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Win10 Sidebar Concept 1.8

I got the idea from and used for the most part code from… and…

You'll need AIDA64 to run this skin proper

This skin is made for 1080p Displays. I did not test it with any other resolutions so don't blame me if it doesn't fit.

This skin is still work in progress. The empty space between disks and the recycle bin is in my case occupied by the clipboarder sidebar gadget which I had to modify to fit into the theme.

A little program named Desktop Coral can help to prevent windows from overlapping the sidebar…
but a better (and free) alternative is which has a sidebar included that automatically reserves screen space so that the sidebar is always visible.

Shout out to the great guys on who helped me many times with creating this skin!
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hey slim

good work

my only doubt is that why did you use SIB for taskbar , I mean you could have used Nexus or Rocketdock

Is there a specific reason or just like that?

hey slim sorry wrong deviant

: ) : )

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You can delete and even edit retard shit you say in most online comment sections, you know.

Is it possible to make it show both local IP adresse and external IP adresse ?.

Okay.. How ?....

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So you want me to write you detailed instructions or even better do the work for you and give you the finished thing - I don't know it from the top of my head but finding the necessary code in the rainmeter community really isn't that hard - best way to learn something is trying it out for yourself go to the rainmeter forums or try finding a skin with the code you want and modify it to your liking. That's all the time you are getting out off me. Good luck to you.

Well im sorry im bad at coding, and are looking on google for skins where people already have made those things for me, so i don't have to spend my time on trying to figure out how to do stuff.. But looks like i have to do that now......

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"If" you are using AIDA64 you need to add the values that you want to the registry first in order to use them in the rainmeter skin. In AIDA64 go to Settings > External Applications and add whatever sensor value you want to use (in your case Primary IP Address). Then edit the .ini file from the Networkmeter and change "Value.SEXTIPADDR" to "Value.SPRIIPADDR". That should do the trick.

Edit: you also need to delete respectively add the ";" in front

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How to switch the language to english?
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Do you mean the titles? You have to edit the titles manually if you want them to sow something different then what they show currently. For the date you have change "FormatLocale=de-DE" to "FormatLocale=en-US". You can try to change the layout from the clock but there is no really easy way to change that to an AM/PM layout.
Hey Slim

I like it! Any plans to implement a 2 or 3 disk variation of the HDD part?
Thanks, keep up the good work!

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Not really but it's pretty easy to extend the number by simply copy / pasting everything from "HD1" and changing "HD1" everywhere to "HD2" + adding a variable "HD2=G:" for example and aligning some X and Y coordinates
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Did my answer help you at all?
2018-12-31 11 25 40-C  Users The Nobody Documents  by theonlynobody  

Worked like a charm, thanks!
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