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Hey guys [whoever is bothering to come to my dA profile],

I've decided that I'm applying to a few art schools! (Yayyyy) I'm really interested in digital art/animation, but also in game art/design so I hope I can study classes in both (:

From back in 2010 when I was first introduced to drawing on here, I really want to say that I'm thankful for the friends that I had, the ones that kept encouraging me to draw! (Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!) I really wouldn't be who I am today without you guys (you know who you are).

I'm currently working on my portfolio (and am procrastinating my essays huehehehehe), and so far I'm getting my life together :') Apparently my 17th birthday really changed me lol. I went and got myself a job and everything like what?!?

I hope you guys have a wonderful, splentacular, fantabulous, super awesome amazing day! <3

[Nov 24, 2016, 12:39:36 PM]

Update 8/16/17:
I'm going to San Jose State and majoring in Animation there! I'm moving in on Saturday and couldn't be more excited for college to start. Just need to clean my room and figure out what to pack still... I'll post some of the art that I do for class on here but I feel like most of my things will me on my ig. hmu on my art instagram @papayapenguin for more of my recent works, I'm much more active on there!
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