competitor to BlasTech's diverse inventory of similar heavy handheld blasters. It featured several unique innovations that gave it a rather distinctive performance characteristics, the two most notable being the under-slung barrel which sat beneath the gas chamber and
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Cursed Secrets
The air lay deathly still around the ruins of the once proud city. There had been a time when this place had bustled with the presence of Elves at the height of their hubris and power but no more. Now there was nothing save for the ruined remains of stone that had once shown like snow, now long blackened with age. It was quite a bleak sight to behold and one that Kestor didn't find particularly appealing.
Never the less he had a job to do and it required his presence here amidst the silent ghosts of eons long passed. With a gentle nudge he urged his mount forwards and the stoic destrier carried him beneath the stone archway of the old city and into the courtyard beyond. If it weren't for the stone ruins ringing the area you'd never know that you were standing in the town square. The only flash of color that dotted the blackness of the stone where the pale blue flowers beneath the hooves of Kestor's horse.
In the pale fog induced twilight these blue flowers glowed like lamps in the gloo
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Dragon in the Bayou
Peter rushed down the slope towards the water, half falling down the embankment and very nearly tumbling into the shallows before catching himself. Hefting his net he stuck it out into the water and waved it around, pulling it back up and investigating its contents. There was nothing in it.
Undeterred he again thrust the net into the water once more and swished it around. Dragging it back through the water he once more investigated its contents only to find it still unfilled. A few more attempts yielded similar results and by the fifth attempt Peter was quite put out.
His grandfather had said he'd cook crawdads for dinner if Peter could catch him some. Of course at this rate Peter was beginning to wonder if he'd have to go back empty handed. He looked up and down the murky riverbank for a moment hopefully and his eyes fell upon an old wooden boat half sunk into the muck. Picking up his bucket and net, Peter waded through the shallows to stand besides it. Maybe there's be something hidi
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Autumn Dragon
“Lucy! Wait for me!”
Tiana pushed through the leaf litter and branches as she tried to keep up with her dog. Lucy for her part didn't seem to care one bit for Tiana's struggles and so forged on ahead without her.
“Come back here silly!” Tiana called again as she pushed a low hanging limb out of her way to find Lucy standing at the foot of the tree looking up and barking insistently. “What's gotten into you?”
Kneeling down, Tiana ruffled Lucy's scruff affectionately even as the collie mix continue to bark up at something above them.
“What is it?” Tiana asked teasingly as she turned to look where Lucy was barking. “Is there a squirrel up—oh.”
There was not in fact a squirrel above them in the branches of the tree. Instead there was a red-orange face covered in leafy scales gazing back down at Tiana. She realized then as well that the branch she had pushed out of her way was not in fact a branch at all, it was a tail covere
:iconslingblade87:SlingBlade87 6 12
Kelp Dragon
The broad flat expanse of the muddy beach lay stretched out before Penny as she skipped about the tide pools left behind by the receding tide. She could see for miles ahead of her where the ocean had retreated back out to sea and left exposed the vast mud plains before her. She loved low tide the most out of any time of day. It let her walk all the way to the horizon, though no matter how far she walked she could never reach it before the tide came back in and she had to rush back to shore.
Still, each day she spent at the beach she tried to reach the edge of the world before the water washed back in n her no matter how impossible it might seem. She'd never accomplish it after all if she didn't try right? With that determination in her mind she set herself out once more, the muddy sand squishing between her toes as she trotted along, taking note of whatever animals and what else might be left behind by the sweeping of the tide.
She paused when she came upon a large mass of seaweed, gaw
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Mother's Day 2019
The morning sun filtered through the large windows, filling the kitchen with the first rays of sunlight as the dawn crept across the flat Nevada countryside. Alice could already smell the brewing coffee as she entered and found Tony standing by the coffee pot. The man loved his coffee if nothing else Alice mused as she gave her brother in law a smile and accepted the cup he offered her.
“Thanks.” she said, suppressing a yawn before she took a sip of the steaming brew. “Did you sleep well?”
“Aside from the damn dog.” Tony said with a jovial laugh. “I think he wanted to cuddle Slade more.”
“Rocky does love kids.” Alice replied with a smile as she looked around the kitchen for her sister and nephew. “Where is Lila?”
Tony nodded out the side door that led out to the ranch.
“She took Slade out to see the horses.”
Alice choked, almost coughing up her coffee as she looked at Tony in horror.
“She did what
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SW: First Steps
The galactic map floated in front of Ahsoka as she examined the holotank. A spread of green showed the extent of the Empire's control, spanning most of the galaxy with a few areas shown as being free of the Empire's sway. She had been doing her best these past years to ignore the spread of the Empire, staying out of their way and trusting in the Force that the galaxy would sort itself out. Now however that she'd been found by Bail Organa she found herself looking at the state of the galaxy and feeling as though she had been wrong to leave the galaxy to its own devices.
What if she had fought sooner? What if she'd found other Jedi survivors and they'd banded together to stop the Emperor and his enforcers? A hundred different what ifs played through her mind as she gazed at the star map that the Senator had given her.
The little voice caught Ahsoka's attention as she turned to see her little girl standing sleepily in the doorway.
“What are you doing awake?
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Kissed by a Merboy
The sun's rays glittered on the rippling waves as Marie walked down the pier. It had been a nice funeral for her uncle, as far as funerals could go. She still felt strange wearing the two-piece bathing suit and skirt but, well...her uncle had insisted that everyone treat his funeral like a beach party and had demanded swimsuits for everyone. Marie blushed slightly, thinking of some of the choices that her uncle's friends and her own family had made. No one could ever accuse them of being boring she supposed.
Touching the ruby pendant around her neck she had to smile. It had belonged to her grandmother apparently and her uncle had kept it for years before giving it to Marie for her eighteenth birthday. Taking the pendant off her neck she held it in her hand, holding it tenderly as she examined the golden cage that held the heart-shaped ruby. Tears formed at the corner of her eyes as she smiled down at the pendant. She was going to miss him.
A gust of wind caught her broad brimmed hat an
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SW: Pre-Flight Briefing
Turning from his X-wing, Brie couldn't help the smile that spread across his face at the sight of the Rutian Twi'lek stomping across that hangar. She saw it too and despite the anger that had been in her voice she smiled in her own right though hers was far more ferocious than his.
“Don't smile at me!” she barked as she walked up to him and planted a finger in his chest. “I just landed and what do I hear? That you and the rest of your rats are about to take off on some mission!”
Still grinning at her, Brie shrugged helplessly.
“Well, we are.”
“And what, without so much as saying hello?” she snapped angrily. “I flew my ass across half the galaxy through Imperial patrols just to see your sorry hide and you're not even going to wait around for me?”
He shrugged. “I've a mission to fly Dax, I can't wait for you.”
She opened her mouth to snarl at him again but he added quickly.
“And you didn't f
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by 4-X-S

These are some really cool and solid designs. They've got just enough of the original Homeworld feel to them to be recognizable as such...

I quite enjoy this piece, the movement and posing of the characters is rather dramatic and serves as a good indicator for what is going...

There is something at once epic and ominous about this piece. The blackened and fiery landscape is lit by a pale moon while the looming...

The artist has chosen to do something rather fun with this, take what is generally a hero ship and one recognized as the 'good guys' an...

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I've written many times that I have the distinct pleasure of working with such luminaries on DeviantArt such as rayn44, MidoriNoHonoo, Drakarra, and Crimsonight who are all partners in crime amongst so many others who have done me the privilege of working with me on one story or another.

However it is always the most singular of pleasures when someone feels compelled to portray my character without solicitation on my part and share their ideas for said character with the wider community on DeviantArt.

In this case winterknightwolf and RC-5968Frank both decided to do me the honor of portraying two of my characters in their works and considering my current slowness in production it is nice to see that my material is still held in high enough regard to be shared by others.

White Wolf by winterknightwolfHalna Gowen and Demia Hadra by RC-5968Frank

Thank you both for finding such enjoyment in my characters that you took the time to portray them, and a further thank you to everyone who has done so over the years.

It's always the most amazing of treats to see how others imagine the characters to be and I cannot express enough the warmth of the smile that passes across my face whenever you take such interest in them.
I'm going to avoid spoilers so feel free to read onwards and enjoy without fear.

First and foremost holy shit I think they really nailed it. This movie is just pure Godzilla awesomeness. It doesn't dwell too much on the human element as anything more than as a means to expand upon the mythology and it showcases the monsters in wonderful deafening glory.

That is something you should know, this movie is LOUD AS FUCK. I don't know if that's just the theater I saw it in or if that is universal across all showings but if you're not deafened by the roars of the monsters I will be surprised.

And that was part of the charm honestly for me personally. The sound of these creatures was so deafening that I could feel the reverberations of it all and it was just downright chilling.

I had missed the relaunch of Godzilla in 2014 but have seen Kong since then and now with this movie I am very hyped for this franchise and looking forwards to seeing what else they do.

One thing that might turn some people off, there are no likable humans in this movie. They're kinda just there and are more aggravating than anything else but I feel that's kinda the point. We're meant to be largely insignificant compared to these titans as they're now called and they do a wonderful job of showing exactly that.
For those that have been following me for a while you'll know my feelings on pride. For those that are new I'll re-explain.

I am bisexual and have been since I first hit puberty more or less, however I do not agree with a lot of the antics that go on during Pride Month as I feel that much of what goes on runs counter to what Pride should be about and weakens the overall cause.

I strongly feel that Pride should be about showing everyone that finds us unappealing that we're just like them. That we're normal every day people who simply love who we love and live as we are. Not that we're a bunch of raving loons running around the streets half-naked waving flags. The whole 'let your freak flag fly' movement isn't something I find personally appealing.

That being said I am in full support of the LGBTQ+ community and as I like to do from time to time I want to remind everyone and anyone that reads this of something.

I have been a brother, a lover, a husband, friend, and a father.

If you're struggling with the people you love, if they do not accept you for whatever reason or if you feel you cannot talk to them but want someone to talk to, you can talk to me.

I cannot promise that I will have any answers you may want or that I can make your situation any better in the long run, but if you need a brother or father to tell you that you can be accepted and loved for who you are then I'm here and you're welcome to reach out and cry on my digital shoulder.

To anyone and everyone who might be struggling because of people too closed-minded to accept you, know that someone, somewhere in this world can and does love you for who you are. Hold on until you find them, don't give up and never let anyone tell you that you cannot be as you choose to be.

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That moment when...

“Please, my parents won't fight. They're afraid of the Empire, or something in it, I want to fight in their stead.”

“You could always join my Protectors.” the Mand'alor suggested. “We always need more verde and your parents couldn't stop you.”

“That's not good enough!” Jaeriel protested, and then realized what she'd just said as she hurriedly recovered. “I want to fight the Empire, not just for Mandalore, but for everyone. I can't do that here, even if I join the Protectors.”

Despite the unintended insult, the Mand'alor was smiling at her.

“Alright verd'ika, alright. I'll be waiting for you at the spaceport. You show up, I'll get you passage off-world. More than that I can't promise.” accidentally insult the Mand'alor.


Just lost three WIPs, crap.

Well, guess it's time to rewrite those, that's what I get for being sleepy.

“Nokta, what is—“ he paused and frowned as he realized who he was talking to. “Verd'ika, what are you doing on this line?”

“I need your help Mand'alor.” Jaeriel said as she glanced behind her. “I want to leave my clan and fight.”

The Mand'alor looked at her sternly for a moment before speaking.

“Do your parents know?”

Jaeriel shook her head.

“No. They don't want to fight and they don't want me to fight.”

“Sounds like them.” the Mand'alor remarked. “So is this dar'buir?”

Jaeriel's eyes widened in alarm and she spoke urgently.

“NO! Never! I would, that is, I just,” she collected herself, recovering from the shock of the Mand'alor's suggestion. “I just want to do something. I want to prevent something like this from happening again.”

“Absolutely not!” Jaeriel's mother barked as Jaeriel winced and looked to her father for support.

He remained silent however as her mother continued.

“You're only sixteen! What do you think you're going to accomplish by charging off looking for the rebellion?”

“I've already hunted a target.” Jaeriel said sullenly. “I can kill.”

“That's not the point!” her mother snapped. “You're a child! My child! And I am not going to see you thrown into the kriffing meat grinder of a galactic war!”

“You and dad fought in the last one!” Jaeriel protested. “You're both war heroes even if you won't admit it!”

“We're not heroes Jaeriel.” her father said before her mother could shout her down again. “We're survivors, and we've survived by avoiding attention.”

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