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Majora's Mask 3DS XL



I made this because i wanted to see what the remake of Morjora's Mask and the 3DS XL special edition would look like. I hope they do decide to remake this game because it was so good.

The accents on the top of the 3DS XL are like the 25th anniversary 3DS i have (love it too :D).

Please comment if you think the coloured tribal would look good too. (I didnt get it to work cause the top was a little too bright and if i had darkend it, it wouldn't have looked right witht the rest of the pic.) Maybe they could do a black 3DS XL but with bright purple accents (the colour tribal would work so good on a black one too!!) and a purple 3D light instead of the normal green one.

Majora's Mask is copyrighted to Nintendo
3DS Xl is copyrighted to Nintendo

Clocktower image to mntorankusu
Also this is fan made not legit (unless nintendo actually uses my design....)

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I wish.... I could own that. Mine is Mario.