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Wii U MoonFall Edition



Alrighty Boys and Girls Let it be known i tried my hardest to brighten these god dam things but oh well deal with it.

Also since its a clear coat not a "matt" coat the finishes are quite different compared to the 3DS version i'd did so dont complain "OH wahhh its too dark" :P thats all i could get with dark base colours.
But anyways onwards to my description hahah.

Ok lets start off with this, since i heard some rumors that the 3DS remake is getting highly unlikley now and the fact i read somewhere that "it was a better step to bring it too the Wii U" i thought why not make a special edition that i'd actually buy, cause come on this console as "great" as its been told there are no games i'd actually make me to get this yet. Until word of any Zelda (properly not just stupid tech demo thats like omg this is what it can doooo...!!!! and nothing...) comes out or some other big hitter like metroid or something worth it.

Anyways i hope you like the purple its the same as the 3DS and i think it still encapsulates the essence of MM. I had to change the black tribal to white tribal since well it stood out a bit better on a clear coat........
Also if anyone comes across the WiiU console itself not the controllers or anything on "Side view" and its looks like an offical image please in the comment section link the page to me so i can edit this picture with it in there so i can i have my Tribal MM on there cause well thats like the best part of the tribal haha (oh if your wondering why i didnt put it on the console that you can see there, well its just didnt transfer properly and looks craphouse to be honest so i left it, thats why i want a side version for a better idea for you's!). Oh also its gotta be a black console too cause white just simply doesnt work for my end result :P (go figure right?)

Now for the final thoughts since this a special edition thats why it comes with the Pro Controller cause well i like nostalgia and to use a screen for an old game is like WTF really. I mean it works for OoT cause well its on a 3DS so duh cant just simply take out a screen for the sake of it haha but also it worked seemlessly unlike what might the WiiU screen controller might, i dont wanna break concentraion to look at wtf is going on that when i'd just rather the TV do all the work instead and keep focus.

Well folks either way no hate comments please on my rambling.

Also not offical please note that cause its a FAN pic........ (clearly says in the bottom right) thanks!
Copyrights of wiiU are obviously ninetendo and thank you for the fan (or legitness) of that Youtube vid for the Tv! (great remake vid for it!)

Heres some other Zelda works please enjoy:
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