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Welcome to SICK!
(Title)Welcome to SICK!
Hello I am Professor Ludwig Von Drake. (Drake seems to be
inside a hallway
Drake: I am a Scientist, inventor, and all around genius.
Drake: There is nothing I don’t know.
Drake: I am here to introduce to you my wonderful guests to the Scientists
and Inventors Community Kernel or in short SICK. Like it? I decided the name
myself. Soon you will meet the three founders and head SICK members of the
group. Then I will quickly go over who the other SICK members and assistants
Drake: In the first of the three founders and leaders I give you the pleasure
by getting introduce by me is my long time good friend and somewhat rival: Gyro
Gearloose. A duck who has invented many things…
that I of course could have invented first but being that I am modest …
off camera: cough
/not/cough) (Ludwig Von Drake is not
paying attention to the comment or aware of its existence
:iconslime-series:Slime-Series 9 1

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Being an 'introvert' I wish I could be as comfortable talking to a woman in real life at places such as bars and gatherings and even dating sites as I am comfortable commuting here on DA in comment sections.  Wish one day meet somebody fun, hyper, and joyfully special gal that I can feel free to chat openly with (and if she cosplays for fun that would be a huge bonus).

Till then I'm happy to have a form of communication here on DA talking to many people from around the world and having a good time without feeling uneasy but openly able to express my imaginations, likes, and hope others might enjoy when I do make a story/idea in a comment section.
  • Reading: My own words to make sure I didn't misspell
  • Drinking: Red wine


Slime-Series's Profile Picture
United States
DA seems to have some sort of micro-transactions points system. While I don't need them, never use them before, or was in a position that required them I still figure that it doesn't hurt to ask if anybody wants to be generous and charitable and donate points to me (mainly to protect and save should I find DA will force me to have points for some reason or if I do actually find use of them in the future)…

Art, Imagination, WELL and WISELY made Story, and WELL and WISELY used and given Character Development supporter!

The very first creation I made and upload on DA was a story called "Night of the Wishing Stars".… My first story on this site. A story about three human gals, three slimegirls, and a fusion of epic portions! Warning: nudity and ecchi are in this story along with some humor, drama, and love.
What inspired this story was a 8 page slimegirl comic from artist BlasianStrike called SG NEWS. The comic is gone from DA but I found a site that archived the comic "SG News" :) I would like to share to show what also started my love of slimegirls and fusions. With this wonderful and enchanting that 8 page comic and it's cast of characters that shined with great appeal and intrigue that one day I found online here on DA that made me fall in love and spark great imagination and awe for the sexy/cute Slimegirls (and fusions as well from that comic) called "SG News" that can be found now here:…

Current Residence: New York City (Brooklyn)

Operating System: My home made computer with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS, Anker Precision Laser Gaming Mouse, Logitech G105 keyboard, and steelseries small mousepad.

Tablet: Samsung Note 2014 10.1

Favorite or invested cartoon characters: Too many but here are a few:
(Disney's Rescue Rangers) (possible top ten)
Anna (possible top ten) and Elsa (Disney's Frozen)
Gwen Stacy (and also feelings for poor Liz Allan) from Spectacular Spiderman animated series plus Gwen Stacy from the movies and the new Spider-Gwen whom I never bought a comic before but she changed that and I love the comic, her costume, and very much interested in her.
Ms Marvel (the second lady from the comics who hails from "Jersey City" who from the art and from what I read about she appears to be a character who I would love and has who has my interest and I hope to buy her collection comics for a good price)
(Lilo and Stitch) (possible Top ten)
Mari Setagaya (Itadaki! Seieki) A adorable shift shaping half vampire half succubus and a total ditz. She is also capable of changing her body into whatever pleases her lover the most-- Bigger boobs? Chubby? Cat girl? Yes to all. She is a good person however making her extra sexy and likable.
Beth (from Total Drama series) being on my high like list plus she is my most invested/interested in her potential and development out of all the characters followed by other fellow underrated/under-loved characters such as: Sadie, Eva, Katie, and Zeke. (Total Drama series)
Other TD characters I like in no set order: Harold, Lindsay, Izzy, DJ, Cody, Noah, Tyler, Owen, Bridgette, Sierra, Brick, Dawn Sam, and Dakota.
Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)
Melona (sadly for her powers and well imagination design and color scheme, and sex appeal only. Not her personality)
Stacy and Isabella (Disney's Phineas and Ferb)
Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie (however I really like and enjoy all the characters on the show which is a big success for the show's amazing staff plus I greatly enjoy the fanbase creative works and how friendly they are respecting people's different opinions) (MLP:FiM)
Shanti (Disney)
Dopey (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) (Childhood favorite and still among the greats in my favs)
Piglet (all forms from book to Disney)
Darkwing Duck (Disney)
Scrooge McDuck (Disney)
Majority of Disney's Gargoyles villains
Velma (and the newish version of the show "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated" which is fantastic, dark, and so much more!)
Rapunzel (Tangled)
Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Luna Lovegood & Neville Longbottom and somewhat Myrtle (Harry Potter book series)
The Doctor, Rory, and River Song/(spoilers) Melody Pond as well as alot of the villains (Dr. Who)
Britney and the band members that was seems to be there whenever needed (Glee)
Sam (Burn Notice)
The Green Goblin (mostly the actor) from Spiderman Turn Off The Dark (The guy really is great eating up the campy scenery and but frankly the best part of the show with to me the best and most fun song of the show "A Freak like me needs company" so I tip my hat to the actor)
Toph and foamy guy (Avatar the last Airbender and that's only limiting the picks to one major and one minor)
Korra and Asami from The legend of Korra
Ron Stoppable and that girl in that one episode who at first honors Kim but swaps over to Ron seeing his bravery and explaining why with good detail and reasoning.
Dani and Jazz from Danny Phantom
Marcie and Charlie Brown from Peanuts
Patti Mayonnaise
Beast Boy and Starfire
Kitty Pride (some versions I'm a big fan and and some versions I'm not but all depends on the writer(s))
Goofy (Disney)
Kida (Disney)
Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
Janine Melnitz (Ghostbusters)

Live Action characters from movies and TV shows:
Maxwell Smart, 99, Chief, and Hymie (Get Smart (heck the whole cast from the show was great))
Castle and greatly his daughter and how well they play off each other (Castle)
King Arther from the musical Camelot

From Video Games:
Namine (Kingdom Hearts)
Magician (House of the Dead series)
Wild Dog (Time Crisis series)
Wild Fang (Time Crisis series)
Mickey Mouse (Castle of Illusions series, Epic mickey (add Oswald the Lucky Rabbit also for great nonplayable characters and Gus Gremlin) and greatly Kingdom Hearts 2 when he randomly saves you sometimes during boss battles from a Game Over screen he earned my respect)
Anytime the normally "damsels" decided to kick but and is tired of the status quo (Peach recently in the games has mocked this and also again in Kingdom hearts 2 Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" hits one of the big bads and denies herself from being a damsel and gets back the rose unharmed and proud)
When the clowns from "Escort the clown" segments in the games are smart and actually fight back with good force as to not hinder but help you.
Glados (Portal series plus assisted in a real life wedding proposal in a video game (not kidding))
and many more (I have a problem when pick one for anything good or bad in terms of favorites)
Luigi, Daisy, Toad and somewhat Rosalina due to the beauty and mystery factor she gives (Super Mario Bros.)
Maleficent (more her Kingdom Hearts role and history then her movie appearance)

Others favorites characters:
Figment (EPCOT)
"Push the Trash Can" at MK's Tomorrowland
Many OCs on this site if they count

Many of the side/minor characters vs major

I think that's enough for right now but in the future I might add and update more as a lifetime of characters loved and/or interested in can build up.

Overall I love all things animation, seeing characters in the past most say are difficult to use or not interesting becoming interesting and developing (character development and structuring plus adding levels and qualities). My mind sometimes wonders and characters, plots, ideas, and much more might come from it. Imagination is great and wide without limitations! Any tale can be great if the story is solid well written and wisely made with the characters (even the joke ones) written in a serous manner and care.

I have many personal hopes for the future such as FINALLY FINDING A BETTER PAYING AND ENJOYABLE JOB (anybody out there reading this have anything to offer? ), meeting and finding my "soul mate" girlfriend one day, and much more!

You won't see a picture of me on DA indicating who I am anytime soon as:
1. I rather let people see me for my actions and statements and art and let their imaginations paint an image than a superficial visual face to see as.
2. I don't look like a model.
3. Most importantly with looking for a job I've read many tips and most wrote that keeping anything online that might hold me back from job recruiters is a must and I don't think a website called deviantart plus some of the stuff that is in and might be in my gallery will be beneficial to me in the job hunt and future advances in a career (I could be wrong but most likely not).

My Steam profile:

Journal History


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