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Majoras Mask Tribal Colour

I decided to colour this like the mask off the game, in turn i think it came out pretty good.

(i made a little edit if anyone noticed where the yellow spikes and the the light blue lines are cause the colours didn't line up perfectly..... but now they do)

Close to what mask looks like anyways :D

Hey guys thought i'd let you know "" is now selling vynals if you were looking for a sticker. They are solid colours not like this version though so sorry if i got your hopes up for this vesion as a sticker. XP [link]

And in anyway it could be copyrighted to Nintendo

These are just a few others
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Hey! I was searching for majora's mask tats that I'd want and this is PERFECT! Could i have
permission to have this or an altered version as a tattoo as well?
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Yeh sure. You just gotta send me a Picture of it when its done thats all!!
But of course! Might be a while but I'll be sure to let you see your awesome work imprinted forevah!
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Thanx man I really appreciate it! Love seeing where my work ends up!
Cant wait to see it!
The fiance wants to go out and get the tats for our anniversary :) I'll probably get the black and white one as the tat... but get this sweet colored version as a custom mousepad. You are super talented! Love looking at your work!
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Thats awesome! Can't wait to see!
Happy anniversary xD

Aww thanx hehe!! :icondragonhug:
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Could I possibly get permission to have this printed on a custom zippo good sir?
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Sure bro.

Send me a picture when it s finished would love to see it!

You can note me it if you like.
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I have it all finished just need to find my camera..
Would I have your permission to get this or a slightly altered version of this tattooed on my body?
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Sure buddy. Send me a link of the final product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totes would love to see what ya do with it!
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very nice picture, now I SHALL WEAR IT MUAHAHAHAH EVIL Laughter! :iconnukeplz:
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J'adore ça!!
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This is now my Desktop background. I absolutely love it. n.n
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i saw this on tumblr and had to search you out to tell you how much of a bad ass you are for drawing this.
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Haha thanx man :D
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Amazing. Thank you.
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Wow the design is so catching! :D This would make an amazing tattoo. Just wondering though, why did you decide to leave out the irises on the eyes?
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Thanx very much :D

It was originally a half sketch on paper, then transfered to PS. At the time of the sketch i guess i just left it out (or was too lazy to make an intricate piece), but even in the PS stage i couldn't really see how i could have fitted it in. I would have had to rearange the eye completly to make it work.

To sum up i just wanted to do a simple tribal and not have too much intricacies on it, other wise it would lose emphasis on the overall.
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I was wondering if you made a colored version a minute ago.
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