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My Bio

I am a professional game developer/concept artist who loves being a part of many fandoms.

I am an artist who loves Pin-Ups, Ancient History, Geology, Mythology, Cartoons, Urban Exploring, Ponies, Videogames, and basically everything in between. In other words, I have very niche hobbies. I'm a furry, brony, and all around kind of a nerd. My biggest obsessions right now are Steven Universe, My Little Pony, Skullgirls, and sorts of media. I'm not big on TV, but I also love She-Ra, OK-KO, and Futurama. In terms of games, I'm a huge fan of Skullgirls, Darkest Dungeon, and many others.

I don't post the art I'm doing for work on here, since it's not mine to share, but I will do my best to post regularly.

I am currently working on two [unannounced] game projects. If I don't post often, it's because I'm working on things that can't be shared.


Commissions (CLOSED)

Requests (NEVER)

Art Trades (CLOSED)

My etsy:…

My Redbubble:…

Instagram: Commander_Booty_Call

Furry Amino: shazzykatana

FurAffinity: shazzykatana

twitter: @cdrbootycall

Favourite Visual Artist
Rebecca Sugar or Lauren Faust
Favourite Movies
Wreck it Ralph, Cloud Atlas, Avatar, Steven Universe Movie and basically any Ghibli Film
Favourite TV Shows
Steven Universe and My Little Pony
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Ken Ashcorp and Porter Robinson
Favourite Books
Anything Non-Fiction, Watership Down, the Hunger Games, and the Golden Compass series
Favourite Writers
Brian Jacques, Rebecca Sugar
Favourite Games
World of Warcraft, Darkest Dungeon, Skullgirls
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Wacom Tablet
Other Interests
So, after about a year and a half of being out of school (I got my degree in Game Development), I have a job! Several, in fact. I'm currently working on two (as of right now) unannounced game projects. I have a good feeling about both of them, but obviously the NDAs prevent me from saying much. Long story short, I won't be able to post much fanart/personal art since I'm focused on these new projects. Commissions are totally closed, as of now. Eventually I'll be able to post work, but I'm not sure when that will be. One game will be released on Kickstarter and the other on Patreon. When that happens, I'll link the games. I hope y'all stick around for when that happens, because I'm working very hard behind the scenes. Thank you all for the support! It means a lot, especially since I can't really do any art besides what I need to do for work (and that can't be shared right now). I hope you all have a wonderful day and stick around to see what I have in store! -Morgo/SHAZ
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Fav Fandom?

0 min read
Comment your favorite fandom! I'm a multi-fandom bitch, but I also want to know what y'alls fav fandom is... at least from the list of media I *really* like, haha. Like, as much as I wish I had the time, I can't/won't draw artwork for fandoms I'm not a part of. Here's my list... please comment your own! This isn't an exact rating from my fav to least fav, so just assume I like most of these at the same level! (except SU, MLP, and Pokemon -- those are def my favs lmao). My fandoms: Steven Universe My Little Pony Pokemon She Ra Night in the Woods Adventure Time OK KO! Neopets World of Warcraft Gravity Falls RWBY Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Studio Ghibli Kill la Kill Overwatch
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Sexy? Sexy.

0 min read
Y'all like sexy art? Lemme know if you do! Because I plan to submit a lot more art of hot babes (I'm gay, so I *might* draw men, but I am 100% drawn to women). I adore doing SU art -- idc if it's sfw or nsfw, haha. I will draw any SU requests, though I favor nsfw requests (can't help it, I'm a slut lmao). Though I can't submit to DA my truly lewd art, it will always be posted to my FA! This is my link: I WILL NOT DRAW UNDERAGED CHARACTERS! Don't ask me! If you're *very* lucky, I might draw the character as an adult, though that is something I'm not typically comfortable doing. PM me if you have any questions!
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You're work is awesome!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Hello! I would be interested in commissioning you, if thats open!

Of course! sorry for the slow response -- please PM me!

I sent you a private chat with my email in it! It might be easier for us to message there!

I agree for Likes SU.

The 6 Cartoon Network Studios
The Six Fanart of Cartoon Network!
Clay Made : The Six Characters of Cartoon Network!
The Jam Buds (Clay Made)
The Jam Buds (Steven Universe tribute)
Happily Ever After(The Final Conniverse)
Stevonnie and Lion (Clay Made)
Sword and Shield (Jam Buds)
Fusion Gems of Steven Universe!
Lapis Lazuli With Nanto Suichoken

thanks so much for the faves! :aww: