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Beyond by Sliktor Beyond :iconsliktor:Sliktor 0 8
On a lighter note by Sliktor On a lighter note :iconsliktor:Sliktor 0 3
Missing you
Missing you
Your smiles
Your voice
Your eyes
Missing your kisses
your skin
your hair
missing you
Missing you
Your life
Your way
Your mannerisms
I want
to feel
Your heart
I will
return soon
to your
and sarcasm
Your touch
and breath
awaits me
My life
is faint
and cold
and sore
but soon
I'll see
you again
Why is
it so hard?
when it's
only just
I still
have a
few weeks
of this
left to go
A few days
have burned
and already
I have learned
how bad
life is
without you
I can't wait
until return
and to be held
in your arms
and to make up
for the love
thats been missed
missing you
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Alone I stand
with a withered rose
out of my body
all life quickly flows
The petals fall
and bitter wind blows
His warm body leaves
in his place now snow
The feeling of lips
lingers then goes
Nothing left of him
and my heart has froze
Warmth was only there
when he was close
I loved all of him
from his head to toes
I remember days
in mirrors I posed
Hoping that like mine
Your love would grow
Although my pain
will never show
My love for you
everyone knows
even if you forget
even after away you stow
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short pieces
"A clash. Lightening struck the old temples west tower. The girls inside screamed. One fell limp in her bindings, the heat and fear forcing her body into an unconcious state."
"The thoughts left her palm before she could even think of them, the symbols burned on her hand for half a second of fire destruction and death. She saw them and tried to take them back but it was too sorceror had used these speels for years they were too powerful, but then she was going to die anyway. The symbols left her hand with a surge taking the last bit of energy out of her. She caught a glimpse of the spell. It missed by a few inches. So this was it. This was then end. Of her. Of the world. Blackness captured her as she faded from the pain to a new place. "
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She won't fight
She pulled her fingers free and grasped her arm around his back. She had a firm grip but it was comforting. She grasped a little tighter on his bruised side yet it did not hurt. Quite the opposite it felt ncie under her warm palms. His hand instinctively pulled around her waist too, but he moved cautiously and more tentitevly. Once he had hold of her he pulled her closer. Feeling his tug, she pulled him hard to her. One of her legs slipped in between his and their bodies and minds intwined. Lips touched lips and opened. Salivas mixed and tongues Her mind started growing faint but she lost all nervousness. Slowly she moved her other hand around and up the back of his shirt. Her fingertips ran over the bottom of his spine. She moved her lips away and rested her head on his shoulder. He held her tighter pressuring his body against hers.
He looked up and around the room, eyeing the blood pool on the floor and against many implements. He felt a pang of guilt and shame. How could someone do
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